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Decoding the Pledgecamp Two-Token Economy Steemit
What are Pledge Coins (PLG), Camp Shares (CS), and why are they good for everybody It may look complicated but the goal is quite simple: to promote cooperation and share the success. Pledgecamp's innovative Two-Token Economy The Pledgecamp Ecosystem relies on a utility token called Pledge Coin to operate (abbreviated: PLG). PLG is used to back campaigns and is essential for allowing a decentralized escrow system. There is no third party (like us or say, Kickstarter) that holds centralized power as a custodian of funds or arbitrator of disputes. For the first time, backers are empowered to monitor and protect the use of their funds by their own hands.

Long read! Sia reviewed and explained nicely
Like some of you, I am an investor who is bullish on cryptocurrency and an avid supporter of blockchain. I believe that blockchain can bring about invaluable services that reinvent the way we carry out our daily lives as well as the very fabric of society. It will give governance and ownership rights back in the hands of the individual through transparent, freely auditable networks that put emphasis on individual privacy, removing needless middlemen eating up our time and money for their own benefit. ...of scammy blockchain ventures, there are ambitious projects out there, that promise to deliver practical services for all of us and not just programmers and those already well-versed in the tech. Seeing how heavily our society today relies on data, with how companies are making crazy money from using consumer data to market their services and how reliant the average person is on data storage services, cloud technology is something that will greatly benefit from blockchain disruption.

Vechain | Dashboard Overview Steemit
If you haven't had the time to check out Vechains Explorer ( today is a good day to check it out. When comparing this block explorer to others its easy to see that Vechain took the time to consider all the things that make other explorers frustrating to use. It's sleek, functional and personally a joy to use. Network Totals In our image A, it shows you can interact with the dashboard. If you don't put your mouse over the graph it will show complete totals for the life of the blockchain. (Image A - Showing TOTAL network stats so far) In our Image B, it shows if you hover your mouse over the graph it will display totals for just the date you selected. In our example you can see I have the mouse on Jan 19th.

"I had a look at what marketing experts have to say about ICO promotions on Reddit
I don't know what thought process lead to me searching for shilling services but I was curious to know how much knowledge they actually have about the platform. It is just ridiculous how much misinformation they share in articles that are titled "ultimate guide to ICO marketing on Reddit" in many different variations. First up, the "How To Promote Your ICO On Reddit" guide from a website called coinist. It even has a stunning subtitle that says ICOs are promoted these days everywhere from billboards to celebrity Instagram accounts, but one of the most effective methods might be self-proclaimed front page of the internet.

I guess this is what the Hodlers are up to nowadays
I started at McDonald's when I was 17 years old in the hopes of saving up and buying a car. Sadly, this was just about my only significant financial goal for the next 10 years of my life outside of trying to save up for an ounce to save on weed money. I did what most a lot people seem to do today, live life by the minute. I watched tons of shows and put thousands of hours into video games. I worked as little as possible. I'd snicker at everyone and have my stupid little lines when people would point out my lack of career progress. "I work to live, not live to work, man!" In my entire 10 years at McDonald's, I had a surprising amount of opportunity for advancement. I met my best friend here, we started the same week and forged our friendship on the heat of the grease traps, side by side. The difference was, he actually had a little bit of ambition.

Ride sharing app ORider has launched in beta on the Obyte platform (smart contracts settle payments)
ORider is a product that has sprouted from the The Great Byteball Bot War use-a-thon, originally named as "Carpooling for Byteballers". Since the rebranding of Byteball to Obyte it made sense to say good-bye to the old name and also to the account I used to post Byteball/Obyte related articles. In the future I will post from this account and will discontinue The use-a-thon might have ended, but the development of ORider hasn't stopped. Several new features have been added mainly to improve usability. The ORider app got a fancy new logo, mainly inspired from the Obyte logo featuring a big circle which also resembles a steering wheel. The website moved to a new domain, you can access it now at, the old address under is still live but will be taken down in the future.

