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XRP index will be added at the NASDAQ service platform
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Blockchain Video Streaming as Ecosystem of Value Exchange
Verasity co-founders David Orman and Adam Simmons share their vision of a Blockchain video streaming platform As euphoric ideas about possible Blockchain applications proliferate, many startups hope to become the ones to replace major, lucrative platforms - the Googles, Amazons and Facebooks of today's reality - with something more transparent, fair, decentralized and community based. The race for the next Youtube is heating up as well, with many players entering the field. CryptoComes spoke to Verasity co-founders David Orman and David Simmons about the not-so-distant future of Blockchain powered video streaming.

Max Keiser: Bitcoin Will Say Goodbye to USD, Turning into World?s Next Reserve Currency
Over the years, the USD has been the reserve currency for banks and global markets, mainly thanks to the US economy dominating all over the world. Some market researchers believe that the USD is about to be deprived of this honorable status, and as time passes some sort of decentralized currency will take its place. One of the things that may contribute to this is that the balance of power in the spheres of geoeconomics and geopolitics may change the way of trading goods and services on a global scale. Many analysts and big-name crypto investors are seeing 2019 as the year which could bring the bullish trend back to the market. Among them is the famous US broadcaster who hosts the Keiser Report.

TRON News - TRON (TRX) Gets Officially Promoted at Binance Info Gold Label Project | U.Today
On Monday, Binance Info started off with its Gold Label Project in order to promote crypto projects that it considers the worthiest. As part of these projects, crypto platforms, including ICOs, will be widely covered for millions of users. The news, press-releases and other info on these projects will be confirmed by their platforms. All in all, 100 projects are going to be listed. Justin Suns Tron has been the first project to be officially added by Binance's Gold Label. It has gotten an appropriate verification for this. From now on, Binance users will receive timely updates on Tron, such as new information about the members of the Tron Foundation, spreading of TRX coins, etc. As part of the program, Tron has been granted the project's gold label?.

Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH Will Be Larger Than Bitcoin Next Couple Years | U.Today
Our recent financial analysis highlight about short-term Ethereum price prediction was the following: We estimate that, due to the liquidity diminishing as we get closer to the Christmas holiday season, a moderate move up to the price level of $125-$150 is possible. The cryptocurrency has fallen significantly, and while we favor trading with the trend, a dominant downtrend with the possibility of a moderate move up is our basic scenario for the rest of December 2018. At the end of December price of Ethereum is at $132.35 validating our forecast on Ethereum price predictions for the remaining of 2018. Was it luck It could be as we cannot claim that our Ethereum predictions can be accurate or be any sort of financial advice or recommendation. What lies ahead in 2019 for Ethereum and the cryptocurrency market

Recent Study Shows VIBE Cryptocurrency Has Highest Liquidity Level | U.Today
A recent DataLight report shows that the VIBE (VIBE) cryptocurrency has seen a 219 percent spike in the level of liquidity. The project behind this cryptocurrency specializes in VR devices, introducing Blockchain technology to the untapped market. Bibox Token (BIX), the native currency of the Chinese exchange Bibox, has recently become the second largest currency while True Chain (TRUE) comes in third. Gifto (GTO) and Arcblock (ABT) are also in DataLight's top five. It's worth mentioning that Arcblock, the project for building dApps, also made an appearance on another list that exclusively focuses on Ethereum-based tokens with the biggest amount of new followers. Check out this report to find out what ERC20 tokens are becoming popular with investors as of now.

Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum Scalable to Millions of Transactions Per Second | U.Today
Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, revealed that Ethereums network will eventually process more than one million transactions per second, and has the  potential to process 100 million transactions per second, in an OmiseGO AMA session online yesterday.  Vitalik explained that topping the first layer solution sharding with a second layer called Plasma will enable Ethereum's network to overcome scalability issues for the diversity of use cases required in almost all applications. Buterin emphasized that using a two-layer solution will also result in latency reduction which is essential for adoption. 

Bitcoin Is Dead! For the 317th Time? | U.Today
The first rule of investing is Buy low, sell high, or rather Don't invest more than you can afford to lose, or?. ah, what's the point of knowing which one is the first and most important rule It's known that Ups and Downs are normal, i.e. bullish and bearish market states, so we don't have to get all panicky about it. Yes, Bitcoin is bleeding value, but pessimists have claimed it died 316 times before, so why believe it will stay dead the 317th time Buy low, sell high, as they say. Is this low enough There isn't anything major behind the drop other than the BCH fork, panic, and some FUD here and there, so there's no sure way of telling.

ETC Latest News - Ethereum Classic News Today
Ethereum Classic was born after the ET? hard fork and promptly became one of the most influential cryptocurrencies. Its latest news always attracts the attention of founders and investors from all over the globe. Ethereum Classic's (ETC) price forecast remains an incredibly important part of cryptocurrency world news.

VeChain Thor Network Teams Up With Japanese Largest Mobile Service Provider, Sony Joins Partnership
VeChain Thor, a platform, providing clients with a Blockchain-based service for verifying people's and product identity has started collaborating with NTT Docomo, the largest Japanese mobile operator. Thanks to partnering with Docomo, VeChain intends to receive a great momentum to spread. It will be used in the new upgrade of the Docomo 5G network scheduled to launch by 2020. Such giants as Sony, MUFG Bank and the local authorities of Okinawa have already joined in and plan to cooperate. VeChain reps stated in the press-release that by means of this partnership they want to make VeChain's work in Japan more valuable.

