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Interview Series Michael Stiegelmeyer, COO & President of Planet Digital Partners
Michael Stiegelmeyer is the Executive Vice President of Finance and Operations for Planet Digital Partners. Since 2013, Mr. Stiegelmeyer has served as CEO of The 1441 Group, LLC and ZAGS, LLC. The 1441 Group, LLC is a business development and sales company focused on development sales and marketing for toy, video games, CE, sporting goods, and other consumable products in the U.S. ZAGS, LLC is a distribution sales company focused on opportunistic general merchandise sales with key U.S. retail accounts throughout the U.S. AT: Can you tell us a little bit about Planet Digital Partners and the team behind it

Interview with Zoe Adamovicz, CEO & Cofounder of Neufund
Zoe Adamovicz is the CEO and co-founder at Neufund. She is an experienced entrepreneur and occasional angel investor. Zoe is passionate about building technology businesses that are impactful, positive and at the same time profitable and powerful. Prior to Neufund, she founded Xyo, a company that re-imagines how people discover apps, Priori Data (app store intelligence), and Concise Software which provides software development and engineering services. RS: Neufund has been described as a stock exchange without the operator in the back?.  What kind of similarities and dissimilarities has Neufund to a traditional stock exchange

Interview Series Dave Hendricks, CEO & cofounder of Vertalo
Dave Hendricks is the CEO and cofounder of Vertalo which is a stakeholder Registry and Cap Table platform for SEC Compliant Security Token offerings. They connect broker-dealers, issuers, exchanges and ATS's. AT:  Could you share with us what Vertalo does DH: Vertalo seeks to help more issuers, tokenize more assets, at lower cost and lower risk.  And at less expense.  Vertalo's core offering is a crypto cap table, in other words a ledger of token holders.  ICOs didn't care about cap tables, but equity investors do. Investors can be added to a Vertalo-built cap table before, during, or after a fundraise or ICO.  Vertalo's wallet registration process is the connective process between issuers who want to know who owns how much of their company and investors, who want to know how much they own of the company.  Vertalo is glue for the overly confusing STO ecosystem.  Vertalo helps issuers manage their investor community and Vertalo helps investor manage their holdings all via a simple graphical interface that is way better than etherscan.

Security Token Platform, Polymath (POLY), Listed on Growing Number of Exchanges
In the last month, Polymath has seen its native token picked up by multiple exchanges. As a result, the token will gain huge amounts of exposure. This bodes well for the future of the asset, as tokens related to the digital securities sector gain in popularity. While Polymath, as a company, functions to facilitate growth within the digital securities sector, their native token, POLY, function as a utility.  Companies utilizing services on the Polymath platform, make use of POLY tokens as a form of fuel/transaction payment. It is this POLY token that cryptocurrency exchanges actively trade. Both Bithumb and Poloniex have opened their doors to the token. It is important to note Polymath did not pay for these listings.

Interview with Darren Marble, CEO of Issuance
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Darren Marble, CEO of Issuance.  Through his role as CEO of CrowdFundX , Darren has extensive experience marketing Reg A+ IPOs and Digital Security Offerings to institutional and retail investors.  This experience perfectly aligns with Issuance (a platform that connects digital security issuers with investors) as Darren knows what investors are looking for, and what is needed for a successful and compliant offering.  Check out the interview below to learn more about Issuance. RS:  Can you tell us a little bit about what Issuance does and the long-term vision

5 Ways to Invest in the Future of Security Tokens
Many investors believe in the transformative power of security tokens, but they do not know how to get financially involved.

Interview with Patrick Campos, the Chief Strategy Officer of Securrency
Patrick has worked with clients across multiple industries around the world as a strategic consultant and as a lawyer with three top-tier international law firms, giving him deep transactional and project experience as well as hands-on understanding of the start-up and growth stages of company development. AT: For our readers who are not familiar with Securrency, could you share with us what it is your company does PC: Securrency develops and sells proprietary software products and infrastructure supporting the regulatory-compliant issuance and trading of digital securities in the form of security tokens. Our software is typically licensed to authorized persons, such as broker-dealers, and enable them to provide end-to-end lifecycle management of security tokens. In addition, our core interoperability protocols enable trading platforms around the world to interoperate for the trading of security tokens across a global interlinked network of centralized exchanges. Securrency's technology allows for atomic swaps of different token types, which enables the trading of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) across a global decentralized exchange.

