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ETC Trading Strategy
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February: Top 10 Currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, TRON, Binance Coin, Cardano)
Disclaimer: the following info and suggestions can't be considered as professional trading advice, so put orders considering other factors and be sure that you know about potential risks. After the year-long bearish market, the crypto world begins its new upgoing phase, optimists claim. Even without skyrocketing prices of top-rated currencies, we see positive news like $130 million deal by Pantera Capital or multi-billion investments in Morgan Creek performed by pension funds (that's the first case ever!). These news come with good info from the exchanges ecosystem where traditional brands like Eurex increase their interest in cryptocurrencies. But how this situation affects prices Let's see.

XRP Trading Strategy
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Questions and Answers About the QuadrigaCX Crash
Last week, nearly all leading crypto news agencies published articles about the largest Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX and unclear problems related to the exchange's CEO Gerald Cotten and his unexpected death in India. The trading platform experienced banking problems for more than a year while users weren't able to withdraw fiat or crypto directly. The recent death of the company's CEO and statements that only Cotten had exclusive access to the firm's funds caused new fears that QuadrigaCX is a fraudulent project with unfair owners. This story is full of questions, so we want to answer at least some of them. Let's begin with things that we know for sure and then move to less clear points.

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals His Thoughts on Blockchain-Based Authorization
The CEO of Facebook talked to Jonathan Zittrain and discussed the potential advantages of blockchain online logins. Mark Zuckerberg shared his opinion on decentralized authentication services in the most recent interview conducted by a Law professor from Harvard. At all, the Facebook leader remained vague about such an innovation. As it was told, on the one hand, it can be useful for software developers and users to get rid of third-party corporations which limit accesses now. On the other hand, blockchain sets a lot of challenges like more difficult recourse or high tech requirements. In details, here are key ideas from the interview.

FinancialFox: 'Bitcoin is not a bubble, it is the pin to burst the crypto bubble' - Crypto News
#FinancialFox Crypto expert Ajeet Khurana, CEO India crypto exchange ZebPay, talks to PR and Crypto Guru Stefania Barbaglio. The Leapfrogging aspect of new technologies has enormous power. Cryptocurrencies are overcoming the limitations of traditional money and financial markets. Decentralised blockchains are here to stay and are developing a new paradigm of decentralised economy and marketplace where tokenisation of digital assets and exchanges will transform the world economy. Bitcoin is the most adopted and established cryptocurrency and there are a few other followers with great use cases and qualities. Worldwide adoption is inevitable.

IBM Has Successfully Tracked 28 Tons of Mandarins Using Blockchain
3,000 boxes with approximately 108,000 of mandarins which weigh 28 tons totally were shipped from China to Singapore in honor of Chinese New Year. IBM has chosen mandarin oranges because of their importance for local cultures as these fruits are a symbol of wealth. Officially, the delivery was confirmed on January, 31. The key innovation was focused on documents. Usually, paper invoices are sent by traditional mail, so it takes 5-7 days to finish the process. IBM has recorded all proofs of ownership, receipts, and shipment contracts in blockchain by creating the advanced electronic bill of lading aka e-BL. The automated distribution within the system has taken a few seconds.

Superorder Basics: Benefits from Using the Trading Terminal
Moving further in our series dedicated to the functionality of Superorder, we can't miss the most interesting part: key features and how they can facilitate your trading! Let's begin with brief general info about crypto terminals and then move to exact advantages of our platform. Without further ado, here the magic begins. To clarify things, remember that we review separate platforms, not exchange-based terminals. The latter ones are pretty simple because of the limited technical indicators, timeframes, and order books. Also, exchanges support trading on a single market only when independent terminals are way more universal.

Crypto Trading Strategies for NEWBIES
Strategy 1. You buy BITCOIN. Store your btc on a hardwallet, bury your wallet. Get it out in 5 years = PROFIT BTC (50%) other crypto (50%) = profit Current strategy requires a little bit work and time. You invest 50% from your capital into BTC, another 50% spread among other top 5 crypto coins. Check the coinmarketcap. Then you check your portfolio every hour, day, week, month, quarter and year. You doing the research to figure out which companies and which business models are behind the coin you want to buy. After you pick up the companies you think will be fortunate. Ex: look at smart contract platformers like: ETH, EOS, Lisk, QTUM. From the present perspective, the most secure options to trade are ETH/EOS.

My ETC Trading Strategy
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The Early Preview of the New Product - Superorder
A trading terminal is a software or interface which allows traders to place the buy/sell orders on one or several exchanges. Trading via terminals helps users to place orders faster as compared to doing that in any other ways. A proper trading terminal is everything you need if you want to get your hands on crypto trading! Streaming quotes & charts, price alerts, excellent speed, premium research and easy to use functionality keeps you aligned with this fast-moving online trading world. A trading terminal is an integrated set of tools required to trade efficiently and profitably. Using any trading terminal allows you to:

Join the waiting list to Superorder and get free access + 2 months free trial
Superorder is getting closer to the new Trading Terminal big release date. Our team is starting the pre-launch campaign on the Product Hunt, subscribe to keep updated. Subscribe to get early access + 2 months free trial Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled

Chinese Arbitration Court Says Bitcoin Should Be Legally Protected as Property
An arbitration body in China has ruled that despite the country's central bank's ban on cryptocurrency trading, bitcoin should still be legally protected as a property with economic values. The Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration published a case analysis on Thursday via WeChat, detailing its ruling on a recent economic dispute that involved a business contract relating to possession and transfer of crypto assets. According to the case analysis, the unnamed plaintiff signed a contract agreement with the defendant, which allowed the latter to trade and manage a pool of cryptocurrencies on the plaintiff's behalf.

Beginners guide how to start trading cryptocurrency
Beginners guide how to start trading cryptocurrency. All the stuff you need to know to start trading crypto. Things like: crypto wallet, crypto exchanges, diversification and others You will need a crypto wallet to store your crypto assets. Same as you keep your money on the bank account. Most popular crypto wallets are ledger and trezor. 2. Choose cryptocurrency exchange Cryptocurrency exchange - place where you can trade and exchange you cryptocurrency for the other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies like US or EUR. A cryptocurrency exchange isn't a part of regular stock exchange. Not the same as Forex or Wall Street, but they have some common mechanism. You can pick up a crypto exchange from top 5 list cryptocurrency exchanges ranked by volume.

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