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I'll be hosting what might be the first ever BCH meetup in New Zealand, welcome to join
Meeting will be held in the oval room Come along to learn more about bitcoin cash and discuss its awesome potential to provide greater economic freedom to the world. Everyone is welcome no matter your background or previous experience with cryptocurrencies Broadly speaking ill cover: -what is bitcoin cash -how bitcoin cash differs from bitcoin and other blockchains -how to use it -security of coins -use cases/features -on boarding merchants I don't want to speculate on bitcoin cash as an investment, the focus will be on the utility value of this new technology After I've presented a bit we can talk more about it and I can cover any questions you might have Read more:

Join the London Bitcoin Cash Meetup tonight!
From London Bitcoin Cash Meetup Roger Ver is in town and has offered to do an impromptu meetup with the Bitcoin Cash community. This will be a social event without formal talks, panels or debates. We are working on a venue which will likely be east London and and will provide further information later day. It is essential that you RSVP so that we can gauge numbers. A guest list will be in operation.

Stellar Event scheduled for NYC Blockchain Week -- May 14th at 6pm
We'll have the entire lower floor of the museum. Message us if you have any questions, and hope to see you there! Stellar's celebrating New York City Blockchain Week with three of our favorite things: tech talk, community, and math! Come join us at the National Museum of Mathematics on May 14th for an evening of math games, and to take a deeper dive into Stellar with members of the Stellar Development Foundation. Programming will include a talk by founder Jed McCaleb, and breakout sessions led by Director of Community Zac Freundt, and Director of Developer Engagement Johnny Goodnow. Join us for talks, refreshments, and all the tangram and fractal games your heart desires. Sessions: 6:15- Navigating Stellar's Online Community - Led by Zac Freundt 6:45- Starting From Zero: How we're building a better developer experience for Stellar - Led by Johnny Goodnow 7:15 - Talk by Jed McCaleb

Fireside Chat With Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder Of IOTA (New York)
From IOTA NYC Meetup: Beyond Blockchain Dominik Schiener, Co-founder of the IOTA Foundation, will be joining us for a special evening in New York City on Friday, April 26th! Dominik rarely comes to the states, so this is a special opportunity for community members in New York to meet a founding member of one of the largest distributed ledger protocols in the world. Come prepared to ask questions, learn about upcoming developments related the IOTA protocol, and connect with the IOTA NYC community. Food and drinks will be provided for guests. About Dominik Schiener Dominik is a young entrepreneur from Italy focused on realizing the Machine Economy. Already since an early age he was involved heavily in the Blockchain ecosystem, with his first (unsuccessful) startup in Switzerland in 2013 at the age of 17. He is the Co-Founder of IOTA, a disruptive new technology that enables machines to store and send money frictionlessly between one another. In 2017 he co-founded the IOTA Foundation and established Germany's first non-profit foundation which enables and fosters permissionless ecosystems powered by distributed ledgers. Currently he co-leads the IOTA Foundation and oversees the overall realization of the vision and the partnerships with multinational companies, NGO's and governments. The main challenge he's working on right now is how to bring a nascent technology like IOTA to market-readiness - and thus unleash its full potential for society to benefit from it. About The IOTA Foundation The IOTA Foundation was established in Germany as a formal, non-profit organisation (gemeinnützige Stiftung?) in 2017 by Dominik Schiener and David Sønstebø. In order to drive the future economy of interconnected and autonomous devices, the IOTA Founders developed the ideas behind IOTA and the Tangle architecture on which it is based and organized a crowdsale at the end of 2015 to help fund its development. Raising a little over $500k USD worth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and without any pre-allocation or special treatment of any kind to any of the Founders or developers, the entire token supply (which can never change) was distributed pro-rata to the crowdsale participants on the genesis transaction. Subsequently, the IOTA Founders asked these initial IOTA token holders to donate a portion of their holdings back, receiving roughly 5% of the total IOTA token supply, to endow what would ultimately become the IOTA Foundation which was officially chartered in Berlin, Germany on November 3rd, 2017. The IOTA Founders designed the foundational layer of IOTA to be open-source, free to use and led by an independent and neutral non-profit entity that could bring together governments and industries to help achieve the IOTA vision.

