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Why is electroneum not rising? - Quora
Electroneum was the best ICO in 2017. Now It's not raising. But Electroneum will become Highest Valued Cryptocurrency in 2019. Cryptocurrencies are the future of money transactions. Which will be the Highest Valued Cryptocurrency in 2019. Most of the websites are accepting cryptocutrencies like Bitcoin, ripple and Ethereum. Why cryptocurrencies are so unique What makes people to be attracted for them Which will be the Highest Valued Cryptocurrency in 2019? Cryptocurrencies are decentralized. They can be transferred from one wallet to another in the fraction of seconds. Most of them can be mined. Cryptocurrencies were also used as a stock. Plenty of millionaires were made by cryptocurrencies.

What is the best betting website?
Many betting websites are the best in the market. But it's hard to find the best According to me, this one is the best betting & lottery website that players are loving so much. It's a blockchain based fully secured lottery system offering greater autonomy to participants with crystal clear transparency. I hope that you'll like this one!

Would you go all in?
I am a buyer of Bitcoin because I believe in the technology to provide benefits not yet embraced by the main stream individual. Therefore I invest a little when the little is available to invest. If the price dropped precipitously to $1,000 I would continue my strategy and I would be happy that my little is now buying bigger chunks of Bitcoin. According to my guru, Wences Casales, I have a 20% chance of losing all of my little. On the other hand, I have a 50% chance that in 5 to 10 years one Bitcoin will be valued at $500K to 1M. The other 30% is kind of like sex. Even if it's bad it's still pretty good. These things come along about once in a lifetime. You have about a 33% chance of being too young to see it and a 33% chance of being too old to take advantage of it. And then, thank the Lord, there are those of us in the sweet spot.

(16) Sana Shaikh's answer to Where can I find a free BitMEX trading signal on Telegram? - Quora
Free bitMEX signals on telegram channel their are lot of group provide bitmex free trading signals I suggest to go for this telegram channel which have paid & unpaid both signal for bitmex & they provide bitmex auto trading bot which trade automatically in your account visit Bitmex Wizard (Bitmex BOT & Signals)

(16) Sana Shaikh's answer to What are the best Telegram channels to provide a Bitmex Binance crypto trading signal? - Quora
Their are few telegram channel which provide excellent bitmex binance trading signals with consistent profit . I suggest to join this telegram channel which provide bitmex signal cum bitmex trading bots which trade automatically in your account without manual intervention visit Bitmex Wizard (Bitmex BOT & Signals)

What countries accept bitcoin?
A lot of news has been buzzing around cryptocurrencies this year. While some countries have banned cryptocurrencies, some have regulated or accepted the usage of cryptocurrency as a medium of transaction. Let's have a look at how cryptocurrency has become a part of the economy. Japan has become the Crypto Hub with its PSA (Payment Services Act) framework that has made cryptocurrencies legal in Japan. Japan is a major contributor in the world towards Bitcoin trading and has over 200,000 stores that accept bitcoin as payment. Switzerland considers cryptocurrencies to be legal and treats them as assets. Cryptocurrencies are subject to Swiss wealth tax and must be declared in annual tax returns. Town of Zug, a global cryptocurrency hub, introduced bitcoin as means of paying city fees in 2016. Switzerland aims to become the Crypto-nation and wants to promote cryptocurrencies without compromising on the existing financial standards.

Will Bitcoin's worth ever recover?
Yes, it will eventually but hard to say when. Bitcoin prices in the past have been marked by volatility which has made price prediction a big challenge. So far, 2018 has presented its own surprises though not as dramatic as we saw in 2017. The crypto market is yet to start the much-expected bull run. All the digital currencies in the market are still deep in the red. This December, Bitcoin broke the floor and went below the $3500 limit and it's still struggling to break the $4,000 level while there is no surety when another bear grip will take the price below this level. There have been many reasons speculated for the downfall of Bitcoin. Some experts pointed big whales for a massive sell-off because a big bitcoin whale recently moved Bitcoin worth over $250 million. The fund was moved from a very old Bitcoin address which affected the market, while many other traders fail to understand the bitcoin cash split, which affected the community so heavily. This split into ABC (Adjustable Block Size Cap) and Bitcoin SV (Satoshis Vision) has led to a civil war between the two communities. As of now, it seems like bitcoin ABC has won the civil war, but the entire crypto community has paid the price for it. Other reasons like Goldman Sachs abandoning plans to launch a cryptocurrency trading desk and retail investors losing the most during this bearish market supposedly led to the crypto market crash. Despite all that, optimism is still high in many experts like John McAfee, Kristjan Dekleva, Kenneth Rogoff, Tim Draper and many more.

Bitcoin is now 4200. Is it time to buy?
As of today, December 4, 2018, Bitcoin is trading at around $3992, still hovering at $4000. Last year, in the same month, the price was $20,000, traders who bought in December last year or January this year are surely disappointed with the current market disaster. The whole economy around the world is suffering from the stock market going down to oil prices going up and a whole country(Venezuela) suffering from hyperinflation. As per the current market scenario, people are either selling off their assets or hodling it. But smart investors and traders understand that the best time to invest is during a bearish market. There are many reasons why the crypto market collapsed, however, one of the reasons might be the Bitcoin Cash fork.

