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Three Ways In Which Samsung Brings Crypto Mass Adoption Closer
Crypto mass adoption is definitely on its way this year. Samsung is without a doubt one of the most massive companies in the world. It enjoyed the highest number of phones sold during the Q1 2018. The tech giant is also known to back crypto projects such as AERGO and CryptoKitties . Now, with its new flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S10 which will come with Bitcoin and crypto support, the company is supporting the crypto mainstream adoption . The Daily Hodl details three ways in which the tech giant can do this. A lot of people are enjoying Samsung's smartphones as we said above and this means that the latest flagship of the company will also be bought by tons of users.
Vechain (VET) Developing Something New, CEO Says Blockchain Alone Not Enough | Oracle Times
While blockchain technology seems to be the salvager of some of the long time glitches in the technology industry, people have begun sighting some of the lapses of the new era modernism for corrections to be made in subsequent innovations. Similarly, the CEO of the Vechain (VET) blockchain foundation, Sunny Lu, at an Ask Me Anything (AMA) forum organized by Token Gazer, related that blockchain technology alone is not sufficient in the space. Sunny Lu said for blockchain to be effective as an enterprise solution, it needs to be linked with a number of technologies. While at the AMA session organized by the digital currency media group in Shanghai, Lu noted that Vechain (VET), in collaboration with DNV GL and their Business Assurance Service, is innovating something new and outstanding in the blockchain space.
Cryptocurrency Phishing Scams are Becoming a Thing: You Can?t Afford to be Ignorant | Oracle Times
Cryptocurrencies are inherently more secure than fiat currencies because they are not readily accessible in physical form and they are cryptographically stored on the blockchain . However, when they are stolen, it is often practically impossible to recover them because blockchain cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. In the last couple of years that cryptocurrencies (led by Bitcoin ) has shot to the limelight; there has not been a shortage of attempts to steal cryptocurrencies from exchanges and individuals. Cybercriminals intent on stealing cryptocurrencies from exchanges often need to commit huge time, resources, and energy to achieve their malicious intent. Thankfully, cryptocurrency exchanges are now proactively security conscious; hence, such attacks are no longer successful enough to worth the while of the hackers. Now, cybercriminals are coming up with creative ways to get people to unwittingly hand over their cryptos or their private keys. This piece provide insight on how to spot and avoid crypto phishing attempts.
Monero (XMR) Led The Cryptocurrency Market Recover, But Lost Its Gains And Went "Red" Again | Oracle Times
Yesterday, Monero (XMR), along with Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC), led the cryptocurrency market recover with significant profits. XMR surged by about 12% but lost momentum and plummeted again in the red zone, losing its gains. Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world by market capitalization, traded higher yesterday and surged by over 18% hitting the $204 mark. The appreciation experienced by ETH is purely a rebound of the recent losses, as the devs, who are struggling to tackle the Ethereum s scalability issues, are late to come up with a solution. Today, at the press time, Ethereum (ETH) continues its surge as it trades at $207, scoring a 5% appreciation in the last 24 hours.
Robinhood Crypto Trading Platform Makes Millions From Selling Clients' Data To Financial Companies | Oracle Times
Robinhood crypto trading platform, a popular low-fees cryptocurrency investing app among millennials, makes millions of dollars in profits from selling clients data to financial companies. This information came up thanks to a Second Quarter filing from the SEC. More specifically, the SEC filing shows, Robinhood low-fees crypto investing app, the same company which promotes values such as ethical and fair trading, is scoring millions of dollars in profits by selling its customers contact data, among others, to High-Frequency Trading (HFT) companies. At a glance, the Robinhood website allures its potential customers with phrases like We believe that the financial system should work for the rest of us, not just the wealthy or We've cut the fat that makes other brokerages costly, like manual account management and hundreds of storefront locations, so we can offer zero commission trading.
Arrington XRP, Neo Global Capital Set To Disrupt Dapp Economy, Invest In Totle | Oracle Times
Arrington XRP, NEO Global Capital , and Goren Helm Ventures have invested in a Dapp economy startup Totle. The three Hedge fund completes the $1 million private funding round launched by the firm. Arrington XRP, a hedge fund owned by TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, in company of NEO Global Capital and Goren Helm Ventures, led the funding round. In December, Totle announced the launch of a maiden tool for the fragmented decentralized trading and exchange ecosystem. According to a statement during the launch, the Totle platform provides a solution for the lack of liquidity hampering cryptocurrency markets and DApp economies by supporting many use cases driving industry growth, including in-app exchange in wallets; payments and transactions for business; arbitrage exploitation by hedge funds and trading platforms; and rebalancing for portfolio managers?.
