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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines looking for biometric solutions based on IOTA (or Ocean, Sovrin) during Odyssey hackathon
KLM and its partners want to deliver a smooth, hygienic and hands-in-pocket experience for its travelers, as reports show that in 2035 international air arrivals are expected to reach 7.4 billion travelers, doubling the amount of travelers compared to today. Biometric data must be shared and treated in the utmost safe manner, to enable stakeholders in the ecosystem to provide a seamless travel and to securely collaborate on a better traveler experience without the need of a trusted third party. KLM has successfully finished its biometrics pilot at Aruba airport, which allowed passenger to enroll at arrival and seamlessly travel through the airport. The pilot showed the potential of facial recognition. This seamless flow concept requires a one time enrollment at the airport and the biometrics gates allow the passenger consequently to pass several touchpoints (such as check-in, baggage drop off, immigration and boarding) without showing their passport or boarding pass.

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