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Who Do You Trust? A Survey of Best Exchange Options in 2019
- Bitcoin news, price, information & analysis It's no secret to cryptocurrency experts that the industry had a rough year in 2018. But 2019 seems to have started off in a better direction. Bitcoin has exploded to over $8,000 and is showing strong support at those levels. With increased market awareness, many have been seeking which exchange is best for security, fees, and protection. The dangers of the cryptocurrency market are many, as the QuadrigaCX bankruptcy has aptly proven. And problems like the BitMEX deleveraging issue that occurred recently are, according to chainbits.com editor Afik Rechler, increasing investor fears.
While the short-term direction of Bitcoin & the cryptocurrency market divides opinion, there is greater consensus on a bullish outlook in the longer term, which some predict will dwarf 2017?s all-time-highs.
- Bitcoin news, price, information & analysis Travis Kling , Chief Investment Officer and founder of Ikigai Asset Management , has called for harmony within the crypto community. His tweet talks about the inevitable explosive growth of crypto but warns against petty squabbling, which he sees as harmful to the long-term viability of cryptocurrency . We all need to realize the explosive growth that is imminent for crypto. We must realize how petty, immature & unfruitful some of our words/actions can be. They are to the detriment of the long term health of our ecosystem. NOW is our collective time to shine. Lets act like it.
You Can Now Buy Physical Diamonds Using Crypto
- Bitcoin news, price, information & analysis Although the cryptocurrency markets are significantly less volatile than they once were, volatility is still a major issue for investors. This is still the case with Bitcoin the de-facto cryptocurrency that is often referred to as a store of value. Although Bitcoin, and many other cryptocurrencies , do possess characteristics that resemble a store of value notably their limited and finite supply, however, extreme volatility restricts investors from protecting their wealth. In order to alleviate the threats of sharp, unexpected pricing fluctuations, several options do exist for cryptocurrency investors. For example, Tether (USDT) is pegged to the USD on a like-for-like basis, meaning that investors can protect their wealth during times of uncertainty. Not only does this allow investors to exit a trade when the markets are bearish, but they also have the option to exchange their tokens for real-world dollars.
Major Cardano Milestone: How Shelley Improves Stability and Decentralization
- Bitcoin news, price, information & analysis Yesterday, CEO of Cardano , Charles Hoskinson announced the completion of a significant roadmap goal. The Shelley phase relates to stability, interoperability, and governance. But more than that, the primary objective behind it is the decentralization of the Cardano network via staking. The soul of Shelley is out https://t.co/5Hcwt40BsU Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) April 17, 2019 Under Shelley, Cardano will provide incentives to those who actively participate in the Proof of Stake consensus protocol. However, what makes Cardano different, is that Cardano acknowledges that not everyone wants to run an active node 24/7. For that reason, ADA holders have the option to delegate their stake to a staking pool.
Another U.S. Bank Bans Customers From Buying Bitcoin
Regions Financial Corporation has barred its customers from purchasing cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin . The US-based bank and financial service clarified in its 2018 bank deposit agreement that it reserved the right to return or decline to pay for items related to decentralized, non-fiat virtual currencies, cryptocurrency or another digital currency or money that relies on distributed ledger or blockchain . The move followed the tune of other banking corporations in the US, including JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Bank of America. The entities had announced last year that they would halt credit card transactions involving cryptocurrencies. Before that, Discover and Capital One had also initiated a similar action against the cryptocurrency users. The news created enough bad press for the nascent sector, which was already crashing hard at that time.

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