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Weiss Ratings places Cardano [ADA] as one of the most effective and profitable blockchain platforms
Cardano (ADA) blockchain project has been on everyone's lips for quite some time. However, this time around Cardano blockchain project is making headlines because of a tweet from Weiss Ratings. On May 20th Weiss Rating applauded Cardano for not only being the top blockchain project but also for having the cheapest coin. For the latter, Weiss Rating was pointing out the fact that Cardano coin is one of the cheapest coins present in the crypto space. On the other hand, its project is among the best projects due to its reputation of taking a research-driven approach towards blockchain technology. At the moment, Cardano is trading at 0.084490 USD with a market cap of 2,190,584,502 USD. The latter figures have placed Cardano ADA coin at the 10th position. While news of Weiss Rating applauding Cardano is positive towards the future of the coin together with the project, there are mixed reactions from the crypto community. Some are more than happy to see their favorite crypto being applauded and concur with Weiss Rating report while others came out strongly to reject Weiss Rating report.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Collaborates with Microsoft and Others to Launch a New Token Development Initiative
Ethereums Enterprise Alliance (EEA), in partnership with a group of major businesses and conglomerates, have collaborated to create a new token development standard that is aimed at helping businesses design and develop the right kind of tokens to serve their varying business needs. Dubbed the Token Taxonomy Initiative, the EEA announced on Wednesday that it will help address the need to universally define tokens to better understand how their use and implementation can occur interchangeably across all token-enabled blockchain platforms. The EEA is itself a consortium of organizations that came together with the aim of having a unibody that develops standards and rules for the organizations to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. However, with the new initiative, the EEA enlisted a few members some of which are not part of the initial consortium.

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Dip 6.5%, Constantinople Bummer
In exchange for complete control and privacy, open source, decentralized systems must be developed with great care and conscientiousness. Any lapse in security and a proof of work system may fall to a serious, double spending percent attack. This will not only drain exchanges who support the coin'loss of business during double spending'but supporters will also have to absorb losses like we saw with the last deep chain reorgs in Ethereum Classic. What's even worse is that hash power can be rented for a couple of bucks per hours with disastrous consequences. But what we should be watching closely is how open source system strives to strike consensus and effect changes on the source code. We saw what happen in Bitcoin cash and the resultant split lead to massive sell off.

New Neo DApp Conjure is Building a Decentralized Content Platform
Conjure, the new NEO Decentralized Application [DApp] is building a content platform that aims to reward everyone who participates on the Conjure platform with cryptocurrency. The application has four guiding principles as listed below; Most content creators depend on advertising platforms, which are centralized autonomous entities that can change the rules at a moment's notice, in order to monetize their content. Conjure offers a solution to this due to its decentralized nature. Conjure aims to eradicate the dependency on these centralized platforms by providing creators with the required platform that will enable them to regain their creative independence. On the Conjure platform, creators have communities to call home as well as the ability to reach the rest of the platform through quality content aggregation.

The ERC1538 improving towards the "transparent contract" standard
In the blockchain of Ethereum, perhaps one of the most used for its characteristics, we know some standards such as the ERC20, whose use has been extended in the vast majority of tokenized projects presented through ICOs. This time we will talk about the ERC1538 standard, improving towards the transparent contract standard. The technology of Ethereum brought us the smart contracts, which are the most current and are growing. Smart contracts can change the way we do business and schedule the fulfillment of certain obligations. Likewise, smart contracts could eliminate countless intermediaries in supply, business and related chains.

Cardano [ADA] Moves a Step Closer to the Shelley Release
Cardano, the fully open source, decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency project is currently moving closer and closer towards its next major update, -the Shelley Project. Shelley is among the many projects carried out by the Cardano team. Its main aim is to prove beyond all doubt that, like all good blockchains, Cardano will become fully decentralized and autonomous. The Shelley project comes after the Byron phase, which was the bootstrap era. The next phase expected to bring unprecedented security and dependability to blockchain systems is the Goguen phase. The Shelly project comprises of three major functions;

How to buy Tron [TRX] on LocalTRX
Another good news for the TRON community is that a p2p market has been introduced to buy and sell TRON [TRX] OTC. LocalTRX is a most private, secure and intuitive way to swap TRON [TRX] with other cryptocurrencies for a local currency. Also, users can purchase TRX using any local fiat currency with over 30 different payments. WeChatPay, Venmo and MoneyGram are just but a few examples. Similar to LocalBitcoins, LocalTRX aims to provide not only the easiest but also the fastest, most reliable way to purchase TRON [TRX] with local currency. According to its official thread on Reddit, the LocalTRX token will be launched this week rewarding users 1 LocalTRX for every 10 TRX (in Volume) they trade. The project is still under continuous developments and more features are to be expected daily.

