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Cardano (ADA) ? Setting the standards in crypto engineering: The future is bright
The IOHK team has done an amazing job so far, with regards to Cardano (ADA).  They have anchored the project on scientific research, hence its massive breakthroughs such as Ouroboros. Ouroboros is the first proven and peer reviewed proof-of-work algorithm. In a recent interview, Charles summarized Cardano's capabilities relative to the rest of the market as follows. If we succeed, the only way to compete with Cardano will be to emulate our engineering, which means that the software quality will dramatically increase in the entire space. If that's our only accomplishment and Cardano doesn't become a commercial success, that's still great because it makes the world a better place for everybody.

Swift and Ripple Partnership in the mix? Thoughts?
During the last weeks, there has been speculation about Ripple partnering with SWIFT in order to improve cross-border payments. This brought a lot of hype to the XRP community that was really excited about this possibility. If Ripple partners with SWIFT, XRP would clearly benefit from it since it will be the currency used to transact between institutions around the world. Ripple will be also part of the Sibos conference that is going to take place in Sydney in the coming weeks. This partnership could be one of the most important things that could ever happen to Ripple since it will have access to more than 11,000 clients that SWIFT is working with.

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