China bans anonymity but is actually helping crypto adaption China bans anonymity but is actually helping crypto adaption
The best daily newsletter analyzing the crypto markets for investors. You will now receive updates at If you'd like, help spread the word about Off The Chain. Join thousands of others who receive this daily analysis of crypto markets & news in their inbox every morning -subscribe now. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is notorious for preventing their citizens from accessing certain information on the internet, while also policing the creation and dissemination of content by the same people. This has become known as the Great Firewall and has a number of implications: Chinese citizens have very little access to information that goes against the beliefs or desires of the CCP. Many times this information would aid the population in forming diverse opinions, being educated on historical facts, or having a greater ability to communicate and/or coordinate resources in private. This data was first seen by us on 2019-01-11 17:38:53. Share this content on social media: Related assets may include ANON, ION. Check out for more from this source.   Log In to Comment

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