Interview with Howard Marks CEO of StartEngine a Crowdfunding & STO platform
Howard Marks is a co-founder and CEO of StartEngine. Since inception, nearly 150 successful financings have been completed for startups and other businesses via the StartEngine platform. Long before ICOs became standard parlance, Howard saw the future of Security Token Offerings. On his blog and also through guest articles as contributor to Forbes, Hacker Noon, The Mission and Next Web, Howard has shared his vision for the space and has worked to chart the path forward to liquidity. StartEngine was involved in the highly successful tZERO STO, they hold annual conferences, and many STOs are raising via the StartEngine platform.

5 Reasons why Bitcoin and Utility Tokens Crashed and why Security Tokens are the Future
There are numerous reasons why the market is punishing crypto, and more specifically utility tokens. Below are some of the major factors which have led to the crash. While there are some valid projects in the space such as Factom, and Stellar, most projects are either outright frauds, or at the very least, awful business concepts. I've been contacted at least twenty times by different projects who plan on being Uber on the blockchain.  In this case the business model features paying drivers in cryptocurrency so that they can cut out the middle-men. I initially inform these Uber clones that General Motors, Tesla, Uber, and Lyft are all planning on releasing autonomous vehicles within 5 years. Afterwards, I proceed to ask how they plan on tackling this challenge. Generally, they have no answer. In other words, they plan on disrupting Uber by paying drivers in crypto, while Uber are busy disrupting themselves by removing drivers.

An interview with George Waller CEO of Blocksafe Technologies
George serves as the CEO of BlockSafe Technologies. George is a co-founder of StrikeForce Technologies, Inc., and is an entrepreneur and technologist with over 30 years in the computer industry. George played a pivotal role in introducing two of the leading cyber security technologies i.e., out-of-band authentication and keystroke encryption to the marketplace. Today, these technologies are widely used in Banking, Healthcare, Education, manufacturing and government sectors. Prior to founding StrikeForce, George served as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategist at: Connexus Corporation, RxRemedy, TeachMeIT, Incubation Systems, and HealthSCOUT.

Neufund to host Security Token Sale
A self-described end-to-end solution for securities tokenization and issuance?, Neufund is looking to ramp up development with an upcoming token sale.  This offering represents one of the first opportunities for public investors to gain access to such a platform. Beyond the services offered to companies looking to tokenize, Neufund looks to facilitate its own growth through the issuance of NEU tokens.  These tokens represent fractionalized ownership of Neufund itself, and offer holders rights to a proportionate share of company revenue.  The protocols utilized by the token and platform are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

StartEngine Develops ERC-1450 protocol, While Hosting STO
StartEngine was founded in 2011, and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. They are a company with lofty goals. StartEngine has indicated that their mission is to empower 5000 companies to raise capital and create 1 million jobs in the next 5 years?.

SGX Invests in iStox to Develop Security Token Platform
The forming of partnerships, meant to expedite the development of cryptocurrency exchanges and take advantage of a fast moving market, is a popular thing to do right now.  While we reported just yesterday of a European securities exchange being developed, today we bring news of a similar product being developed in Singapore. This particular partnership consists of three companies joining forces to release a developed product.  The envisioned platform will offer the ability to not only trade, but issue security tokens. Those involved in the project are iStox, SGX (Singapore Exchange), and Heliconia Capital Management.  The product to be developed by these companies is expected to launch in the near future.  Launch is predicated on the ability of iStox mother company, ICHX Tech, to receive a market operator licence.  These licences are issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Interview with CEO of IPwe - A new STO offering patents on the blockchain
Erich Spangenberg is the CEO and founder of IPwe, a company using blockchain and artificial intelligence to create the patent asset class. He also was a founder of nXn Partners, a company that is focused on predictive analytics.  He was the founder and CEO of IPNav, a company that was one of the pioneers in patent monetization. AT: Can you give a brief overview of how IPwe plans on revolutionizing the patent market EP: IPwe is leveraging technology'in particular, AI and blockchain, experience and changes in market attitudes to create the patent asset class.  Billions are spent on regulating, obtaining and maintaining patents and the returns to owners and society are low.  We are going to help fix that.   AI and blockchain make things much easier to understand and far more transparent.  Intangible assets'and patents are one of the key intangible assets for many companies are just too important to be ignored and left to underperform under the management of people who are not asset managers.

