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Where does Ethereum Classic go from here? The potential fall of ETC
Unbiased Cryptocurrency News Source It is never a joyous event when a classic may fade away, yet this seems to the be the case for Ethereum Classic. The Ethereum classic community broke away from the Ethereum and stayed true to themselves and to their belief of making sure that the code was, indeed, immutable and that it was law.  It seemed that this rift would be the first of their many problems, the consensus was with Ethereum, the majority was on the side of Ethereum, leaving the Ethereum Classic community with a faithful few (investors, community, developers, miners, and nodes). Ethereum Classic was left weakened, the number of developers and investors interested in ETC waned, there were a few but most of the attention, interest, and investment went to Ethereum.

The accidental Monero and Fortnite relationship. Why did Fortnite remove Monero?
Unbiased Cryptocurrency News Source In what seemed as another strong win for cryptocurrencies Monero was added as a payment option and then it wasn't. It was there one moment, and gone the next, it wasn't due to Monero being one of the best stealth and privacy coins in the market, it was simply due to it being taken away as a payment option. The founder of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, tweeted, saying that the addition of Monero, was accidental?, meaning that it should have never happened in the first place. The Monero enablement was conducted without the blessing of the company by a third party partner which was collaborating with Epic & Fortnite to open up a merchandise shop.

Marriott failed to protect your Data ? can Blockchain help?
Unbiased Cryptocurrency News Source The Marriott was the latest business to be affected by a data breach. That's right. Yet another data breach has occurred to a large business. The company initially stated that it thought that more 500 million customers were affected by the malicious incident but it later revised that number. Now they say that only about 350 million customers were affected. Apparently, the breach took place over the course of four years, from 2014 to 2018. The hotel chain just discovered that the incident was taking place fairly recently. The company revealed the information to the public in late 2018, and as such, we are not aware of how long they were sitting and deliberating on how and when to tell the public.

Looks like we're going to get more Shitcoins thanks to TRON!
Unbiased Cryptocurrency News Source Thought your TRX would go up with the TRX and BitTorrent merger Think again. In a move that wasn't necessarily surprising to crypto enthusiasts outside of the TRX community, BitTorrent will be launching its own crypto token. Loyal TRX fans may have thought that they would see a significant increase of their TRX tokens if they only held on long enough for TRX to be integrated into the BitTorrent network. Unfortunately, this will not be the case. To the dismay of TRX fans and TRX hodlers everywhere, BitTorrent will be releasing its own token under the ticker symbol of BTT. The BTT token will be distributed through the BitTorrent Foundation (yes, they have their own foundation now) and it's supposed to let users swap tokens to increase the quality of their BitTorrent experience.

Why Bitcoin Cash fork BAB is a centralized and shitty token?
Unbiased Cryptocurrency News Source Over the period, BAB has become a disgraceful token due to its utterly centralized nature. Since it is a fork of BCH, the parent coin has also suffered a huge deal. Basically, the fork was conducted to reward the miners, but the centralized nature of the tokens has cost them! The community has a different point of views regarding BAB. Some of them say that the team made it less-decentralized in the following weeks after the fork. But a redditer also claimed that this crap was always meant to be centralized from the beginning. Immediately after the Nov 15 fork, there was a virtual war between BSV and BAB. The former happens to be a token for the miners, whereas BAB is mainly for trading purposes and HODLing. Shortly after that, BSV acquired about 2/3rd of the total hash power and threatened to attack BAB's Proof of Work.

Is HitBTC insolvent? Will it go the way of Mt. Gox?
Unbiased Cryptocurrency News Source HitBTC is Fraudulent HitBTC Withdrawal Blocked HITBTC restricting my account. Account has passed KYC and granted VERIFIED status All Funds Suddenly Locked a Couple of Weeks ago, going nowhere with support Why can't I get in touch with customer service All of these comments can be found among a slew of similar complaints on the HitBTC Reddit page. These complaints against the cryptocurrency exchange started more than a week ago when customers started to raise questions on the exchange's action of freezing their accounts. In most cases, customers complain that after completing their know your customer (KYC) procedures, submitting all documents and answering all questions by the HitBTC team in order to withdraw their funds, their accounts were frozen. They also allege that the exchange's customer support team simply stopped responding to them.

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