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Bitfinex Is Planning on an Exchange Token Sale, Confirmed Shareholder Zhao Dong
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login Zhao Dong, a shareholder of the embattled crypto exchange Bitfinex, confirmed that the exchange is planning to issue its native exchange token but made no comment on the rumored plan of raising $1 billion?. Bitfinex does have a plan to issue its exchange token, but the details have not yet been finalized. If someone tells you they have access to Bitfinex's token sale, beware that it is very likely a scam, said Zhao in his latest weibo (tweet equivalent in China) on April 30. The crypto community is in an uproar after the New York State's Attorney General's office accused Bitfinex of secretly using Tethers USD reserves which should back the stablecoin to cover up an $850 million fund shortfall in its finances. Though the exchange has denied the charges, saying the funds have been seized and safeguarded by Polish, Portuguese, U.S. and UK authorities which needs a few weeks to be unfrozen?.

Exclusive Dialogue with Blockstream CEO Adam Back: Bitcoin to $250,000 Turing Completeness a Mistake
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login In the longer term some years time Bitcoin as a competitor to physical gold might, if it met some comparable metrics may reach $250,000. For Turing completeness I think it is a mistake because it creates storage requirements which are hard to scale, statefulness which creates race conditions that Bitcoin's UTXO model I believe is designed to avoid, and is technically unnecessary for reasons that If every individual makes his own coin, little progress will be made and the network effect of money will break down. Blockstream is also invested in Bitcoin, and also all Blockstream employees are paid partly in Bitcoin.

ASICs as an Open Platform, Bring Power Back to the People
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login NB: This story comes from my involvement in several Telegram chats with people working to pry open hardware platforms that have been intentionally closed by their makers. It should absolutely be understood as advocating for a certain point of view with regard to how software should work on ASIC mining platforms. Advocacy for open platforms is my express intent, and the intent of the people I've been working with on this. You can join the conversation here: https://t.me/ExploitS15 Recently, the Bitmain S15 was released. It was another in a long line of great miners from Bitmain, except that users were unable to use SSH to configure the miner, AND users were unable to use the cgminer API to configure the miner. What this means is that purchasers of the S15 are stuck doing these tasks by hand through the WebUI, specifally:

Cryptocurrency Grin Causes a Stir Amid the Bear with Its Overhyped Value
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login Grin, one of the most talked about cryptocurrencies these days in the crypto mining community, particularly in China, has gone live its mainnet on Jan.15. The cryptocoin is an implementation of privacy-oriented protocol Mimblewimble. Mimblewimble itself is the name of a spell used to tongue-tie victims in Harry Potter, the protocol aims to offer a strong scaling solution as well as increased privacy that beset bitcoin. Started in late 2016, Grin, prides itself for a community-driven project that is launched fairly, free of ICO, pre-mine or founder's reward?. Though moving slowly as most of its developers do it part-time with fund collected from donations, Grin saw its mainnet go alive as scheduled and the first block be mined at 17:38:05 UTC last night. Mining is going fast as the second block was mined just a minute later.

Some facts on LocalBitcoins rising OTC figures in China | NEWS
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login Since the introduction of some regulatory measures by most Bitcoin exchanges in China as a way to ensure they comply to the country's laws and not act neither as banks nor as money laundering services providers, attention seems to have shifted to the over the counter market. More individuals have seemingly taken to their respective communities to engage in P2P transactions especially with some of the minor withdrawal restrictions imposed by the major Bitcoin exchanges which are trying to upgrade their KYC/AML systems. Top on the list of the marketplaces filling this OTC market gap is LocalBitcoins. Here are some facts that capture part of what the platform has brought to the market:

Chinese GPU Miners Flock to Cryptocoin Grin and Beam as Ethereum Constantinople Looms
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login As the Ethereum Constantinople upgrade day approaches, it should have grabbed the headlines of the crypto space. While a crypto coin named Grin has somehow hit the crypto headlines along with Ethereums eighth fork. Amidst the crypto bear, miners chat groups became noisy again for the advent of Grin and Beam two cryptocoins built on privacy-oriented protocol Mimblewimble. 500 units of GPU miners wanted, with Nvidia P104, 1070, or 1080! Beam wanted! 10.5 yuan per coin via over-the-counter (OTC) trading, 5,000 Beams wanted. When privacy-centered coin Beam launched its mainnet on Jan 3, the long-awaited miners swarmed into it, at the same time, a dozen OTC marketplace hidden in QQ chat groups (one of the most popular instant messenger in China) popped up upon the mainnet launch of Beam, with the OTC price surging from 6 yuan ($0.88) up to 11 yuan ($1.62) in two days.