How to mine Musicoin (MC) on pool Steemit Steemit logo
Explained in details how to mine Musicoin coin on pool. Official Website: Bitcointalk Forum:'topic=1776113.0 Github: Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v8.0'topic=1433925.0 AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition drivers release build 15.12 AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.11.3 driver

Rather worrying Reddit thread concerning Electroneum scalability Steemit Steemit logo
I just wondered how Electroneum was going to solve the upcoming scaling problems so i googled it. What I found was this - rather alarming - Reddit thread: Confronted with the fact that scaling WILL be a problem if ETN gets used more, the developer gets evasive, which is not a good sign from my point of view... It doesn´t seem like they are too ambitious concerning widespread use of their cryptocurrency.

AERGO's GOPAX 24h Volume hits $1 Million - The HOT Korean Projects
On Jan 16th 2019, AERGO has hit a milestone of knocking a $1 Million 24h Trading Volume on GOPAX out of its $5.5M Total Exchange Volume. That's a solid 70% share on the exchanges total, ranking 3rd highest volume after Bitcoin and Ethereum. ICON (ICX) on the other hand has been surfacing with a $250,000 overall volume in South Korean Exchanges (Excluding Global Ones). This is attributed to the growing interest in other projectsi n Korea. Below are a number of Volumes on Popular Korean Projects compared with Aergo leading as taken on 16 Jan 2019. AERGO - $926,276 (1M) USD 24h Volume Fantom (FTM) - $342,797 USD 24h Volume

NEO Mining & Technologies - Complete Overview & Buying Guide Steemit Steemit logo
Hello, and welcome to the complete overview and buying guide for NEO (New Economic Opportunity) Mining & Technologies. In this post we will go over everything from the top down that you need to know about this amazing mining company and all of its services. This thread will be updated as the company grows and you can keep track of that with the last updated line below. NEO Mining & Tech is a company formed out in Silicon Valley, the mecca of entrepreneurism. NEO Mining specializes in cryptocurrency mining and services. Their current main service is contract mining which we will get into later in this thread. Neo aims to fulfill your experience in the blockchain world with providing a sustainable mining service.

Why Is Bitcoin Rising So Fast, Is it Going To Dump Steemit Steemit logo
These are my thoughts please do not take my thoughts as advise. People are dumping Alt Coins and putting their money back into Bitcoin They are getting ready for a Bitcoin Fork which will happen around 25th October The clever people will dump Bitcoin Gold for a quick profit, and go back to Alt Coins, and Bitcoin will have dumped around the Bitcoin Gold Release. Do your research on Google and Youtube, but do not believe everything you read. Make your mind up to what is true. Never believe people who are promoting something. $5210 and rising it will get to the $5500 easily before 25th October and then you will see I made sense. I do not hold Bitcoin at the moment so I am not promoting Bitcoin.

JetCoin Review - Legit Site or A Scam Program Like GladiaCoin Steemit Steemit logo
Connect with me on: Steemit: Facebook: Use this software to start generating income from home:

Chronicles of a Crypto Miner
Welcome Steemians... to the first edition of the Chronicles of a Crypto Miner. I've been prompted to begin writing down these thoughts in at least a semi-regular schedule for my own benefit and for those that might learn and grow from my triumphs and mistakes. I welcome your thoughts and comments so that we can all learn and grow from this unprecedented experience. I'm just going to begin writing as thoughts come to me and don't plan to organize them in any particular manner so that I can keep the thoughts and words flowing and have an outlet to process it all. I guess we can start there, I've been up late, missing sleep and just basically obsess over crypto. I think about it and it's relevance and impact on our society every day, and I marvel at the acceleration of it's advancement over the last year. Part of the sleep I lost was due to the fact that I mined bitcoin for a brief time twice in my past and the funds have long since been taken, by what was once just a humble mining pool at the time called Eclipse Mining Consortium. EMC shuttered the site and took the remaining funds to launch Butterfly Labs, made famous by selling ASIC bitcoin mining rigs. I'm sure they aren't losing any sleep over taking my profit and those of many others, although to be fair, I had all but forgotten about it until bitcoin began making headlines this year in major news.

