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Bitcoin Cash signalling Schnorr signature upgrade
The bitcoin cash blockchain is about to experience an upgrade that goes by the name Schnorr signature?. The upgrade is set to take effect around the 15th of may 2019 as a protocol upgrade. According to reports, the protocol upgrade will enable a number of new features once its activated. One of these upgrades will be the schnorr signature which is expected to enhance the privacy features of the cryptocurrency and its performance. This will be implemented both for single and multi-signature transactions. Teams have been hard at work for the implementation of this upgrade to the network including BCH ABC devs.

Messari?s CEO reportedly harrased by the XRP community ?someone just called me with a Nashville number reciting my wife?s birthday?
An observation made by Messari's CEO has purportedly rubbed the XRP community the wrong way leading to some unkind words over the phone. Messari is a firm specializing in the analysis of cryptocurrencies. Three days ago, the CEO, Ryan Selkis, released a report indicating that XRP's market capitalization may be inflated by more than six million U.S dollars. According to Selkis's research: XRP's liquid circulating supply and market cap could be overstated by 48%, which would put total XRP market cap at $6.9 billion vs. $13.0 billion widely reported at current USD-XRP exchange rate'We acknowledge that some of the estimates in this report lack precision, but believe they are directionally correct and presented in good faith. We look forward to Ripples response, and will update this report accordingly if and when they do reply.

More partnerships for ripple wanting to use CRP
According to reports from Fortune, the Ripple cryptocurrency has announced the integration of four new Financial companies that will be using its DLT network. Ripple was the second most valuable crypto on the market last year. The persistent efforts of Ripple has helped it to partner with financial institutions, which is now a game-changer for San-Francisco based Blockchain start-up. Ripple has been very busy with campaigns, partnerships and making deals worldwide, while presenting what the Blockchain has to offer. One of the new partnership of Ripple is the Euro Exim bank. In a report yesterday was stated that the Exim bank will become the world's first registered bank to use xRapid, in order to facilitate cross-border transactions.

Beginner?s Guide to Tezos (XTZ) Blockchain Technology
The cryptocurrency bitcoin has its Cryptoline News strives on providing Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts with unbiased news and tips to facilitate trade and investment decisions. Nevertheless, please do your due diligence before investing in any coin.

Cryptocurrency legalization is yet to be defined, Malaysian Federal Territories Minister After the creation of a government backed crypto
Khalid Abdul Samad, the Malaysian Federal Territories Minister, indicated that the country's government is still not providing a cryptocurrency legalization framework as of yet. As reported by New Straits Times, a Malaysian news outlet, the minister noted: People have asked me if these (cryptocurrency) currencies are legal or illegal. At the moment, the answer is neither legal nor illegal as the situation is unclear. When pressed to give more details about his involvement in a crypto coin that had a political agenda, Abdul said, while the claims are true, he was a federal territories minister and not a finance minister and so discussing about the coin was beyond his jurisdiction.

Peercoin: A coin combing both PoW with PoS algorithms
Peercoin has also been referred to as the Peer to Peer coin (PPC). During its launch, it caught the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Although as many others it was forked from Bitcoin, it tried not to inherit all of Bitcoins shortcomings which included solely relying on a Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm. The Proof of Work algorithm has been viewed as a major hindrance to scalability. Additionally, the algorithm also requires massive computing powers when confirming transactions on the platform. The coin's developers, Sunny King, who is believed to be a pseudonym, and Scott Nadal, introduced a second consensus algorithm, Proof of Stake, to not only address the computing power intensity of PoW but also to increase Peercoin's efficiency.

The Tron blockchain will ?literally? be destroyed by BTT, former BitTorrent exec
A former BitTorrent executive who held the position of a chief strategy officer for almost a decade, Simon Morris, is skeptical if the Tron platform will be able to handle BitTorrent's services. As reported by BreakerMag, a news website specializing in the blockchain sector, Morris is not all skeptical about the new found love between the Tron platform and BitTorrent, a file-sharing platform. Responding to the recent developments that BitTorrent will be developing its own token, Simon says that introducing a token has the ability to make the file-sharing platform faster by about 40 percent. Will the Tron blockchain handle the transaction capacity According to the former executive:

