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Sovren Borsas? Kuruluyor------Londra?dan iki eski bankac?, Birle?ik Krall?k genelinde regüle edilen kurumsal yat?r?mc?lara yönelik ilk Dijital Varl?k Ticareti Platformu ve kripto para birimi borsas?n? kuruyor.
Londra'dan iki eski bankac?, Birle'ik Krall'k genelinde regüle edilen kurumsal yat'r mc'lara yönelik ilk Dijital Varl'k Ticareti Platformu ve kripto para birimi borsas'n kuruyor. Londra'l iki eski bankac? taraf'ndan kurulan Sovren Borsas ICO'sunun (Initial Coin Offering Kriptopara Birimleri ilk Halka Arz?) bu y'l n üçüncü çeyre'inde ba'layaca belirtilirken, irketin, yapay zeka (AI) ve robotik süreç otomasyonu (Robotic Process Automation RPA) teknolojileri yoluyla sipari defteri ve komisyon hibridi ticaret motoru kullanan bir platfrom olu'turmay hedefledi'i vurguland?. Piyasaya sürümü için öz sermaye fonu ve Sovren kripto para birimi yoluyla maksimum 10 milyon dolar toplamay hedefleyen Sovren (SVRN) platformu üzerinden yat'r mc'lar hisse senetleri, emtia ve menkul k'ymetler yoluyla ticari i'lemler gerçekle'tirebilecek. irket açklamas'na göre platform ayn zamanda likiditeye ili'kin sorunlar'n çözümünde ak'll otomasyon teknolojisi kullanacak ve ek koruma sa'lanmas için Avrupa mar ve Kalk'nma Bankas i'birli'iyle üçüncü partili emanet hizmeti verecek.

The Javvy Protocol---------The Javvy Protocol serves as the underlying processes by which Javvy works quickly and effectively to provide ID Verification, an automated cross-currency exchange, and liquidity for cryptocurrency/token order fulfillment.
The Javvy Protocol serves as the underlying processes by which Javvy works quickly and effectively to provide ID Verification, an automated cross-currency exchange, and liquidity for cryptocurrency/token order fulfillment. Tremendous strides have been made to advance cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges into the exciting and disruptive industry that it is today. Yet, the desire remains for a user-focused experience to buy, sell, and use cryptocurrencies in a safe, convenient, and reliable application. This is the Javvy Solution. Javvy is the full integration of a universal wallet connected to numerous exchanges presently available to the cryptocurrency market. It eliminates the need for multiple accounts and applications while taking advantage of their respective benefits. Along with our simple and fast process for user registration and verification, Javvy brings confidence and clarity to the user as cryptocurrencies approach mass adoption. We provide all the tools necessary to securely store, use, and invest in cryptocurrency. This document details the full vision of the Javvy Solution. Our ICO will finance the ongoing development of features to bring the Javvy Wallet from version 1.0, currently available online, into the full vision outlined in this whitepaper.

ESO Entrepreneur Shop ICO Review
ESO has built a platform for the of Future Technology Formation with the incorporation of Blockchain and NFC technology that creates secure, fast transaction with data that is not easily hacked maintain fast and efficient transactions. ESO introduces the most advanced applications made on top of artificial intelligence technology and blockchain technology, this concept connects the futuristic professionalism with the current blockchain network approach, can be an excellent starting point for the future growth of financial transactions if integrated with mechanism of machine learning. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on private blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration, and even a digital arbitration system.

Please ICO Review | Siber Ekonomi
Hello guys! Today we will talk about Please project and ICO. When beginning i want to give you some informations about blockchain technology and smart contract. Blockchain is a distributed database that maintains a list of records, chained together to protect against revision and tampering. Smart contracts are computer protocols that automatically facilitate, verify and enforce the performance of a contract. Please is building a protocol and a marketplace to promote decentralization and we are progressively bringing it to the masses through the travel industry. They are one of the very few Blockchain-friendly projects to be also grandma-friendly thanks to our xApp approach. Their architecture is very flexible, scalable and can be used by other projects wether they are centralized, decentralized or hybrid.

Kaasy ICO Review
The AI applications run using processing cores of GPUs and CPUs throughout the network, while storing the knowledge and skills created at run-time into a blockchain-style data structure, optimised for reusability. Many industries already feel the pressure from automation, machine workforce integration and significant layoffs. Join in the development of a distributed, democratic AI, before one or more of the large billion-dollar companies activates a singularity! Today, thousands of computer systems are being used for mining cryptocurrencies, but neither the GPUs nor the other components of the rigs were built specifically for that purpose. Because of this, many of the resources available of those systems are left underutilized.

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