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PSA: Mine Monero to Support the Network
Monero miners use computing hardware to run a variant of the CryptoNight algorithm and compete for a mining reward associated with the next block of the blockchain. Monero mining is known for it's ASIC resistance. This means it is more accessible and friendly to mining with CPU and GPU hardware, but it does not guarantee against individuals and companies configuring powerful ASICs and FPGAs to mine Monero as well. The Monero developers have established a routine network upgrade, occurring about every 6 months, to help combat against ASICs and FPGAs mining Monero and gaining control of the network hashrate.

Blockchain's Gender Imbalance: An Interview with @Sunchakr of MoneroTalk
Discussions and debates about blockchain are often focused on dissecting technical aspects of the revolutionary technology, but there is one non-tech topic that never fails to command attention: women in blockchain. It's a topic that has proven to draw both cheers and jeers from women and men alike. While difficult to deny the gender imbalance in the industry, what with no shortage of statistics highlighting the fewer number of women investing and working in the industry, people's opinions on the matter remain wildly diverse. On one end of the spectrum are those who believe directly addressing the gender disparity throughout blockchain and the broader tech industry is integral to helping advance the status and participation levels of women in the industry. On the other, are those who don't believe there is a representation problem at all.

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