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Corion Platform (CORION) ICO | Corion Platform Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
Corion aims to provide the whole infrastructure what the perfect payment environment needs. With its mineable token pegged around the dollar, secure wallet, decentralised ecosystem brought to you by a dedicated team. In case you like to manage things on your own, don't want to trust in a 3rd party but are eager to use a well designed and fancy wallet, you cannot make a wrong decision with Corion Pro. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

Open Collectors Network ICO | Open Collectors Network Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
An open source network where you can always tokenise whatever you think is of value. From your cryptocurrency to your personality, personal product or service, the list that Open Collectors Network offer still continues. You can trade tokens on this open marketplace, as there is an already available standard specification to guide you. Open Collector Network gives you this immense opportunity to acquire as many things of value that appeals to you in form of a token. Keeping a profile on this marketplace can make logging in to other ICO platform easier as when an account is created under Open Collector Network, a unique code is created so the individual can quickly login to other platform with it.

Rentberry ICO | Rentberry Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
As the name suggests Rentberry, is all about streamling the long-term rental process. For this they use blockchain and smart contracts technology. This in turn removes the need for involving middlemen and makes it possible for landlords and tenants to complete all tasks related to rental at one place. This technology is Ethereum based Platform and creates a transparent rental experience. Millennialsprefer this decentralized method of rental, as it is bringing up the new concept of crowd-sourced rental deposits. Rentberry token sale is said to convert the business into a decentralized token ecosystem and reduce the expense and time involved in long-term rentals that involves everyone.

Lotus ICO | Lotus Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
We aim to simplify, modernize and secure these outdated platforms into a simpler and more manageable way by using blockchain technology. Bringing the fastest, most cost effective way to book and travel around the world. Leveraging technology to bring the best prices and fast booking and change the way you find book and experience travel. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

Bloom ICO | Bloom Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
Bloom brings credit scoring to the blockchain. Founded Stanford engineers, Bloom makes credit global and inclusive. Bloom allows both traditional and digital currency lenders to serve billions of people who currently cannot obtain a bank account or credit score. Joey Krug (Augur / Pantera) and Joe Urgo (District0x) serve as advisors.

BuzzShow ICO | BuzzShow Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
BuzzShow is a platform that is developed onEthereum. It offers a platform that put the interesting content for the creator, curator and views first. It acts as a cryptocurrency that utilizes creation, sharing and seeing the videos on the right platform. This is currently operated in the Netherlands. The value of the token is 1 GLDY=0.25 USD. This type of platform earns many content creators within the short amount of time. This is regarded as the completely developed social video network platform that lets everyone to gain more money on the platform. The token is restricted in some areas like USA, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Iran, North Korea and others. It utilizes the blockchain technology. The users also store the important files with the help of the platform. This is faster and safe for the users. it is committed to providing the revenue generated based on the advertisement and premium subscription.

Gladius (GLA) ICO | Gladius (GLA) Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
Gladius is increasing on online presence for business. It allows connecting with protection pools. The token provide decentralized solution to protect DDOs attacks.  It offers excellent protection for your content. The company is situated in USA.   Gladius is powerful insights tool that enable anyone to accelerate their website. Present value of the token is 500 GLA = 1 ETH.  Ethereum  blockchain technology is operated on the cryptocurrency.  It gives decentralize result for accessing business.  Gladius allows users to keep comforts of protection services at lesser cost.  It offers easy interface to begin earnings on the token.   It monitors attacks of bandwidth that used on increasing insights to your traffic.

Medicalchain ICO | Medicalchain Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
Medicalchain is perfect blockchain for the health records that designed with the ethereum platform. It keeps up the usage of the medical data. This one uses the blockchain technology in order to store the patient's health reports. Now, this is used by different agents like doctor, pharmacist, hospital, insurers, and others. When it comes use this one, the users gain permission to interact with the medical reports of the patients.  The interaction is transparent and secure. It is created based on the hyperledger fabric architecture. The patient can capable to control the records who view others.

Tuk Tuk Pass ICO | Tuk Tuk Pass Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
In the year 2016, the value of the international industry of tourism was $7.5 trillion which was 10.2 percent of the GDP of the world. Here is the age of accelerated globalization and advanced connection. So, people travel a lot these days. Consumers get amazing offers to visit foreign countries from low-cost airlines and cheap hotels. With the availability of many travel apps, trips can be planned in organized ways. Even if travel technology is progressing, there are some problems as well. For every new vacation trip, one needs to download fresh applications for hotels and flight tickets and also for getting services from restaurant guide, health clinics, airport taxi, etc.