Dash Adoption in Colombia Sees New Highs as More Merchants Sign-up For Dashpay
Dash cryptocurrency is growing by leaps and bounds with Venezuela leading the way. Now Dash representatives in Colombia are also reporting great progress in the country in terms of adoption. According to George Connelly, Dash coordinator in Colombia, there was a 25% increase in active wallets over the course of 2018. In the same period, the number of merchants rose by 54.7% and there are currently more than 300 merchants accepting Dash in their businesses. According to these figures, Colombia is now ranked 3rd according to the number of merchants, Venezuela being the leader with more than 2500 merchants accepting Dashpay.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC Consolidates Below $4,000
Of course, blockchain as a Triple Entry accounting system is advantageous in several ways. There are no third parties and coin owners are their bosses. This monetary liberation is a rallying call, an adage that every novice should know as this distinguishes holders from no-coiners. But things are fast changing. Responsibility is tough for some and made worse by the simple fact that Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies exist in the digital ether, the demand for custody is slowly but surely rising. And as they do etch their mark, bankers and centralized entities that run these institutions are reaping big profits while simultaneously diluting the freedom associated with crypto. Remember, when you don't own private keys, you can't sign off transactions. It defeats the very reason of decentralization and because of this Trace Mayer is on the front educating the curious kick-starting what he calls a Proof of Keys campaign. He is simple demanding ownership in a bid to spur across the board adoption as it is important to declare and re-declare our monetary sovereignty on a regular basis.

[DASH] ? AtomicPay Launches WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce That Facilitates Easier Dash Acceptance - Crypto Economy #dash_force
AtomicPay, the decentralized cryptocurrency payment processor has a new WordPress Plugin out. The plugin is created specifically for WooCommerce websites and will enable merchants to accept Dash cryptocurrency among five other major cryptocurrencies as well. AtomicPay has several selling propositions but chief among them is that it allows merchants to accept payments in cryptocurrency without requiring private keys. Ergo it doesn't store client funds, which works to its advantage by eliminating security holes and bolstering its resistance to censorship. Another feature that the plugin introduces is its high degree of customization to suite the myriad needs of different E-commerce store operators.

Ethereum [ETH] Aims to Process 1 Million Transactions per Second - Crypto Economy
Ethereum [ETH], one of the largest technologies and cryptocurrency in the crypto market could soon be able to process 1 million transactions per second. This is with the help of Raiden Networks Red Eyed Protocol. The protocol aims towards scaling token transfers on top of the Ethereum Network. Also, the release aims towards testing smart contracts and the core protocol on the Mainnet and allow Ethereum developers to control payment channels. This is to open, top-up, close and settle payment channels. The Raiden Network and its associated crypto coin, Raiden Network Token (RDN), is an off-chain solution to Ethereum's lack of scalability and transaction processing times. Raiden was designed with an aim to offer not only scalable, but also fast and cheap token transfers for Ethereum.

Cardano [ADA] Solving the Sustainability Problem
Funding development efforts has posed to be quite a challenge especially seeing the fact that raising money via Initial Coin Offerings [ICOs] is a one-time-only occurrence that does not promote continued developments and improvements. According to a post on Reddit, Cardano aims at solving the problem of sustainability in the cryptocurrency market. Ada, the cryptocurrency under Cardano has established something along the lines of treasury with an idea to put into treasury a small portion of each transaction carried out on the network. The treasury, which behaves just like Smart Contracts, is controlled by a specialized wallet that nobody has control over.

Bitcoin [BTC] Price Analysis: BTC/USD Register Solid Performance, Stable above $4,000
The good thing about Bitcoin [BTC] and general cryptocurrency trading is the presence of a vibrant secondary and over the trade counter markets. The OTC market is quite stable and liquid. That's why institutional investors prefer to trade in a somewhat volatile free environment where they can transact in large volumes that would otherwise cause prices to fluctuate in standard crypto exchanges. So, rather than splitting large orders because of centralized exchanges order size limits'which can be fatal, large chunks of BTC or ETH lots are executed in technologically advanced firms with better infrastructure that can handle large orders.

