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Updated article on how to securely hold IOTA, adding a quick guide on how to move from Light Wallet to Trinity. As with the old version of the post, ideas and suggestions are very welcome!
Subscribe to the Altcoin Trading newsletter. (Newsletter Archive) IOTA is a transactional and data transfer layer aiming at the Internet of Things. It uses a distributed ledger called Tangle which scales better than Blockchain - the more it is used the more efficient it gets. The tangle ledger is based on distributed technology called DAG (directed acyclic graph). Each transaction forms its own block and is essentially verified by itself. In order to put your transaction through you have to verify two other randomly chosen older transactions in the network. This is done with help of a very simple version of proof-of-work but the effort the POW algo needs to execute is so small that the transaction cost is essentially zero.

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