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Ex-Tron CTO Denies Founder Justin Sun?s Accusations of Embezzlement, Bribery - CoinDesk
The former CTO of Tron, who left the project to launch a competing blockchain , has denied accusations of embezzlement, bribery and infringement that were levied by Tron founder Justin Sun . The dispute between the two emerged after Zhiqiang Chen announced in a May 10 Medium post that since his departure from Tron in January 2019, he has been building a new TRON? called Volume Network. Chen, who joined Tron in late 2017 as its technology chief shortly after following an initial coin offering , said he feels very sad that Tron is, in his view, no longer decentralized.He said the delegated proof-of-stake mechanism Tron uses is pseudo-decentralized, adding:
Euronet Subsidiary Ria Turns to Ripple Tech Seeking Faster Money Transfers - CoinDesk
Ria Money Transfer, a subsidiary of U.S.-based payments firm Euronet Worldwide, has joined Ripple s blockchain -based payments network seeking faster cross-border payments. In an announcement Wednesday, Ripple said that RippleNet will help Ria settle transactions with increased speed, transparency and efficiency. Customers stand to benefit too, it adds, with end-to-end tracking, improved visibility into fees and details of transaction status and estimated time of completion. Ria's integration with Ripple serves to build rails for an innovative payment infrastructure that seeks to provide easier access to potential partners, while delivering faster and cleaner payments to its users, according to Euronet's money transfer segment CEO, Juan Bianchi.
Fourth lightning implementation to officially launch on bitcoin?s mainnet
Japanese startup Nayuta is releasing an in-progress lightning implementation with a compelling new focus: the internet of things (IoT). As revealed exclusively to CoinDesk , Nayuta is publishing the first lightning implementation geared specifically toward IoT, or networks of connected devices that feed data to one another. The idea behind Nayuta's release is that it connects to bitcoin s live network (as opposed to a test one), allowing transactions of real BTC. To date, Nayuta's release represents the fourth lightning implementation to officially launch on bitcoin's mainnet so far, following software pushes from startups Acinq, Blockstream , and Lightning Labs.

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