Another Day, Another Scam: Ecoin Plus Disappears With Investors Cash Steemit Steemit logo
Alleged Bitcoin investment scheme Ecoin Plus has disappeared and closed its website, leaving investors with nothing. Known variously as Ecoin Plus and, the tool touted annual returns on submitted Bitcoin investments which increased according to how many coins were contributed. No information is available from developers, with the project keeping a low profile throughout its existence. It would seem that Ecoin Plus doesn't want anyone to know who they are or what is really going on behind the scenes of this Bitcoin community, a quasi "review" on news resource Players Money states.

Scam Alert - Ecoin Plus Steemit Steemit logo steem
If you invested anything ecoin plus, I'm sorry as it seems like those running it shut down their website and made off with the profits. (Read more about it in the link below) A silver lining for this story is that this gives a cautionary tale that you should do research before investing in anything. Below is a link of things you can do when investingin an ico. Thanks for looking out for us bro! thanks for sharing my friend , respect Thankyou for making us aware, there are many such scammers hiding out there. Solid advice. Good looking out on this notification! Yep. Everyone should be wary of the similar 'opportunities' that are using the same script/platform too...

Will The Crypto Market Recover Steemit Steemit logo
Source : While we saw bitcoin skyrocketting to $17,000 at the end of last year, the whole cryptocurrencies are falling to it's ground at the moment. At the time the bitcoin has value of 7690.50 USD. It has lost more than half of its value ever since it's glory. Ethereum has lost about 14% and lite coin has lost about 10% of its value. This definitely shows the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. Experts believe that Bitcoin could reach 20,000 in 2018. The question is when Just as quickly it can rise to top, it can fall in the same pattern.

Ethereum in free fall Steemit Steemit logo
Why is ethereum dropping so fast, what news did I miss (This is my not-so-humble opinion) Ethereum is in freefall because they made it into a shitcoin by claiming that there was a theft from the DAO and that the blockchain should be amended to "fix" that "theft". But what actually occurred is that someone found a blockchain-accepted and approved way to assign DAO assets to himself-- there was no hacking involved whatsoever. Yes but what I don't understand is eth went up after the fix, why did people buy it after the fork I think that most people thought that ETH was going to get away with their fuckerey, and not get called on it because of the preponderance of ETH whales in the DAO.

What Is Vibe Cryptocurrency (VIBE) | Is It Worth Investing In 2018 Steemit Steemit logo
Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly holds the key to the future. Every single day, we're being aware of a new technology based on Blockchain aiming to make our lives easier. Among all the futuristic technologies, there is one which we might be using in our daily lives soon enough. That technology is Virtual Reality.  Virtual Reality is already being used by general population at some level but still the widespread use has yet to come. VIBE is a Blockchain project based on Virtual Reality. Its main focus is to disrupt the Live concerts with the introduction of Virtual Concerts. 

Raiden Network - Ethereum's Path to 1 million Transactions per Second Steemit Steemit logo
Ethereum's solution to scaling is worth mentioning since I do cover EOS a great deal. Ethereum is developing the Raiden Network. To understand the Raiden Network, it is easiest to just understand the Lightning Network. The Raiden Network is a system of payment channels between established, regular payment arrangements. Using encryption and the methodology of the lightning network idea, two parties can create a payment channel to handle their peer to peer transaction off-chain. This off-chain arrangement reduces fees, and reconciliation to the blockchain can occur afterward or periodically through their agreed arrangement.

Full List of Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Steemit Steemit logo
Weiss Ratings has released a cryptocurrency ratings giving Ethereum a B and Bitcoin a C+ . The securities ratings agency said that ethereum was given a B rating because it "benefits from more readily upgradable technology and better speed, despite some bottlenecks." Bitcoin was given a "fair" C+ rating because the digital currency is "encountering major network bottlenecks, causing delays and high transactions costs," according to a release. "Despite intense ongoing efforts that are achieving some initial success, Bitcoin has no immediate mechanism for promptly upgrading its software code." It is notable that no cryptocurrency received an A. The highest ranked cryptocurrencies are Ethereum and EOS, both getting a B.

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