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Musicoin mining pools : musicoin
Hello, guys. We're going to create page on our website with all major Musicoin mining pools. But we need your help. Please collect in comments below information about pools that you know. We're looking for: url, logo, admins' contacts, etc Thanks in advance, and let's make Musicoin better together Support: - reserve pool of Support:

The Official TRON Community on Reddit Hot Hot
Please remember to opt out of the reddit re-design on desktop, and view the old format to see the sub CSS. This can be found in the top right. If you missed the migration don't worry: Send to TRX to Binance - Instructions are on the exchange. There is a description of the project in the sidebar, as well as more links, some general security information, and our sub rules. Please look at the links in this post, and around the sub for the answers to most questions. Official links and other helpful information How to vote in Tron Super Representatives Elections View Tokens - Digital assets can be issued by anyone for 1024 TRX. This does not give them any value in and of itself. Do your research and be careful what you buy.

ETN Mining Hot Hot
First off again I'd like to say this (I am also a moderator on r/electroneum). I am in no way affiliated with the makers of Electroneum. I have no background in coin development nor any other sort of blockchain element. If you have questions on this or doubt my validity search my name up on google and you will quickly find I am a very very normal person (Jesse Radford). I am creating this subreddit for the following reasons: Mobile ETN mining and Desktop ETN mining are coming out on November 1st 2017 and I want to facilitate the passing on of information as much as I can to everyone I can. There is an increasing interest in Electroneum and Electroneum mining and I want to make sure everyone has a solid hub for information as the coin grows.

I need to know any negatives surrounding Electroneum. : CryptoCurrency
My brother in law has asked me to look into buying electroneum. Obviously I can see a lot of positive shilling on their sub, however I'm looking to find all of the negatives surrounding this coin, so I can pass the info along. You need to do your own research, there will be a hundred people calling it a shitcoin and another hundred saying it's the best coin ever. I can recommend you watch recent 6 part interview with the CEO on this channel Questiontime 1-6 and decide for yourself. Asking random people on reddit for investment advice is a bad idea, especially in this sub.

Electroneum. The Mobile Cryptocurrency. Hot Hot
If anyone had ETN on cryptopia then I would suggest, like I did, you log a general enquiry on the New Zealand police website.'about=general_enquiry If we get lot's of enquires logged I am sure it will help!!!! I understand that you are currently investigating a crime on the crypto-currency trading company Cryptopia. Can you please provide an update on your progress as I had assets on the exchange So Cryptopia suffered a security breach which had lead to significant losses ('s=20)

NEO Mining : NEO
NEO cannot be mined, it's a different asset than bitcoin for example NEO is sort of a mining rig itself. Read about NEO before posting. Hate to be that guy, but there is so much fucking information available on this subreddit already. I've been meme'd. Well meme'd Sir. NEO cannot be mined. However NEO itself sort of mines GAS. GAS is the currency that the NEO blockchain uses.

How is bitcoin rising so fast : ethtrader
Why is bitcoin rising so fast while Ethereum is being ignored Just because it doesn't have the same media attention ELI5 attempt: Financial contract to buy or sell x amount of y in the future for z price Very commonly used to buy commodoties and to manage price risk by companies (eg. by grain for bread at a locked-in price) Example: I may sell you a contract that commits me to sell you 1 eth for 700EUR on dec 1 2018 What happens when you short in your example I'm a bit confused on how that would be profitable for anyone so I must be missing something. Well if you short you secure a price in the future. The rationale would either be, that you expect the asset´s price to fall (you have a contract enabling you to sell it for more) or to lock in a price in the future (think of the farmer wanting to lock-in the price of his grain)

Is GladiaCoin a SCAM : Bitcoin
A friend is into GladiaCoin. He keeps asking me to join, but it seems to good to be truth. Most of the searches for "gladiacoin scam" seem to be paid advertisement. Anybody can chime in EDIT: Thanks for the responses. Why the downvotes Shouldn't this question get more upvotes so that other people can fin it Almost certainly a ponzi scheme. They promise to "double your bitcoins in 90 days", which is hillariously unrealistic. Also, they push existing members into recruiting new members, which is how they are able to sustain the scam. Tell your friend to get out with his coins while he still can.

PSA: Move your miners away from Eclipse Mining Pool! : Bitcoin
As the FOI states, BFL have been using customers ASICs to mine at the Eclipse Mining Pool.... which is owned by BFL and was purchased in 2012 (Part 4, Page 3 of 7 at the bottom). Move your ASICs away from BFL. It's the ethical thing to do (as well as makes a statement saying that we, the customers, will not accept or condone this kind of behaviour). Have a look at for more details of shadiness. I commented on EMC's suspicious hash rate increases last year and Josh said that BFL was not mining for themselves. I'm going to go save that now as more proof of lying on their part.

Nano 97.7% down from ATH according to ATHCoinIndex : nanotrade
We are in it for the technology "It's being manipulated by whales" Is it the capitulation or despair phase Almost all of them shits are way way down. Between 80 and 95% What's your point Were you around for the meteoric rise of nano I don't know what you're getting at. We're in a space where coins regularly rise 3 to 400% in a matter of hours. Kindly crawl back under your rock. I don't much care for liars and I've noticed that it's best to just avoid arguing or debating with them. Maybe you're just misinformed. Maybe you're new to the market. I don't know. I guess it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. You're free to believe whatever you want.