Mysterium Network Golang Meetup - January 30 - 20:30 Golang interops: reincarnation of C++ library [EN] Tadas Valiukas / Golang engineer @ Mysterium
Meetup at new Visma office. All talks will be presented in English language. Food & drinks are provided by our sponsor UBER. Venue is provided by our sponsor Visma. Agenda 18:30. Free pizza && beer (free as beer) before presentations! Provided by our sponsor UBER. 19:00. Concurrency in hardware, in OS, and in Go [EN] Alexey Pavlenko / Senior Software Engineer @ UBER Concurrent programming is hard. People tend to make mistakes when more than one thread is involved, no matter what language is used. It's hard to build and maintain a plausible model in one's head, because our brains normally work differently. Sometimes I understand how it works and can spot a bug in a diff. I use several principles that I would like to share within this presentation. 20:30 Golang interops: reincarnation of C++ library [EN] Tadas Valiukas / Golang engineer @ Go is an amazing language with a rich set of features out of the box. But sometimes you find yourself in situations, where the library you need so much is written in a different language. Here in Mysterium Network, we found ourselves in this situation with OpenVPN integration into our Go code base. In this presentation, Tadas Valiukas - one of Mysterium Network's main contributors is going to share the long journey we took. We'll be discussing the dragons we had to slay, the swamps we had to swim through and mountains we had to climb and what reward was waiting behind the rainbow. Contact us if you'd like to talk in upcoming meetups! Call [masked] (Povilas) if you'll face any problems reaching the place.

Please RSVP here for our first official Cardano meetup in Amsterdam - Tuesday the 5th of March 2019.
From Cardano Blockchain Netherlands Join us for the Cardano community meetup in Amsterdam, the Netherlands to learn more about Cardano. The community meetup is for all kinds of interested people who want to know more about the Cardano Project or to have a quick chat with all kinds of people in the ecosystem. For this meetup the Cardano Foundation, IOHK and Manuel Chakravarty will join us and give talks about Cardano. More speakers can be added while this event is nearing its date. Program for the Cardano Meetup: 18:30 - Doors open 19:00 - Plutus Platform: Rethinking Blockchain Contract Development by Manuel Chakravarty 20:00 - Q&A session with Manuel about Plutus 20:30 - Networking and drinks Visit if you want more information about Manuel and his role in the ecosystem.

Toronto, Canada Monero Meetup! Jan 30th!
Every last Wednesday of the month 11 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON M4V 1K6 · Toronto, ON South side of St Claire, just west of Yonge. Come to the monthly Monero meetup and learn all about the wonders of Monero! Visit my site: to come armed with questions. Download a mobile wallet ahead of time so I can send you a dollar worth of XMR! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Cardano Community Meetup in Madrid (Jan 26) RSVP here!
Paseo de la Castellana, 280 · Madrid Meetup Cardano BlockChain España - Descripción ::::: Este encuentro constituye el evento de presentación del grupo de Cardano Español, está dirigido a los seguidores y curiosos de la BlockChain de Cardano y tiene como finalidad juntar a los miembros y a todos los amantes de esta tecnología. Cardano, para el que aún no la conozca, es una tecnología diseñada para conseguir una economía mucho más descentralizada y que, gracias a ella, podremos mejorar los proyectos de finanzas en los mercados emergentes de hoy en día y que además, permite crear y ejecutar contratos inteligentes de manera económica, escalable y altamente segura. La BlockChain de Cardano es pública, descentralizada y de código abierto, lo cual le proporciona una trasferencia de valor confiable y escalable. Además, resulta altamente segura, gracias a que está desarrollada en el lenguaje de programación funcional Haskell. - Presentadores ::::: Nicolás Arqueros CTO Emurgo. Antonio Sánchez CEO BlockIdea . - Fecha ::::: Sabado 26 de Enero, de 11 h a 13:30 h. - Organizado ::::: Cardano Español, BlockMAD y Haskell Mad. - Colaboradores ::::: Cardano Foundation, Emurgo, Bitcobie, BlockIdea. - Webs ::::: Cardano: Emurgo:

Bitcoin: Reshaping Power and Money - FREE Event - Limited spaces available
We're kicking off our first meetup for 2019 with a hard-hitting, eye-opening discussion. Sponsored by CoinGeek, the Bitstocks CryptoTalk evening will focus on the massive potential of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency - its inherent capacity to reshape power and money as we know it. Join us from 6:00pm and learn why we believe in Bitcoin as the finance of the future. 6.00 - 6.30pm - Welcome Drinks 6.30 - 7.00pm - Bitcoin SV - Technology Rocks Petter Ikekhua from Ayre Media / CoinGeek takes us through merchant adoption and the technology of Bitcoin SV, highlighting specifically why this is the true form of Bitcoin as intended to be used as electronic peer-to-peer cash. 7.00 - 7.15pm - Interval and drinks 7.15 - 7.45pm - Bitcoin - Reshaping Power and Money Bitstocks Portfolio Manager, Antonio Shillingford, takes a deep-dive into the incumbent global economic and social structures, and explains how the blockchain technology of Bitcoin reshapes power and money! 7.45 - 8.00pm - Interval and drinks 8.00 - 8.30pm - What Bitstocks is Building CEO, Michael Hudson, presents Gravity, the BitcoinSV Banking Ecosystem that Bitstocks is launching in 2019. Get a preview of the products and services built on Bitcoin SV and hear more about investment opportunities. 8.30 - 9.00pm - Q&A, networking and close There is no charge for entry, but please register to attend. Share with your friends, family, colleagues and networks. A great networking evening learning about cryptocurrency and fantastic new products. Not to be missed!

CoinList + 0x hackathon workshop with 0x engineer.
1535 Mission St. · San Francisco, ca Hello, SF! Update 01/10/2019: We'll have a 0x engineer on site for the workshop. We are moving back to Saturday meetups in concert with the Starfish Network. Let's start the year strong by updating our skills and by earning crypto from hackathon bounties: Project ideas: The blockchain development ecosystem is changing very rapidly and today we'll explore what's new and what we need to learn to level up. ERC721: What is 0x 0x Launch Kit: 0x Instant: Coinlist and 0x have an upcoming month-long hackathon perfect for anybody to showcase or test their blockchain development chops: This is the ideal time to experiment and build something for the Decentralized Finance section or play around with ERC721 non-fungible tokens. We'll explore how teams can get started by leveraging the new 0x LaunchKit and 0x Instant to quickly prototype ideas. One would be to build a Relayer. If you have been dreaming about building a DEX or decentralized exchange, this is your perfect opportunity. Want a head start Start here: Please join our Telegram Group for updates: See you there!

New Community Meetup Group in Colorado (Join here!)
Please join to discuss current events, partnerships, roadmap updates, etc. related to the Cardano Blockchain. Please bring your questions, comments and/or concerns! For more information, please visit: Cheers! All, please join for a drink and to openly discuss any ideas, questions or comments you have pertaining to the Cardano Blockchain. Also, the two links below provide more in-depth information regarding the testnets and roadmap: IOHK PlutusFest Keynote: See you soon!

0x Hackathon Prep in San Francisco this coming Monday
Every week on Monday until January 13, 2019 1535 Mission St. · San Francisco, ca Happy New Year 2019! A change of pace is needed. Let's start the year strong by updating our skills and by earning crypto from hackathon bounties. The blockchain development ecosystem is changing very rapidly and today we'll explore what's new and what we need to learn to level up. The new Truffle Framework: Ganache: Solidity ^0.5.0 is here and has breaking changes: ERC721: Recommended editor - VS Code: What is 0x 0x Instant: Coinlist and 0x have an upcoming month-long hackathon perfect for anybody to showcase or test their blockchain development chops: This is the ideal time to experiment and build something for the Decentralized Finance section or play around with ERC721 non-fungible tokens. We'll explore how teams can get started by leveraging the new 0x LaunchKit and 0x Instant to quickly prototype ideas. One would be to build a Relayer. If you have been dreaming about building a DEX or decentralized exchange, this is your perfect opportunity. Want a head start Start here: See you there! Note: RSVP is strictly required!