Ecryptostore: free electronic commerce thanks to NEM technology - Crypto Economy
Blockchain technology has brought about enormous growth potential in an endless list of sectors including e-commerce. Ecryptostore is a NEM based project, with a clear purpose of taking the e-commerce experience to new levels by using the value of blockchain technology. The company has set out with a simple and clear goal of becoming the leading platform for buying and selling goods using cryptocurrencies across the globe. This is a bold and interesting statement as it means that the company is up to run a bull's race with some notable and world class heavyweights such as Amazon and Alibaba. The platform has Free Market Token (FMT) as its major medium of exchange which will also be key in the platform's goal of acquiring at least 1% of the robust e-commerce market.

Ripple [XRP] Price Analysis: XRP/USD Range-Bound, Accumulation Ready for 40 Cents?
At core, Ripples objective is to eliminate friction, setting up the necessary infrastructure for financial institutions to leverage as they inch closer towards creating this invaluable web 3.0, the internet of value. To make this a reality, company officials are globe-trotting, pitching their solutions to interested parties'mostly banks and their efforts are now paying dividends. Aside from the many banks'upwards of 200? that have so far plugged into the RippleNet and more that are experimenting and leveraging on xRapida solution that make use of the native coin XRP, Ripple is actively supporting various humanitarian causes donating $80 million in 2018 alone. That's not all they are now collaborating with leading universities helping student explore the infinite possibilities of blockchain.

Bitcoin [BTC] Price Analysis: BTC/USD Falter, $300 Away from the Dreaded $3,000 Mark
There are some stunning similarities between what they said about the internet back in the early 90s and even at the height of the dot com bubble and what critics are haranguing over Bitcoinnot so much on Blockchainthe technology that powers virtually every project that runs on the power of decentralization and distribution. Those in power are ring fencing what they think is theirs'that of aggregating power at the expense of the suffrage, making huge cuts through APIs and most importantly preventing adoption by sponsoring and or agitating for policy. But that is about to change. Statistics alone point to a shift of perspective even when prices are falling.

The users of cryptocurrencies increase 94% in a year despite the fall in the price of Bitcoin
The year 2018 hasn't been a great year for the cryptocurrency industry. Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency by market cap, saw rallies to all-time highs towards the end of 2017 but has seen a market correction that has wiped out close to 85% of its market cap through the end of 2018. Several other altcoins have seen more loses over the better part of this year with Ethereum (now the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap) lose more than 90% of its price which at the beginning of this year stood at all-time highs of $1,400. Ethereum is now trading at circa $89.76 Bitcoin is also trading at $3,427.

Ripple Price Analysis: With CoinBase, XRP-Siri, Alexa, XRP/USD Could Test 40 Cents This Week
Even as the market experience one of the largest drawdowns in recent history, heavy weights are making their forays. Starting with Fidelity Investment'the asset management fund that with over $2.1 trillion under administration and Goldman Sachs'the world-renowned investment bank interest in setting up a trading desk, Gazprombank'the banking division of the $112.2 billion Russian company Gazprom, now plans to offer crypto services in partnership with Metaco. The Swiss company shall allow Gazprombank to utilize its custodian service product, Silo'which they claim to allow custodian to seamlessly integrate digital asset into their operations. But, as a far as XRP is concerned, it has to be the increasing development and attempts by different XRP enthusiasts and developers to integrate XRP services with mainstream tech as Alexa and Siri.

Ripple adds support for xRapid in the latest xCurrent version
American Blockchain technology firm Ripple has just announced the release of a new version of its xCurrent product, which features integration with its latest solution for cross-border payments, xRapid. According to the statement issued by the San Francisco-based startup, the version 4.0 of the aforementioned product will give its users the possibility to complete cross-border transactions in milliseconds, with on-demand liquidity provided by the xRapid technology, which uses the XRP cryptocurrency for that end. The latest version of xCurrent by Ripple offers numerous advantages to its customers.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Bullish Above $4,000, Could Expand to $5,800 by End Year
The question everyone has been asking themselves is whether the US SEC will give the go-ahead and approve any of the nine Bitcoin ETF proposals under their review. Well, the commenting period is over and with SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce'well known for her dissenting comment'hinting that the Bitcoin ETF is a possibility while refusing to comment on whether it is inevitable, SEC boss Jay clayton poured cold water on Bitcoin ETF hopes. While attending a NY conference, he said the commission shall only approve the ETF once the market is free from any form of manipulation and that those who want to participate in this market see sense once they get in. At the moment, the Jay said there are no safeguards to prevent manipulation and the lack thereof is the main obstacle for approval.

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