The Constantinople fork is expected to make Ethereum more like Zcash
According to the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin he would like the Ethereum platform to become like Zcash (ZEC) with the coming Constantinople fork. The price of Ethereum has lost a lot of its value, however, this new constantinople fork expects to take place next week, will increase Ethereums utility. According to a tweet coming from Vitalik Buterin he gives his complements to the Zcash foundation for a network upgrade. Ethereum uses solidity in its projects, The founder is not just looking to port The Zcash network on to Ethereum but, to also take some pointers. The Ethereum blockchain uses a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm in order to measure its scalability. The EOS Blockchain which was made with the Ethereum blockchain has similar process and can process thousands of transactions per second (TPS).

OneCoin: Why it caught the attention of regulators around the world
OneCoin was one coin that attracted the attention of financial and law enforcement authorities around the world. The purported cryptocurrency was largely viewed as a pyramid scheme which governments globally asked their citizenry to clear away from.  But why exactly was it viewed as the most sophisticated scam ever Well, some of the reasons were how it interacted with those who bought the coin and again how it controlled where and when the coin was traded. Concerning trading, the issuers of OneCoin even had their own exchange where you could convert your OneCoins to only their euro equivalent.

Only 7 out of 38 Korean cryptocurrency platforms have passed the security test
Regulators in South Korea have not relented in their push for secure Korean cryptocurrency platforms. To ensure that the exchanges are always at par when it comes to security, the Korean cryptocurrency platforms undergo routine cryptocurrency checks. With approximately 2 billion U.S dollars being held by these exchanges, it is of apt importance to ensure investors have a security guarantee. The South Korean regulators which include the finance ministry and the Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) released a report which showed how best or worst cryptocurrency exchanges can handle attacks. The regulators had scrutinized 38 exchanges.

A respected cryptographer projects a stronger relationship between banks and cryptocurrency in 2019
Over the years, the relationship between banks and cryptocurrency has been largely a cold one. Most banks, especially central banks, have been cold at the idea of embracing digital currencies even if that means issuing a central bank-backed cryptocurrency. But Nick Szabo, a highly respected cryptographer who many believe could be Satoshi Nakamoto, has positive views regarding the relationship between banks and cryptocurrency in the next 12 months. Speaking at the Israel Bitcoin Summit held at Tel Aviv University, and which is the first of its kind in Israel, Szabo is of the view that the connection between banks and cryptocurrency is marked to get stronger before 2019 ends.

Charlie lee, Litecoin?s founder says decentralized cryptocurrencies cannot escape from 51% attacks
Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, has indicated that a decentralized cryptocurrency is defined by attacks. Lee's views come at a time when the Ethereum Classic platform is recovering from a double spend scenario which was caused by a single miner controlling more than 50 percent of ETC's hash power. This is a thought-provoking observation. By definition, a decentralized cryptocurrency must be susceptible to 51% attacks whether by hash rate, stake, and/or other permissionlessly-acquirable resources. If a crypto can't be 51% attacked, it is permissioned and centralized. Cointelegraph noted that Charlie's observation was a reaction to a revelation made by Coinbase, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the U.S, that Ethereum Classic, a decentralized cryptocurrency, had suffered a 51 percent attack leading to a double spend activity.

5 out of 13 new Ripple partners to use XRP
Today Ripple announced that it will provide its services to 13 more financial institutions. The new Ripple partners include the Euro Exim Bank with Ripple noting that the new customers are an indication that banks have started appreciating XRP for cross-border money transfers. This is consistent with Ripple's vision of XRP as a fast and inexpensive source of liquidity for cross-border transactions. Instead of banks having to maintain foreign bank accounts, the idea is for them to buy XRP with dollars or euros and rely on local market makers to exchange XRP into local currencies. However, some of the new Ripple partners like the Euro Exim Bank have indicated that instead of holding XRP coins, they will use the services of payment processors like BitPay although the bank's head of operations, Graham Bright, said that this is bound to change as the year progresses.