A Fireside Chat With Matan Feld (DAOstack CEO) & Thibauld Favre (Decusis CEO)
From NYC Crypto Governance & Consensus Meetup 599 Lexington Avenue · New York The evening will feature a wide ranging Fireside Chat, moderated by CryptoOracle Partner Lou Kerner, with Matan Feld and Thibauld Favre. As Co-Founder and CEO of DAOstack, Matan is a global expert on Governance platforms. Thibauld Favre is CEO of Decusis, a site that helps people connect, learn & build in the decentralized ecosystem. In addition, Thibauld recently introduced the concept of "The Continuous Organization". We'll talk about what we've learned about decentralized governance, what works, what doesn't and how decentralized ecosystems will continue to evolve and improve. We'll leave time for questions from the audience, and most importantly, we'll have plenty of time for socializing with others as passionate about decentralized governance as you are.

Community Meetup in Washington DC (RSVP link)
From Cardano Blockchain Washington DC Every 4th Thursday of the month Mark your calendars for the first Cardano meetup of 2019! We will have a short presentation on Cardano's ecosystem followed by a Q&A session and a general discussion. We may also have guests from Emurgo join us via skype to answer your technical questions directly. Space is limited so please RSVP to reserve your spot early. We will serve some drinks/snacks.

An meetup in San Francisco
From San Francisco Nervos Meetup 1535 Mission St. · San Francisco, CA RISC-V is a new free and open instruction set architecture (ISA) developed at UC Berkeley, initially designed for research and education, but is now increasingly being used for commercial designs. The aim of RISC-V is to provide a common CPU ISA that enables the next generation of system architecture development for several decades without the burden of legacy architecture issues. RISC-V can meet implementation requirements ranging from small-sized microprocessors with low power consumption to high-performance data center (DC) processors in all scenarios. RISC-V is currently being used in and developed for a variety of products but mostly hardware and relatively new in the blockchain space. The most well-known blockchain Virtual Machine, the Ethereum Virtual Machine is moving to WebAssembly (eWASM). Nervos Common Knowledge Base (CKB), an open-source public blockchain (Github:, uses RISC-V in building its Virtual Machine. More details can be found on the CKB VM paper: This is an educational event to introduce RISC-V to the commuity, please bring your questions :) Agenda 6:00-6:30 Meet & Greet 6:30-7:00 What is RISC-V and the state of RISC-V by Ted Marena 7:00-7:30 What is Virtual Machine, RISC-V based Blockchain Virtual Machine vs Web Assembly based VM by Matt Quinn Speakers Ted Marena Director, RISC-V Ecosystem, Western Digital Ted Marena is responsible for evangelizing RISC-V and accelerating the build out of the RISC-V ecosystem. He was elected Marketing Chair for the RISC-V foundation in 2016. Marena has over 25 years experience in electronics and excels at business development, marketing and revenue growth. He started working as a design engineer, field application engineer and a sales manager before he moved to marketing and business development. Matt Quinn Co-founder, Starfish Network Matt Quinn supports communities around blockchain technologies with educational events as part of the SF Ethereum Meetup and community space Starfish Mission. Previously Matt has worked with large entities such as New York City and Apple to improve their financial operations with custom software.

I have started a Bitcoin Cash Red Deer meetup group. Now is the perfect time to make the Bitcoin Cash community bigger.
Hi, my name is Matthias Bos aka Kain_niaK and I am starting a Bitcoin Cash meetup group in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. If you want to know what Bitcoin is about, please read my explain-it-like-I-am-five guide.