OpenFinance Security Exchange Receives Financing from Sharpe Ventures
The security token exchange, OpenFinance Network (OFN), made headlines this week after receiving financial backing from Sharpe Ventures. The move signals a continued shift in the attitude of traditional investment firms towards the crypto space. It also places OFN in the spotlight as one of the primer security token exchanges in the market.

OKTO and Jean Martin Seek to Increase Security Token Adoption
The financial services platform OKTO announced a strategic partnership with the digital high-tech product development team at Jean Martin Inc. The partnership will help to further security token adoption in the coming months. OKTO currently offers businesses and individuals a suite of security token related products. According to OKTO CEO, Grace Schroeder, the strategic partnership will give the firm the tools needed to better serve the surging demand in the security token sector. OKTO seeks to expand their reach in this growing crypto sector. Currently, the firm specializes in three distinct areas. Primarily, OKTO is a security token issuance platform. The OKTO security token protocol features full KYC and AML integration. Security token issuance platforms are on the rise. Already this year, multiple platforms entered the cryptospace offering such services. OKTO hopes to beat out the competition.

CEZEX Exchange Enters the Hong Kong Market
The Philippines-based security token exchange CEZEX announced plans this week to extend their services into Hong Kong. The decision would make CEZEX the first security exchange to offer regulated security token trading in the country. Hong Kong has seen significant growth in their crypto sector ever since mainland China closed all their local exchanges and banned initial coin offerings late last year. The company behind CEZEX, Inbase Partners, is based out of Taiwan. The company first received licensing from the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) earlier in the year. CEZA is responsible for dictating financial regulations in the Philippines special economic zone located in Luzon.

NEM Partners With VNX Exchange on Security Token Protocol
The crypto exchange platform VNX has made a significant announcement this week regarding the development of a new security token protocol. Company executives announced a partnership with the decentralized application platform NEM. The two crypto firms seek to bridge the gap between the crypto economy and traditional financing firms. The partnership is geared towards creating and funding a wave of new security tokens based on the NEM blockchain. NEM recently made headlines for its power to cultivate productivity after becoming the token launch platform chosen by the blockchain-based Publish platform. The platform is a joint venture between TokenPost, the largest blockchain news media outlet in Korea, and the blockchain consulting group Kchain.

Binance to Open Security Token Trading Platform in Malta
Security token advocates have much to celebrate this month. The crypto giant Binance announced a strategic partnership with the Malta Stock Exchange to develop a new blockchain platform. According to local news agencies, Binance seeks to establish a security token exchange and decentralized bank within the country. Considering that Malta is one of the best locations in the world for blockchain start-ups, the maneuver makes a lot of sense. News first came of the partnership via a press conference directly following the signing of a memorandum of understanding. Malta Today reported that in discussing the agreement, Malta's Finance Minister, Edward Scicluna called blockchain revolutionary. He went as far as to say Malta would be crazy not to increase their stance in the crypto space.

Neufund Announces Partnership with Blocktrade
The popular European-based security token issuance platform Neufund announced a strategic partnership with the crypto exchange Blocktrade this week. Neufund specializes in tokenization of real and digital assets. The firm was among the first EU-compliant tokenization platforms to enter the space. Today, the platform hosts multiple legally-binding security tokens. This latest partnership with Blocktrade is meant to increase liquidity for Neufund token users according to the platform's developers. The connection is the most recent of many new agreements Neufund cemented in the last few months. To date, the firm announced partnerships with Binance, BitBay, and the Malta Stock Exchange.

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