Bitmain Abandons Amsterdam Operations, Analyst Says Implosion of Mining Giant has Little Impact on Crypto Miners
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login In the past two months, Bitmain is shrinking at a rapid pace. The Beijing-based Bitcoin mining giant has undergone a series of mass layoffs, shut down its entire office in Tel Aviv and halted its mining operations in Texas. This time, they decided to close another overseas office in Amsterdam as part of its ongoing business adjustment. According to a statement released on January 14, the decision to close their Amsterdam operation has been made and the shutting down process is underway but the accurate timeline of the closure has not been set yet.

Ethereum Classic Block Rewards Soar to 200 ETC After 51% Attacker Returns $100,000 in Token to Crypto Exchange
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login Ethereum Classic( ETC), the original version of Ethereum network, has recently witnessed an astonishing rise of its miner rewards recently amid abnormal transaction fees . The event comes just three days after the ETC 51% attacker returned $100,000 worth of tokens back to the crypto exchange Gate.io. According to a report from TrustNodes, ETC miners were rewarded as much as 200 per block on January 13, rather than the normal reward of 4 ETC . Meanwhile, another explorer showed 424 ETC were given to a miner in block rewards. At press time, the miner rewards registered by ETC Block Explorer gastracker io. fall to 109 ETC.

Mining in Mongolia is Still Profitable, 1000 New Miners set to Launch in 2019
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login Mongolia, a landlocked country bordered by China and Russia has emerged as the new destination for cryptocurrency miners with its cheap electricity and cold weather. Even in the bear market, Bitcoin miners in Japan is eyeing the East Asia country for expansion. Of late, the Tokyo based crypto-wallet Ginco has reportedly set two mining facilities in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolian. One of which is located at an underground structure at a condominium complex. The company launched its business in October, a time when its peers considering quitting or cutting down their mining operations. Despite the current bear market, Ginco Mongol plans to increase its Bitcoin mining rigs from 600 to 1600 by the end of 2019.

Antminer in China Particularly Attacked by Virus hAnt for BTC Ransom
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login For the past few months, a ghost has been haunting Chinese bitcoin miners. A mysterious hacker has implanted a virus in mining machines for bitcoin ransom or inducing more to get infected, according to a report by local crypto media Yibenchain. Citing a bitcoin miner under the pseudonym cC, on the evening of Jan 5, his miners management interface suddenly turned green with an ant in the middle and mining pickaxes on both sides. Click the green screen, a message would pop out reading (in both English and Chinese) I am hAnt! I continue to attack your Antminer. As long as you spread the infected machine, my server verifies that there are 10 new IPs and the number of antminers reaches 1,000. I will stop attacking you! Otherwise I will turn off your antminer's fan and overheat protection, which will cause you to burn your machine or will burn the house.

CAC Official: Three Considerations of Launching New Blockchain Regulations
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login January 10, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) published its new Regulation for Managing Blockchain Information Service? to provide a clear regulatory framework for the use of blockchain technology in the country. According to the new regulation document, the blockchain service providers are required to register with the CAC within 10 working days through the official blockchain information service filing system. The blockchain startups have to register their names, service types, service forms, application fields, and server addresses. The rules would take into effect on February 15 of this year.

Major Crypto Exchange Huobi Lays off All Staff of Its Shenzhen Office
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login Major cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has reportedly closed its Shenzhen division and fired all 14 local employees amid crypto market harsh decline, Chinese news media Odaily reported on Thursday. Huobi's subsidiary in Shenzhen was registered in October, 2016, and focuses on exploring innovative businesses, according to information on domestic company information search engine tianyancha.com. The company once developed a token-based paid knowledge product , but it ended in failure. A source familiar with the situation told Odaily that Huobi Shenzhen had more than 20 full-time employees multiple months earlier, but now 14 remaining staff will be laid off. But the source did not disclose the specific reason for the layoff. Li Lin, the founder of Huobi, is rumored to have a very high opinion of Huobi Shenzhen's CEO Zhu Jiwei. But Zhu has yet commented on closing the business in Shenzhen.

Less than 1 % of Bitcoin Addresses Have a Value of about $62 Billion
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login A recent analysis of bitcoin addresses shows less than 1 % of addresses in Bitcoin network have a value of around $62 billion, and the wealthiest addresses belong to cryptocurrency exchanges, China's state-run financial publication National Business Daily (NBD) reported Monday. The report cited data from BTC.com to show that 22.65 million bitcoin addresses have at least some amount of the world's largest cryptocurrency as of January 7 2018. Of those bitcoin However, of those, about 97.2 percent'or 22 million addresses own less than 1 bitcoin, and 0.7 percent have more than 10 bitcoin.