Cardano Meetup in Rio de Janeiro (Dec 18) - RSVP link
Via Vanguarda Blockchain at PUC-Rio Núcleo de Economia Criativa Instituto Gênesis da PUC-Rio Avenida Padre Leonel Franca 480, 22451-000 · Rio de Janeiro O Instituto Gênesis é a incubadora de Empresas da PUC-Rio e está localizada ao lado da entrada do estacionamento de veículos da Universidade (área externa do Campus). Se vier de transporte público, procure o Terminal de Ônibus da PUC-Rio. Neste Meetup será apresentado e discutido o projeto Cardano. Cardano é um projeto de Blockchain baseado em pesquisas científicas. Projetado para funcionar com uma linguagem de programação própria, altamente segura e tolerante a erros (inspirada em Haskell). É referido como o primeiro projeto de computação distribuída nascido de uma filosofia científica. Baseado em pesquisas acadêmicas, validadas por pesquisadores das maiores universidades do mundo. Seu software é desenvolvido em padrões de código aberto. Seu roadmap prevê interoperabilidade com outras redes como: Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, etc. Após o término das apresentações os participantes estão convidados para fazer networking com bebidas e snacks cortesia dos nossos patrocinadores. AGENDA DO EVENTO: 19h00: Credenciamento e Boas Vindas (Prof. Luis Felipe, PUC-Rio) 19h15: Panorama Geral do Projeto Cardano Palestrante: Marcus Roque (Evangelista da Cardano no Brasil) 19h45: Detalhes sobre o projeto Palestrante: Um convidado da Emurgo (Cardano) / Participação Remota em Inglês 20h15: Seção de Perguntas e Respostas com um convidado da Emurgo (Cardano) / Participação Remota em Inglês 20h30: Confraternização e Networking (com bebidas e snacks) 22h00: Encerramento Realização: Grupo Vanguarda Blockchain Apoio: Instituto Gênesis ( ADA Brasil ( Emurgo - Cardano ( Linkedin de Marcus Roque ( Patrocínio: QR Capital (

IOTA NYC Panel: The Economics of Data, Decentralization and Distributed Ledgers Monday December 10th
From IOTA NYC Meetup: Beyond Blockchain 902 Broadway, New York, NY, 10010 · New York, NY Don't forget to sign up with our partner General Assembly for a ticket to the event space, it's free! IOTA NYC is back in December with an extensive panel on the decentralized economy, how it is financed, and how you can make the most of it as a technologist, investor or entrepreneur. Come join a lively conversation with some exceptionally well qualified speakers: Kaitlin Thaney - Wikimedia Foundation Kaitlin Thaney helps mission-driven organizations think strategically about program design, participatory engagement and sustainability. She's currently the Endowment Director for the Wikimedia Foundation, a permanent fund to sustain Wikipedia and its sister projects in perpetuity. Prior to joining Wikimedia, Thaney was a Director at the Mozilla Foundation, overseeing community-based programs in science, learning, advocacy, Internet of Things, and women and web literacy. She founded and directed Mozilla's first science program the Mozilla Science Lab empowering thousands of researchers, developers, and librarians to collaborate through fellowships, open source and project-based learning. Thaney has also helped launch and advise programs, governments and companies through work at Digital Science, the U.K. eLeadership Council, Creative Commons, MIT, Microsoft, and more. Mc Kenna Walsh - Writer (Forbes, Adweek, I.N.C.), Former Tim Draper Fund Alum Mc Kenna grew up in the heart of the silicon valley allowed he to be one the original digital natives, giving an unusual perspective and relationship to technology. After finishing college in 2.5 years with a degree in economic policy, she went to work for a Private Equity REIT based in Latin America eventually running their business development. She returned to the tech world full time when she started working for Tim Draper, helping with his Draper University program and as a partner at a seed investment fund where he was the primary LP. Her writings on Venture Captial and technology have been published in Forbes, Adweek, and I.N.C, as well as being one of the top writers on Quora. More recently she was a co-founder of an AI company with a focus on creating tools to empower creatives to tell dynamic narratives. Currently, she consults, advising both startups and investment groups. Ed Maguire - Momenta Partners Currently, Ed is Insights Partner at Momenta Partners, a venture capital, advisory and executive search firm focused on Connected Industry. Previously, he was Senior Research Analyst and Managing Director at CLSA Americas, LLC covering the software industry, technology and innovation. Prior finance roles include Investment Banker and Research Analyst at Merrill Lynch and CIBC World Markets. Ed is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and meetups on the topics of IoT, Innovation, Big Data and frontier technologies. Ed holds a BA in Music from Columbia University and received his MBA from Rutgers Business School in Finance and Information Systems Kevin Chen - IOTA Evangelist Network, Peace Innovation Foundation Kevin R. Chen is currently the Founder of the IOTA Evangelist Network (IEN), a global grassroots group of IOTA enthusiasts and professionals looking to spread IOTA awareness and adoption in their respective countries. He is also a Member of the Advisory Board at the Peace Innovation Foundation, which supports and develops innovative projects for major international organizations, such as the United Nations. Previously, Kevin was the Evangelist at the IOTA Foundation, with the focus on business development and adoption strategy. Prior to IOTA, Kevin spend 3+ years on Wall Street as a technologist: first at Citigroup Global Markets as an application developer, then at a $3+ billion credit hedge fund Aristeia Capital as a data analyst. Kevin graduated from the University of Virginia with a Computer Science degree. Moderated by Dan Simerman

