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Market Weekly: Ethereum & Bitcoin Price Action Update [Jan 2019]
Disclaimer: This ideas presented in this article should not be taken for investment advice, and are simply the views and opinions of the author This report will be the first of the weekly collaborations between Eric Crown & MangoResearch. Eric is, by far, one of the few technical traders in the space that really knows what he's doing. He has over 10 years of experience trading traditional markets and market-making for equities.  What we like about Eric the most is that he doesn't simply trade technicals he trades the crowd psychology & behaviour derived from the technicals. We're excited about this collaboration and will hope you enjoy & learn as much as I have from Eric.

Ethereum Price Update 2019 --> Is Constantinople Leading The Way To New Lows?
In this post Shawn provides us a brief overview on the Ethereum Price Update for the beginning of 2019. He discusses Ethereum's rally and the sell off that ensued. DISCLAIMER?: This ideas presented in this article should not be taken for investment advice, and are simply the views and opinions of the author  The final quarter of 2018 was looking pretty grim for Ethereum. Between early September and mid December the price of Ether saw a decline from $280 to as low as $80.  Suddenly, however, Ethereum seem to have found new vigor and the price recovered to $160. This instilled a lot of new hope (and fomo?) in several people.

Ethereum Constantinople Update --> All You Need To Know (Simple Explanation)
In a previous post we discussed the Ethereum Roadmap for the coming year. One of the key milestones on the roadmap update was the Constantinople hard fork. Constantinople was initially scheduled for 2018. However, due to inevitable software development delays, Constantinople was pushed to early 2019. That being said, the wait has definitely been worth it. Ethereum Roadmap: Byzantium, Constantinople, Serenity Constantinople has been much awaited by the community primarily because of the Block Reward reduction. The Block Reward reduction effectively reduces the inflation rate of Ethereum. I explain how in a simply post here: Ethereum Inflation Rate & Difficulty Bomb  However, aside from the Block Reward reduction, there are few other exciting improvement updates in Constantinople which is scheduled for Jan 16th 2019.

The Animal Spirits Of Crypto Investors ? Bubble Trouble?
Three times this week I was asked the following question: Why are the prices still low when the fundamentals seem so strong Fortunately, there's a two-worded answer:  Animal Spirits  It's not a simple answer  not by a long shot. But it is, indeed, a short answer that encompasses the intricacies of greed, fear and human behaviour. To understand this, let's first question if prices are really low Or are we simply benchmarking prices at their all time high    prices that were guided by the animal spirits of crypto investors. John Maynard Keynes, a famous economist, used the term Animal Spirits to describe the irrational decisions investors make in an uncertain environment.

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