12 word seed / master key question : CryptoCurrency
I would like to know. Is the 12 word phrase the same as the master seed Example: i create a wallet on Mycelium. I get the 12 word phrase. Then 5-10 years pass. Mycelium app doesnt exist , is the 12 word phrase good forever and to get the bitcoin anywhere Or is the masterkey the true key for the wallet that can be used to recover wallet 2nd question: is a mycelium master seed key basically a cold wallet (paper wallet) Edit: the reason i ask is because it is much easier to memorize 12 words than 100+ upper/lowecase letters and numbers. There is a BIP standard which tells you how you can generate multiple addresses using your seed phrase. This is called a Hierarchical Deterministic wallet because the generated addresses are deterministic and there's an order to them.

COINBASE+Ethereum Classic ETC!!!!!! : EthereumClassic
Coinbase will add ETC to consumer market which is 2weeks after tomorrow. First coinbase plans to allow deposits first for Coinbase Prime clients and Coinbase Pro clients. Coinbase Prime clients are Coinbase's professional trading platform for institutional clientsAccess the same diversified liquidity pool underpinning all Coinbase products through a professional trading platform designed for institutional clients. What is an institution'Your firm's core business is investing or trading, using your firm's own capital, or on behalf of your clients. Examples: hedge fund, asset manager, proprietary trading firm, venture capital firm, bank, or brokerage firm.

The Market will not recover the way you want it to. : CryptoCurrency
Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster to r/CryptoCurrency. I've been giving Crypto a lot of thought, and had a good look at myself in the mirror when btc started nosediving from 11k. At that point in time I thought 11k was the bottom, and tried to catch a falling knife. Recently, I took a break from looking at the graphs daily, because I realized my mood would always be affected by the giant red bars on my phone. So I deleted my Binance app. Since then I've had time to reflect on Crypto, reflecting on what enthralled me when I first got in. I came to several conclusions. It has completely changed my outlook and re-adjusted my expectations on crypto-currencies in general.

Introducing LocalTRX - The most private, secure and intuitive way to swap TRON (TRX) with others for local currency. : Tronix
We have just released a peer-to-peer encrypted marketplace for buying and selling TRON (TRX) over-the-counter! You can check out the platform here ( Purchase TRX using virtually any local fiat currency with over 30 different payments including Venmo, WeChatPay, and MoneyGram! This website is very similar to LocalBitcoins and the main goal of this project was to provide the fastest and easiest way to purchase TRON (TRX) with local currency. To get familiar with the platform, check out the How to Use and the FAQ. The LocalTRX token will be launched this week, and for every 10 TRX (in volume) that you trade, you will receive 1 LTRX!

Sudden drop in price...! : CryptoCurrency
I ask myself this all the time.. whenever it happens. Why does the price of the entire market literally look like it has just fallen off of a cliff No news.. no FUD.. no idiots screaming.. but the entire market just literally goes down 10-20% for what seems no reason.. why does this happen I'm asking honestly... I've been into crypto for a long time.. I just don't get it! Anyone that feels like filling me in... besides the fact that I'm an idiot.. please, feel free! None of this makes any sense whatsoever.. I think the fundamental reasons are not what the OP is asking for. The reason why the whole markers dumps (or pumps) so quickly is because it's severely illiquid.

Akon To Establish A City In Senegal That Would Run Entirely On Cryptocurrency, Akoin. : Bitcoin
First Ever Black-Owned Futuristic City Is Building By Rapper Akon : Akoin With Its Own Cryptocurrency called Akoin?, Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam better also known as Akon. He is Grammy nominated, multi-platinum selling artist, an American singer, songwriter, businessman, record producer, philanthropist and also an actor of Senegalese descent akoin. Akon is now building a Futuristic City in Senegal, West Africa. This city will be 100% Crypto based similarly the digital cash currency called Akoin will be the only form of currency used as trade. Through ALA, Akon has become one of the biggest celebrities on the continent, and also the musician, who has just launched an even more ambitious project.

Ethereum Hot Hot
Please note that this decision to postpone the Constantinople Hard Fork was done so out of caution and respect for the integrity of the Ethereum ecosystem and its community. Without enough time to analyse the potential impact of the vulnerability, it made ethical sense to stick to the side of caution and to call off committing to an EIP that could potentially put user funds at risk. The Ethereum Core Developers had the opportunity here to sweep this issue under the rug and commit to the Constantinople Hard Fork, as planned, however, I am thoroughly impressed by the virtue that was exercised in this decision to postpone the Constantinople Hard Fork. This is a perfect demonstration of the development force behind Ethereum possessing a strong sense of probity.

Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) : television
I thought for sure he was going to introduce his own coin by the end of the segment. So did I. I then remembered that in a world where Dogecoin skyrocketed in value, it's just not dumb enough. Dogecoin helped send the Jamaican bobsled team to the Olympics a few years back. Not joking. Edit: oh yeah, it's also one of the most stable coins, has some of the cheapest transaction fees, and is surprisingly fast. A lot of investors use it to transfer money from one exchange to another. Don't forget the race car that was sponsored They even made a die-cast car with that sponsor. I was literally just talking about a Reddit race jacket I saw, I think from last year It had that dog on it, along with the Alien.

The CEO of Apollo is a Known Scam Artist : CryptoCurrency
I've discovered that the CEO of Apollo Stephen McCullah has been involved in several scams in the past including a $29,000 kickstarter scam where he claimed he was raising funds for a documentary expedition to Congo in the search of living dinosaurs. He later disappeared with everyone's money and never completed the expedition. This can be verified by looking at the comments on the kickstarter. See here: On top of that, this guy went from supposedly being into biology/zoology to suddenly being a cryptocurrency expert who is gonna create code that changes the world. lol Another side note: the Apollo website is a wix site according to the source code. Perhaps their CEO should master coding his own website before he writes this revolutionary world changing code he's promising. Please do yourself a favor and don't buy into this BS scam.

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