CNBC?s ?Crypto Trader?: Bitcoin to Go Down, Cardano and NEO to Rise | U.Today
Ran Neu-Ner is one of the people whose influence in the Blockchain industry is pretty high. On Thursday he took part in the CNBC Fast Money show and claimed that Bitcoin is going to drop even lower than it is now. However, he is being optimistic regarding Cardano (ADA) and NEO platforms. On the same TV-show earlier in June this year, when BTC cost around $6,860, Neu-Ner predicted it to slide to $5,900. This time the man came to the show again and surprise, surprise Bitcoin stood at $5,915. To the question regarding the future of BTC, he replied that there's more blood to be spilled. Neu-Ner expects 62 percent chance of the bear market pushing on and Bitcoin to test the $5,350 mark next. 16 percent chance is for the bullish trend to arrive.

How to Buy Lisk in USA: A Step-by-Step Guide | U.Today
Changelly today is one of the simplest platforms and popular websites for sharing or buying different types of crypto conversions. Here you can trade using more than 40 different cryptograms. For work take a margin of 0.5% for a service for the exchange of funds. One of the benefits of Changelly is that a participant does not need to undergo a complex process of verification or registration. Simply log in with your email ID and start the exchange process. In the beginning of working with Changelly, you will need the following things to buy LSK: - Your Lisk address, where you would like to receive tokens. - Some amount of bitcoins / altcoines for LSK exchange.

Revisiting Charlie Lee?s Decision to Sell His Litecoin Holdings - Good Call | U.Today
Litecoin founder Charlie Lee made headlines - both in crypto and mainstream media - when he announced on December 20, 2017 that he had sold all his Litecoins over the past several days. In retrospect, it looks like he sold the top, as the price of Litecoin peaked on December 18 at $359 per coin. At press time, Litecoin trades for $119. Lee was quick to point out in a reddit post that he can't be blamed for crashing the price: Please don't ask me how many coins I sold or at what price. I can tell you that the amount of coins was a small percentage of GDAX's daily volume and it did not crash the market.

How to mine Monero (XMR) at Home on PC | U.Today
Monero (or XMR in abbreviation) contains a so-called cryptonote algorithm, which is based on Ring Signatures and provides a certain privacy degree when a transaction is being made. Monero is a cryptocurrency of Proof of Work type, which can be mined with the help of computational power given by a CPU or GPU. Up to the present moment, there haven't been any ASICs for Monero. Under these conditions, any person, who has a computer, can mine it. The very first thing you should think about is whether you are going to mine alone (solo) or on a pool. Usually mining on a pool is not free, but this activity has its advantages as well. You see, the users who do not have enough computational power available should wait long before obtaining a reward. And in a pool users combine their mutual efforts to reduce variance and to have a steady income flow.

What is Vertcoin (VTC) - Simple Explanation for Beginners | U.Today
Vertcion is peer-to-peer digital currency. Being a Bitcoin fork this flourishing cryptocurrency has the main features it is touted to be ASIC resistant, has Proof-of-Work (PoW) function and Stealth Address technology. Vertcoin creators tried to attain the true purpose of cryptocurrency in developing a financial system, which is owned by its users. Everyone can easily mine this currency the folk coin is its second name. Could you ever just imagine you are the great ASIC machine's owner, you, the rank-and-filer We suppose never, as it is impossible as well. Although in comparison with CPUs or GPUs ASIC schemes do provide more efficiency in digital coins mining. We mean Bitcoin and Litecoin.

Trezor vs. Ledger: 5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy | U.Today
All things being equal, competition breeds innovation, drive, and excellence. Think of Windows and Mac, BMW and Mercedes, MIT and Stanford, the list is endless. In the cryptocurrency world, we have Trezor and Ledger, two fierce rivals battling to get possession of your digital assets. Cryptocurrency hardware wallets are now available everywhere, however, these two seem to be leading the pack. Are you looking to buy one of these hardware cryptocurrency wallets Do you even know what hardware wallets are Perhaps, you're considering hard wallets and soft wallets and you can't seem to make up your mind Here's everything you need to know about Trezor and Ledger.

Creepy Ethereum-based Prediction Market Lets You Place Bets on Trump?s Assassination | U.Today
While major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and  Ethereum have restored their reputation by distancing themselves from the deep web, sometimes they still show their dark side. There is an active protocol on the Ethereum Blockchain that gives its users a possibility to bet on many possible scenarios (including Donald Trump's assassination). We are all familiar with a prediction market, but the launch of its Blockchain-based version definitely brings something new to the table. While getting rid of centralized governing bodies, users are the ones who preside over the betting process. They can wager on any topic, and, if the prediction comes true, money is deposited to their wallet.

Past ICO Review: TenX Puts Crypto on Debit Card, Hodlers Beware | U.Today
TenX is making crypto more of a tangible payment system by creating actual debit cards that are linked to a TenX wallet. The company has a forthcoming banking license in the works and intends on taking its everyday payment system mainstream. With technology like this, it is surprising that the company did not raise more in its ICO; it raised $80 mln, which is still a substantial amount of capital, but for the innovative service it is offering, it is surprising that it was not able to garner more support. The token started out strong, entering the market at $0.83. The TenX token has been on a steady decline since its release with an all-time high of $5.26 during the 2017 December rally down to $1.01 as May 2018 closes out.

What If I Send Bitcoin to the Wrong Address? | U.Today
An often-asked question, what happens if one sends Bitcoins to a wrong address Let us first understand what we mean by sending a Bitcoin to a wrong address. We have the following scenarios: 1)     Trying to send Bitcoin to a different Blockchain, for instance, Litecoin 2)     While sending Bitcoin from your wallet to another typing the wrong wallet address 3)     Typing an address that appears to be valid but is not the intended address We will take up each of the following cases individually. But first, let us understand how addresses work in a Blockchain and how likely it is for you to commit a mistake.

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