Alipay Empowers Pakistans First Blockchain Remittances
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login Ant Financial (formerly known as Alipay), the payment affiliate of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, has updated its cross-border remittance processes. On Jan 8, Tariq Bajwa, governor of State Bank of Pakistan announced the launch of the country's first blockchain-based international remittance project in Islamabad. According to the announcement, the Pakistan-based Telenor Microfinance Bank (TMB), Telenor Group's Malaysian Fintech subsidiary Valyou, and its Pakistani mobile banking arm Easypaisa have jointly launched real-time money transfers between the two nations based on blockchain technology developed by Alipay.

Bitmain's Antpool Sponsors the NBA Houston Rockets with BCH | NEWS
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login AntPool, one of the world's largest bitcoin mining pools, has been an official sponsor of the NBA Houston Rockets for the upcoming 2018-2019 season which kicks off in October, according to sources at Bitmain. Antpool employees and members of the Houston Rockets The sponsorship is a milestone for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), making Houston Rockets the first NBA team in the world to accept sponsorship in BCH. AntPool is owned by China's cryptocurrency mining giant Bitmain which is a BCH advocator and may hold one of the biggest stashes of BCH with more than 1 million on hoard. The partnership announcement comes amid rumors that Bitmain is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Juliana Nazaré - Author
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login Juliana Nazaré (@ju1es_) is a graduate student in the Program in Media Arts and Sciences at the MIT Media Lab. Kim Hamilton Duffy (@kimdhamilton) is a Principal Engineer at Learning Machine. J. Philipp Schmidt (@schmidtphi) is Director of Learning Innovation at the MIT Media Lab. http://1l2p.net Over the past year, we have been working on a set of tools to issue, display, and verify digital credentials using the Bitcoin b... Get in touch with us right now. Hangzhou Shichuo Information Technology Co, Ltd. 2019 | 8btc.com

Chinese open source blockchain startup Antshares raises $4
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login Chinese open source blockchain startup Antshares has raised more than $4.5 million in a crowdsourced fundraising. Founded in 2015, Antshares is building a decentralized and distributed network protocol based on blockchain technology that will allow users to digitalize assets or shares, and accomplish financial transactions through a peer-to-peer network including registration and issuance and actual transactions along with settlement and payments. Based in Shanghai, China, the company offers the Onchain platform that aims to service goods and assets ranging from real estate titles to corporate equity, supply chain assets to creditors claims.

Japanese Analyst: Bitcoin Price Will Easily Hit 1 Million Yen by October | NEWS
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login Masayuki Tashiro, a prominent Japanese market analyst, has said that the price of Bitcoin will easily surpass 1 million yen, or $9,000, by October. In an interview with Bitcoin.com, Tashiro expressed his personal optimism towards the Bitcoin market and explained that tightening of regulations in the Japanese crypto market will eventually lead investors to regain trust in the rapidly growing sector. Tashiro emphasized that the imposition of stricter policies and regulatory frameworks will eliminate cryptocurrency exchanges with poor security measures and internal management systems from the market, allowing investors to comfortably invest in digital assets without being concerned about the potential insolvency of certain cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Lou Jiwei: Systematic Financial Crisis Is Highly Probable In China | NEWS
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login According to a report by Caixin, Lou Jiwei, former minister of Finance, said that systematic financial crisis is highly probably in China. The prevention and control of financial risks are listed as the top three major tasks in the overall success of building a moderately prosperous society in the next three years. Lou Jiwei, chairman of the National Social Security Fund, believes that the probability of systemic financial risk in China is high. There is very little room for error in preventing and resolving financial risks. Lou Jiwei said at the 16th Enterprise Development Forum on January 28 that compared with the United States and Japan, the monetary environment in China is easier with a higher capital cost, indicating that there is a serious distortion of the financial system.

Bitcoin Falls below $6,000: an Antminer S9 Generates Profit of $1 a day | NEWS
Please use WeChat scan two-dimensional code login Bitcoin is hovering near $6,000 after dropping below that mark for the first time since February over the weekend, seemingly heading for a second quarterly decline. $6,000 is widely seen as the electricity cost of bitcoin mining, which has therefore become the bottom line for many investors and miners. While it was breached down to as low as $5,780 on Sunday. Some investors hurriedly dump out of panic, while some see it a golden opportunity to increase their holding after a 70% decline from an all-time high of $20,000, especially those big firms who missed an early foray into cryptocurrency.

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