LBRY Meetup December 15 in Bangalore. Free pizza and swag - come learn about the LBRY protocol!
From Bangalore Blockchain Application Development 4th Floor, Salarpuria Tower, No. 22 near Forum, Hosur Road, Koramangala · Bangalore Bangalore Blockchain Application Group and LBRY team present: * Introduction to LBRY Protocol (by LBRY tech team) * How to create your own cryptocurrency using Ethereum blockchain (Chinmay) --Come with your product ideas to develop on blockchains and win free LBRY tokens, Tshirts and other exciting SWAG!! *We introduce LBRY to blockchain enthusiasts in Bangalore. New users and developers will learn about how to begin building on LBRY and potentially receive funding with a grant from LBRY is a free, open, and community-run digital marketplace. Website: For Devs: *Come join us when we discuss and demo the intricacies involved in creating your own creating your own cryptocurrencies. In this session, we will discuss about ERC 20, ERC 721 and ERC 223 standards of Ethereum. Agenda: 5:00 - Introductions 5:15-5:45: Creating your own crypto with examples of ERC20, ERC721 and ERC223 - Chinmay 5:45-6:30 - Introduction to LBRY - Clement and Amit from LBRY core Dev team. ...and, oh yeah: Free pizza & carbonated drinks LBRY token grants, TShirts and other SWAG An awesome space to lounge around and meet new folks with similar passions

London Blockchain Workshop this Friday: Decentralize your App with iExec
Imperial College London (Huxley Building) 180 Queen's Gate, SW7 2AZ · London Room 340 in the Huxley Building Welcome, Blockchain enthusiasts! The event is free, and will take place in Huxley 340 at Imperial College London from 6 to 8pm. BRING YOUR LAPTOPS! ABOUT THE EVENT The CTO and CIO of iExec will give a step by step technical guide for developers willing to power their apps with the Ethereum blockchain! A light theoretical walkthrough will be followed by a concrete and technical deployment. ABOUT iExec iExec is working on Blockchain-based decentralised Cloud Computing, and has recently concluded pioneering pilots with Intel. Their technology relies on Ethereum, which allows them to build a virtual Cloud infrastructure that provides high-performance computing services on demand. More on their website: ABOUT THE SPEAKERS Oleg Lodygensky, PhD, CTO - Research-engineer, main developer of XtremWeb-HEP. Jean-Charles Cabelguen, PhD, Chief Innovation & Adoption - Go-to-market strategies and international marketing.

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