APPICS (XAP) ICO | APPICS Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
Users who spend their time and creativity, posting and voting on content are the source of revenue for any social platform. The users are like the engine of the network. Unlike on any other popular social media site, where 100% of the platform's value goes to the shareholders, APPICS enables all users to earn a fair share, as well as influence in the network, through a cryptocurrency reward-token (XAP). Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

GN Compass ICO | GN Compass Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
GN Compass is known to be an excellent peer-to-peer lending platform. This one is the best platform to provide Cryptocurrency-Backed loans. It maintains the liquidity flow in the market consistently. The investors can now sell a portion of their loan. It can be done in their portfolio. This company, as well as the token, is backed by a collateral-bond worth $140 million which is held in the Swiss trust of this company. It has two significant benefits. The first one is it'll protect the coin from price volatility. Second, it'll also protect those investors who love to invest in GNCT. At the same time, you'll be amazed to know that this one is the first project which offers fully backed token.

The Legends Room (VIP) ICO | The Legends Room Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
A private adventure encompassing one-of-a-kind members only club. The Legends Room is Las Vegas entertainment re-imagined. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

Agrello ICO | Agrello Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
Agrello allows to manage and develop smart contract depend on agreements.  The company created Agrello to process binding legally with traditional contracts.   It is highly user-oriented software which enables a user to develop coding with proper skills. It is the AI-powered interface that developed by blockchain technology.  The company is combined with the industry for forty-five years. They are delivered large number of projects to clients.  Now they are creating project on DLT type. This company is positioned at Estonia. They are supplying token to use as cryptocurrency. This token is a Tech-friendly Estonian legal system with the blockchain industry.   Science experts have professional in the field to offer excellent solution for clients. It brings latest technology which build on ethereum platform.  The token is accepting   ETH and BTC.  If you use the token that help to spend less expense on buying automate needs.

Hada DBank Solar ICO | Hada DBank Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
Here at Hada DBank, we aim to be different from conventional banking. In fact, we are the First Digital Bank to fuse Islamic Banking Module with Blockchain Technology. Islamic Banking is not just for Muslims. It's for everyone. It represents something Transparency and Risk sharing. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

Benebit ICO | Benebit Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
Benebit is a global decentralized platform that is built on Ethereum. It aims at facilitating interactions between brands, companies and consumers through blockchain technology. Benebit has revolutionized the market of cashbacks and loyalty and is considered to be a groundbreaking network that is based on blockchains. Benebit has given a new route to business-customer interactions by storing and exchanging data in a very secured manner. It has shaped the transaction process and added value to both brands as well as the customers by providing discounts, special deals, interesting cashbacks and loyalty programs. Benebit also provides Benebit Tokens to users that can be exchanged into any major cryptocurrencies. These tokens have bridged the demographic gap and now users can shop from any part of the world with a single Benebit Token in their hand (BNE).

injii Access Coin (IAC) ICO | injii Access Coin (IAC) Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
The injii platform reduces the cost of fundraising by connecting content creators with charities. Through the use of an open-sourced broadcast, injii enables users to interact, donate and engage in decentralized content for the greater good. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

Seele (SEELE) ICO | Seele Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
Seele created Neural Consensus Algorithm?. It transforms the consensus problem into an asynchronous request, processing and sorting data in a large-scale environment based on micro-real numbers?. It will not only ensure safety and low energy consumption, but it will also ensure strong linear augmenting ability. The performance is linearly accelerated as the node size increases to satisfy business requirements. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *

Gelios Token (GLS) ICO | Gelios Token (GLS) Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
Gelios LLP engages in petroleum retail. The company owns and operates gas filling stations. Gelios LLP was founded in 2002 and is based in Kostanay, Kazakhstan. Gelios is a cryptocurrency lending marketplace. The mission of the Gelios platform is to offer more flexibility to the lending industry. It uses the decentralized credit bureau built using the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain infrastructure. Using this infrastructure people from all over the world can receive capital.The location of this company is in Russia. Gelios is a global Peer 2 Peer lending platform. The symbol for this token is GLS. This token is used on the platform to provide value through different firms. The main approach of Gelios is platform specific which means not to provide scoring or KYC by itself. However it offers services connect to it for better coverage and synergy. Risk-analysts are the main researchers of blockchain who get the data about borrowers implemented into blockchain. The current price of the token is 1GLS = 1 USD. The soft cap is 1M USD. The platform for this token is Ethereum and the token type is ERC20. The number of transfers is 63 and the number of holders is 46. There is no restricted area for this token.

United Traders (UTT) ICO | United Traders Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
United Traders is a modern investment and financial company. Its core consists of professional traders and programmers who develop unique software for trading on the equities markets. UT is providing a wide range of services for investors in its special marketplace where everybody can choose strategies on stocks, currencies and digital assets. Multi-market Aurora platform is our flagship product, it already allows thousands of traders to get access to largest exchanges. UT is entering Crypto Community with project UTExchange, wher it will offer unique smart-route technology to solve liquidity problems on markets.

Blackmoon ICO | Blackmoon Token Sales & Rating | CoinMarketPlus
We aim to create and maintain the world's best framework for tokenized funds to deliver investment opportunities in both the real world and crypto economies. This brings blockchain flexibility to fiat instruments, and the benefits of accumulated financial wisdom to crypto investments.

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