Federation Of Korean Fintech Partners Waltonchain (WTC) To Train 150k Developers In 3 Years | Oracle Times
The cryptographic project that merges blockchain technology and IoT to help manage supply chains with RFID, Waltonchain (WTC), has announced an agreement with the Federation Of Korean Fintech (K-FiNNeT) to co-create a blockchain talent education course. Unveiled today, a press release made known that Mr. Kong Jong Ryul, the President of Walton Blockchain Institute and Mr. Hong Jun Yeong, the Chairman K-FiNNeT on January 10 signed the agreement aimed at producing blockchain talents in the province. With the intent of heightening blockchain technology , the two parties, through partnership, will offer relevant supports like investment, blockchain talent employment resources, blockchain-related educational and more to startups in the country.
Ripple and SWIFT CEO are Meeting In Paris To Discuss Cross-border Remittance | Oracle Times
CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse and outgoing CEO of SWIFT, Gottfried Leibbrandt are to feature in a panel at the Paris Fintech Forum which holds on the 29th and 30th January 2019 at the Place de la Bourse, Paris. The two panelists will be discussing on the remittance industry and specifically speak on the topic Let's send the money. Organised by Altéir with supports from different firms, Paris Fintech Forum is an annual event. In 2017, the programme recorded a huge success, received supports form over 60+ international partners and gathered more than 2,600 attendees from over 72 countries. In every forum organized, there are always more than 240 CEOs from banks, insurance, telco, regulators and Fintechs.
Ethereum Classic (ETC) What to expect in 2018 - Big Plans | Oracle Times
Ethereum Classic (ETC), currently number 17th on coinmarketcap , has been in the top 10 most traded coins over the past couple of weeks following the recent drop in prices that also affected most of the coins in the market. In the cryptocurrency market, innovations and advances in technology are almost a common occurrence. For that reason, the Ethereum Classic team has positioned itself at the forefront of suitable technology advances in 2018. They have reviewed and adjusted their long-term interest to their growing community. The team at Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been expanding with the recent addition of Richard Schumann to the team. He will be in charge of improving the graphics to ensure that end users have an easy time engaging with the ETC ventures. On the other hand, another team member, Mario Michel is expected to control the community channels, especially the newly started ETC Italia Telegram.
Three Factors That Are Affecting The Price Of Ripple?s XRP | Oracle Times
Ripple s XRP managed to attract increased interest from a lot of crypto investors in 2018. The year is about to end, and it's important to note that even if Ripple's XRP is not particularly swayed by opinions in the crypto sphere, it still plans to increase its value. Such a thing would definitely pave the way to more successful accomplishments. Three essential factors are contributing to the growth of Ripple's XRP. You might be wondering how can regulation affect the fortunes of Ripple's XRP. Though Ripple's XRP is not regulated, enforcement of regulations by central banks and governments could definitely support an increase in its value. Ripple has reportedly called on governments to regulate the coin.
NEO (NEO) Will be the Currency of 2018: Invest in the Future of Blockchains | Oracle Times
NEO (NEO) China has caused a huge disruption in the world in nearly all sectors. Technological advancements and uptake coupled with a huge local market and an enabling political environment have produced global giants in the various economic sectors. Alibaba, an e-commerce platform is now almost as big as Amazon while their taxi-hailing service, Didi Dache handles as many daily transactions as Uber. So when China launched its first cryptocurrency , naturally the world was excited to see how it would fare. NEO (NEO) has not disappointed though and has gone on to burst into the top 10 most valuable currencies after two years in the market. Originally launched as Antshares , it rebranded to NEO earlier this year along with other infrastructure upgrades.
Ripple?s Chris Larsen Believes Globalization Is Not A Bad Thing When It Involves Goods, Data, And Money | Oracle Times
Chris Larsen , the co-founder of Ripple Labs, has recently addressed the massive revolution of blockchain technology at the CFCon USA 2018. He said that the blockchain tech is the most hyped technology at the moment and fintechs have received high attention due to this. He also said that this is the first time that they have become genuinely global because of this. According to Larsen, this represented the final step on globalization. Larsen believes that there is no future for a world unless it was more global or more interoperating on an international basis. He continued and explained that globalization is not a bad thing, but it's instead a work in progress. He believes that globalization is not complete without three essential elements: data, goods, and money.
Cryptocurrency Adoption: Ukrainians Can Now Use Cryptos To Pay for Fruits and Vegetables via Paytomat | Oracle Times
An Estonian crypto payments processor, Paytomat , helps with the global cryptocurrency adoption. In this direction, the company operates in six European countries (Ukraine, Georgia, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland) allowing over 329 merchants to accept  Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), EOS, Dash (DASH), NEM (XEM), Nano (NANO), and ZenCash (ZEN). Now, Ukrainians can pay for fruits and vegetables via Paytomat. Clients can use their preferred crypto wallets or directly the Paytomat app, available for Android and iOS, and pay in the cryptocurrency they choose (from those available see above) and conduct the transaction after they scan the QR code. Once the payment is set, Paytomat makes the exchange from the respective cryptocurrency to the retailer's fiat money.
