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Donating 1 Bitcoin (BTC) to Charity On My 10 Year Open Heart Surgery Anniversary
Today was my 10 year anniversary of open heart surgery! To give back some gratitude I've given 1 bitcoin (btc) to charity - CHUF, the Childrens Heart Unit Foundation (and I'd love to invite some of my bitcoin friends to also make a donation with me ;)). Here's a random , waffling video of me explaining it all (while shirtless ;)): And no, I didn't forget to put a t-shirt on , it shows the POS (proof of surgery.... , ok , c'mon, this must be in the top 10 blockchain dad jokes... and besides, I've literally got a million $ body ;)... this is another joke from the fact that I've had over a million $s worth of surgery.. jokes aside, the least I could do would be to give some back.

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