(17) Which is the best telegram channel to provide free BitMEX and Binance trading signals? - Quora
This is actually a very common problem among English learners, and there are many reasons for it. Most English learners find that the reason they are having trouble speaking is ... The only one that comes to mind when I hear this question is Blockchain Whispers. They are one of the best crypto-trading signal providers out there. They will not only notify you for price surges, but they will further educate you on crypto trading. I was a complete noob when I invested into crypto and didn't have any hunch how to move forward. Thanks to few telegram channels I was introduced to, and finally, stick to this channel.

Riya Mathur's answer to Why is the blockchain the future? - Quora
Block chain is very useful its allows us to keep track of everything, from money to voting and ownership documents without a small number of people with ability to change the result or records for more discussion related to blockchain ICO or cryptocurrency visit this telegram channel Crypto Signals & Automated Trading

Which company offers the best blockchain development services?
Technical jargon Blockchain has been around for a while, yet its application to the majority of the industries is not known to everyone. This technological advance has a huge potential in the digital world of tomorrow and is thus needed to be thoroughly studied by every company out there. A decentralized platform designed to store immutable data perfectly describes the core concept of the blockchain technology. Its value is proved by the countless virtues, with the main ones being the transactions recording, contracts establishing and identity determining. This means a huge improvement in the efficiency of the largest business sectors likes, for example, of the financial sector. The elimination of the middle-men is intriguing by itself, but when it is combined with the all over automation from start to finish, blockchain's applications possibilities become endless.

How can Blockchain improve value chains, supply chains and strategic planning activities?
One site places cryptocurrencies into the following categories: Currency tokens, privacy tokens, platform tokens, utility tokens, exchange tokens, and decentralised exchange tokens. Another uses a different set of categories: Store of value coins, platform cryptocurrencies, fintech cryptocurrencies, payment cryptocurrencies, privacy cryptocurrencies, and application-specific coins. Others have even categorised blockchain assets into periodic tables, with Bitcoin taking the place of hydrogen. If you're new to blockchain technology, it's very frustrating. No one seems to be able to agree on the classifications.

What would be the top cryptocurrency in 2019?
Its very nice, this coin is good for invest in 2019. As per marketing research bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum and Ripple its most high return coins. Its safe to invest for beginners and its get small risk than other alternative coins. for more details exchange cryptos.

What is the best cryptocurrency?
Blockchain is a breakthrough technology. But you may have heard that there is a new kid on the block in terms of decentralised database technology DAG, short for directed acyclic graphs. Is this third-generation blockchain a buzzword or a breakthrough? Are DAG cryptocurrencies the best Before introducing a cryptocurrency I think has a very good shot at being the best?, let's understand and compare the technical side. Don't worry, I thought this over and made it easy to understand. Think of blockchain as a staircase and DAG as a tree. Although often mistakenly placed under the same umbrella with blockchain technology, DAG isn't technically similar to blockchain at all.

A website to find open source blockchain development tools and market to find OSS work
If you'd like to try something new, then I suggest using FundRequest because it rewards open source developers for their work. FundRequest is a decentralized platform that connects companies (i.e. funders) seeking developers with the right developers, as well as other skilful people looking for freelance work. Basically, they're trying to empower the open source community by providing work for developers while also rewarding them for that work. The platform gives you an option to join the existing projects (i.e. solve the funders requests) you find interesting and get a reward for your work, plus a skill token (FND) as proof of experience in that area.

Which cryptocurrency is a must-have in my investment portfolio?
I will post an exclusive preview of the article I'm working on right now for this project called PAL Network (Policy Pal Network). They have huge potential and a great future ahead of them (I hope that is, please keep in mind my opinions here are my own and based on my own research, they are not investing advice! Please take the time to do your own before investing anything). Check my medium publication for the full story. The full story with further useful information will be posted on my medium publication in the next few hours, but for the time being, feel special about the fact Quora gets the first sneak peak into this awesome project:

What are some cryptocurrencies worth investing in?
I recommend investing only top cryptocurrencies. Now It's BTC, ETH, XRP is best for your starting investment. It's more secure than other crypto coins. It has a small risk than another crypto. This is the most safety strategy for beginners. Read a lot of information about cryptocurrencies for your extra knowledge. Get the trick for trading. Cbanx is more updated exchange platform for investors. Enjoy the process of investing?. For CBanx App download - CBANX - Cryptocurrency Exchange - Apps on Google Play

The Biggest Blockchain Trends According to the 5 Experts!
When the internet came into existence, it experienced severe rejections. With time, it has evolved and has been accepted by mass. Likewise, blockchain is a revolutionary technology. Since the inception of blockchain in the year 2008, the digital world has experienced a massive revolution. The blockchain technology has undergone a considerable evolution in a short period. It has been pushing limits and setting new boundaries in the digital space. According to experts, the year 2017 has been phenomenal in terms of the developments in blockchain technology. So, it goes without saying that 2018 is most likely to be as prodigious.

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