MyEtherWallet Got Hacked By Google Chrome Store Hackers | Oracle Times
MyEtherWallet (MEW) is one of the most popular services for managing Ether wallets. They recently took a hit by hackers and they announced this on social media. According to their tweet, the Hola VPN extension has been in a hacked state for five hours and it also allowed the hackers to monitor the activity of some MyEtherWallet users via the extension. The VPN service was supposed t secure the online experience and slipped up again. The most recent situation is Hola's second case of bad press. Urgent! If you have Hola chrome extension installed and used MEW within the last 24 hrs, please transfer your funds immediately to a brand new account!
0x (ZRX): Bug Bounty with Up To $100K Reward for Critical Bugs in 0x Protocol V2 | Oracle Times
The 0x (ZRX) project made another breakthrough with the launch of its 0x Protocol V2 and moved closer to its goal of becoming the decentralized infrastructural exchange core of the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem. As the second version of the protocol is already live as a Beta release on the ETH blockchain , the 0x team launched a bug bounty with up to $100,000 rewards for the critical bugs reported by the community's members. After many months of development and audits, 0x v2 is live (in beta) on the Ethereum blockchain! Now the bug bounty begins, with up to $100k for critical bugs, stated the 0x (ZRX) project's team on Twitter.
Telecor Reveals Data And Mining Center Redstone Scheduled To Debut Operations In 2019 - Huge Advantages For Digital Miners | Oracle Times
Digital miners from all over the world receive exciting news. Redstone is a new data and mining center based in Russia, and it has just revealed that the team has almost finished its construction and it will start operating next year in June. Redstone is currently under construction in Krasnokamensk, and it's set to become the newest home for digital miners from Russia, China and also across the world. Redstone offers its clients the advantage of being able to enjoy a really convenient location, less expensive electricity, accessible water for cooling, and last but definitely not least, the perfect climate, considering that the average temperature is about 2 degrees Celsius.
Why Ripple (XRP) Is An Essential Coin In Britain?s Much Needed Blockchain Bill | Oracle Times
Even amidst the Brexit saga, the United Kingdom wants to lead the world beyond Europe. While Britain may not realize that it is lagging behind and the likes of Singapore and Malta are leapfrogging ahead of it, a blockchain bill could help sprung things into action by making the country to continue maintaining its sit firmly. It has been viewed that the Blockchain Act really means a lot for the county especially in the area of job and future prosperity, as well as holding its leading role in the world. According to an opinion issued by Barry James in a UK based crypto newspaper, Crypto A.M, the exiting banking payment means in the province flagged as being slow toll-roads needs to be replaced with a much faster highways blockchain technology offered by Ripple network which helps to shrink transaction time from 3-30 days to 3 seconds.
Ripple?s Swell Event Starts Today ? It Could Bring A New Era For XRP In The Crypto Markets | Oracle Times
Ripple s Swell event starts later on today, and it will be held in San Francisco. It runs until tomorrow. The event is scheduled to kick off at 7 am, UTC 7, and it will include private meetings, demonstrations, and breakfast. President Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker of the event, and he'll begin around 11 am, after the opening remarks made by Ripple's CEO, Brad Garlinghouse . Following these visionaries on stage are some of the biggest names in payments and technology including: Ed Metzger from Banco Santander ; Tokunboh Ishmael from Alitheia Capital; Honorable Sunil Sabharwal from the IMF; Colin Dinn from Siam Commercial Bank; Prajit Nanu from InstaReM; and R.J. Pittman, former Chief Product Officer of eBay, Ripple describes its own event.
NEO (NEO) - Prepping for All Time Highs | Oracle Times
NEO (NEO) It is a very interesting time to be a part of the cryptocurrency community. Bitcoin hitting 10,000 was reassuring and most believe we are in the beginning of a nice bull run. Last weeks upward momentum is being met with a downtrend for the day. NEO in particulary was up 4% yesterday and is now down 3% percent today. If there is one thing to learn from cryptocurrencies it is that volatility is always certain. This cryptocurrency trading above 140 in the next day would be a bullish sign. Since February 6th, NEO has recovered 117%. Having touched the critical resistance at $140.00, the coin price then dropped.The biggest NEO trading volumes are registered on  Upbit, a South Korean exchange with NEO transitions to the tune of $48B during the latest 24 hours. NEO is currently the 7th largest crypto in market capitalization and is at a very important stage. If all goes well as the NEO team intends, we could very well see a new all time high of over 100 percent. NEO is currently trading at $125.
Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange Made Its Comeback To Wyoming After Three years | Oracle Times
Coinbase , the popular San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, made its comeback to Wyoming after three years. In 2015, Coinbase announced they ceased their operations in the before-mentioned US state due to the adoption of the Money Transmitter Act which implies crypto trading platforms to possess a double reserve. Three years ago, Coinbase estimated its business would not be profitable anymore under the conditions of the Money Transmitter Act. However, the double reserve would have been necessary for every cryptocurrency exchange platform to get its license renewed. In March 2018, Wyoming passed a bill that amended the Money Transmitter Act and added exceptions for cryptocurrency operations.

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