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Will Security Tokens Make 2019 the Year of Finance Innovation?
As the cryptocurrency market keeps beating investors left and right, those who tend to be more optimistic have switched their focus to something that is promised to be able to overtake the future of digital assets security tokens. We are living in a world set by two different paces. Since the end of last year, security tokens and security tokens offering (STO) have been on the front news. It is officially the buzzword that the crypto and fintech community can't stop talking about. Everyone is trying to understand the ins and outs of this digital asset and how to conduct crowdfundings compliant to regulation. Given how new it is, we are still faced with a considerable lack of coverage about the subject. The laws for securities have been around for many decades, created in a time where the internet didn't exist. Blockchain has been complicating all of this, creating a ripple effect of uncertainty as we are not 100% sure how regulations will affect the issuing of tokens. However, we can expect future blockchain projects to be financed by the regulatory compliant security token offering. That is why Blockchain Land gathered experts from all sides on the subject legal, finance and technology on January 31st in the capital of France to share the stage in a first-ever conference with institutional guests to discuss the future impact that the tokenization of assets in Europe and the United States will have on the crypto-finance landscape of tomorrow.

4 Blockchain in Energy Trends to Watch in 2019
2019 will see more blockchain-based energy trading systems, EWF is going to launch an industry-specific blockchain, and there will be more combinations of blockchain and IoT technologies. A possible drawback for the industry could be scalability and performance issues. Market Research Future (MRFR) has predicted that the global blockchain in the energy market could be worth more than $5 billion by 2023. Blockchain technology can help reducing energy inequality and inefficiency and empower consumers to buy and sell energy from other consumers directly. Energy companies can leverage blockchain to impact capital expenditure, security, operating costs, and risk management.

Stablecoins are taking over the second half of 2018 - The Blockchain Land
Stablecoins have gained considerable traction in the second half of 2018 as a viable replacement for cryptocurrency. While companies and startups were focusing on the ERC-20 token model for ICOs in 2017, this year the attention has turned to the stablecoin model. Stablecoins are still blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. They have their values linked to a real-world asset, therefore avoiding price volatility issues and removing the concerns over severe fluctuations in value that are commonplace with regular cryptocurrencies. They provide a degree of stability to investors and merchants as a viable source of a digital asset.

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