Bithumb to give away Ether, XRP and Bitcoin in Airdrop festival - Cryptoline News
Bithumb is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges known in the industry today, especially in South East Asia and Korea. The exchange has just announced one of the most exciting projects for a Super airdrop festival in order to test and initiate the system, for any registered trader on the platform. The company posted on its Twitter account on November the 12, that said the platform will be highlighting the event as a giveaway which will involve 15 BTC's. The cryptocurrency airdrop will be given to random Bithumb members that log in between November the 12th 2018 , and December the 11th 2018. The airdrop Festival will be explained according to an article that accompanies the event. The BTC's will be worth 100 million and that will be given to members of the platform by drawing the applied members, members will be able to click on the button that says EVENT after they have logged in. Bithumb has also stated that there will also be a second event that will also be detailed, more information on this will be provided soon.

CPU, GPU, and ASIC cryptocurrency mining + hash algorithms - Cryptoline News
Cryptocurrency mining is the process of validating transactions on the blockchain and involves solving mathematical equations and getting rewarded for your work. Different virtual coins have different degrees of complexity in solving mathematical functions. This defines which devices are suitable for use in mining the specific coins. In this post, we shall discuss three hardware types in cryptocurrency mining operations plus popular hash algorithms used in Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Shockingly, in its first few days after birth, Bitcoin could be mined using standard personal computers. However, the complexity of mining Bitcoin and other major cryptos has increased rendering the processing power of personal computers insufficient. However, a small list of coins such as Monero still accommodates CPU mining.

Satoshi: A guide to Bitcoin denominations - Cryptoline News
With an increase in the price of Bitcoin, accumulating enough money to buy a single Bitcoin (BTC) becomes a challenge. However, Bitcoin can be subdivided into smaller units that can be purchased even with a smaller amount of money. For example, Bitcoin is currently exchanging hands at around 5,000 U.S dollars. However, even with 20 U.S dollars, you can still get a share of BTC. The smallest division of Bitcoin is called a satoshi and it's named after Bitcoins unknown creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Although fiat currencies differ from digital currencies, one common aspect between them is the fact that just like the dollar can be subdivided into cents, digital currencies such as Bitcoin can also be subdivided into smaller units.

A Beginner?s Guide To Ledger Wallet - Cryptoline News
The Ledger Wallet also referred to as the Ledger Nano S is a hardware crypto wallet that allows one to store their cryptocurrencies safely. It also allows users to send and receive many different cryptocurrencies. The startup behind the Ledger Wallet is a French company that released its first wallet in 2014. Since then they have become the global leaders of the hardware wallet industry. The wallet has been a huge success and has managed to sell over one million devices. To understand how the hardware wallet works, first, we need to know how the software wallet works. A software wallet can easily be downloaded on a desktop, laptop or a mobile device. It offers many advantages including being free and also the convenience of being able to send coins to another person fast.

The collapse of Mt Gox: from 2014 to present - Cryptoline News
First, most people equate Mt Gox to Mount Gox?. Unfortunately, this is wrong Mt Gox is an acronym emanating from Magic: the Gathering Online eXchange (Mt Gox). Magic was a card game which its creator, Jed McCaleb wanted to help trade cards on the internet. Jed later became too familiar with the idea of trading cards online and decided to convert the Mtgox.com domain to be a bitcoin exchange in mid-2010. In less than a year, McCaleb sold the exchange to Mark Karpeles, a French national. Jed moved to create the ripple platform. It is after the ownership transfer that the new owner noted that Mt Gox lost 80,000 BTC through a hack in the past. By then, the bitcoin was worth roughly 60,000 U.S dollars. As the price of bitcoin went on appreciating, the value of the lost bitcoins started worrying Mt Gox investors.

Everything You Need To Know About Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange - Cryptoline News
Poloniex is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It's based in the United States and offers all the features that traders search for including advanced trading features and maximum security. Poloniex was launched in 2014 and was recently acquired by Circle. The goal is to make the platform the first regulated exchange by registering it with the FINRA and the SEC as a broker/dealer. The new owners also have plans to expand the platform into the Asian market. Ever since launch, the exchange has shown consistency when it comes to having the top trading volumes for altcoins. It also boasts an exceptional number of trading pairs. However, unlike other exchanges that allow one to exchange fiat currency for crypto and vice versa, Poloniex only deals with cryptocurrencies.

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Cryptoline News strives on providing Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts with unbiased news and tips to facilitate trade and investment decisions. Nevertheless, please do your due diligence before investing in any coin.

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