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Bitcoin of America Add Ability to Directly Buy and Sell Monero
It takes less than one minute to register your account. Buy and pay for bitcoin at any of our payment locations or Wire or use a BTM/Kiosk. See how it works We are registered with FinCEN, the US department of Treasury, as an MSB. We operate in full compliance with all Federal and applicable state laws. Bitcoin of America allows users to buy bitcoin with credit card up to $599 Sell your cryptocurrency and receive a prepaid Visa gift card up to $1999. Earn extra revenue for your store/business location today. It's quick, easy and we do all the work! It takes less than one minute to create an account and get started.

Women in Crypto
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How Can You Protect Yourself from Bitcoin Scams?
Now most people have come to know about the different advantages of using cryptocurrency. However, it is the time to know about the different scams that are associated with Bitcoin. In the last two years, Bitcoin has made a lot of people into millionaires and this could be the reason why there are many people who are interested in learning more about Bitcoin. It is true that the value of the Bitcoin will rise further and till date, there are already 1 million Bitcoins which are mined in the market. So, before you start investing in Bitcoin, make sure that you know all these different types of scams that are present in the Crypto market.

Bitcoin Exchange Scams around the World
Bitcoin is an amazing cryptographic achievement that took the financial world by surprise. The ability to create something that cannot be duplicated makes it highly popular in the digital world.  Since its inception Bitcoin price has increased considerably in the last few years and its market capitalization has reached billions of dollars. People from all aspects see its appeal and value. This growing demand is bringing out both bad and good in human nature because there is a rise in Bitcoin Exchange scams. The popularity of Bitcoin is visible with the number of Bitcoin Exchanges and other places. Unfortunately some are trying to profit through nefarious means. This is mainly by targeting unprepared victims by stealing their digital currencies. Since digital currencies hit the market many Bitcoin scams have become more common thus creating a sense of fear among innocent users. Be smart enough to spot these scams and make sure you don't become their next victim.

Advantages of Using a Bitcoin ATM
The numbers of individuals who use Bitcoin has dramatically increased. Because of this Bitcoin ATM operators are making it easier to use their machines with a friendly interface. They are unique to each machine and are helpful for consumers. The goal of these interfaces is to make buying Bitcoin simple, safe, and secure. Easy Way to Get Bitcoins into Wallet If you are used to buying Bitcoins from an online exchange or a peer to peer service, then you will surely like using a Bitcoin ATM as there are many other added advantages. While you use the Bitcoin ATM, the user inserts fiat and receives Bitcoin into their wallet without any delay. This whole process of buying Bitcoin is done with just few screen taps. There are more people who are interested in using this Bitcoin ATM as there is ample privacy.

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