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LoveHearts Token Migrating to Tron TRC20 Technology
The TRC20 technology is one of two Tron-based cryptocurrency technologies (TRC10 being the other one) that any Tron community member can use to issue his/her very own cryptocurrency or ICO, much in the same way in which Ethereum also allows almost anybody to create a new coin. Even Tronix, which is now independent, started life as an Ethereum-based coin. Yesterday LoveHearts, a very particular cryptocurrency, disappeared from all decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges because it started the process of migrating from its current technology to Tron's TRC20. So not to worry, the coin is still there, and it will resume trading as soon as the migration is completed, but you won't find it in the market for now.

PLAY GOC Makes Vital Announcements for LoveHearts and TRC10 WIN holders
Part of the recent strides of Tron is the production of a token-based incentivized gaming platform known as PLAY GOC. This is a platform where Tron users can play and create games with their various tokens. At the moment, the platform boasts of 5 live games and a multi-token mining system for its users. Play GOC platform recently made an important announcement on its official Twitter page for LoveHearts and TRC10 holders that it will pause LoveHearts deposit and withdrawals and TRC10 WIN swaps until TRC10 support resumes. That's finished now, already. The official statement reads The second proposal to allow duplicated names for trc10 tokens is passing, which will cause disruption for trc10 tokens across the network. To prevent errors we are pausing lovehearts deposit and withdrawals and trc10 WIN swaps until trc10 support resumes.

A New BitTorrent Cryptocurrency to be Launched over Tron?s Network
BitTorrent, the prevalent P2P  file-sharing platform, which is also the world's largest decentralized network, is about to create a new cryptocurrency of its own using Tron's network. The new token will get used by the users to pay for higher download speeds using the company's uTorrent client, which runs on the Windows operating system. Rogelio Choy, who used to be BitTorrent's CEO, decided to leave the company behind. This happens about half a year after Tron's CEO and founder, Justin Sun, bought the firm. That move started rumors around the technology world that Mr. Choy was not very happy about BitTorrent's new priority to become a blockchain network.

New Policies For Tron TRC10 Token Naming
Tron's super representatives are hard at work as we write this article. Last Friday, they reviewed the Allow same token name proposal and a decision will be announced sometime soon. This could seem like a cosmetic initiative, but it will have real effects on the Tron community's sector that is using or issuing TRC10 tokens (TronWatchMarket, TWX, SEED, IGG, although IGG is migrating its token to TRC20 technology as we write this). If the initiative is approved, new TRC10 will be allowed to use the same token names as currently existing tokens. Why should anybody want to have a token name that could lend itself to confusion so easily is anybody's guess, just don't ask us what's the point in that

Is Tron (TRX) the new member in Robinhood?s merry band?
As the year keeps nearing its end with all the bad news it gave to the cryptocurrency market, a few coins keep gathering good news despite the general environment. Tron is one of those projects. This time it comes from Robinhood. It's a popular crypto trading app which doesn't charge for commissions, and it recently flirted with the idea of including Tron as a listed digital asset. Robinhood answered to a tweet in which it implied an interest to support a few new coins in the app. As a Robinhood user (which is still not available in all states) you can trade in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). But they want to add some more, and Tron could be at the top of the list.

BeatzCoin Begins Tron Super Rep Campaign
Changing the landscape of the music industry is a huge undertaking, but it is one that can bring mass adoption into the crypto space and help with Justin Suns mission of decentralizing the internet. By voting for BeatzCoin as an SR, you will be helping us with that mission. The following is a detailed road map of our SR campaign and how your votes will not only earn you extra TRX and BeatzCoin but also assist in the future success of Vibravid & BeatzCoin which in turn will bring the needed shift with Artist and content creators. Phase 1 Becoming an SR and celebrating the accomplishment. Until January 31st we will be giving 100% TRX rewards and 100% BTZC rewards to our voters. This means for every TRX you earn you will get 5 BTZC. Once we reach the top 27, those rewards become significantly higher.

The Tron (TRX) Accelerator is here now!
The Tron Accelerator initiative is live now and waiting for applications. It's a project supported by Tron, aimed at empowering developers and bring about innovation in the blockchain industry, more specifically, using Tron's third generation blockchain technology. Since last December 1st, developers are invited to send their decentralized application scheme, built upon Tron's main net, and participate in one of the most exciting hackathons ever hosted. There are a million dollars in the line in total ($200,000 for the first prize). There will also be eight special prices in 8 categories: Excellent Blockchain Game Excellent Application Tool Excellent Decentralized Exchange Excellent UI Design Excellent Innovation Excellent User Experience Most Influential DApp Most Onchain Activity DApp

TronWeeklyJournal coin (TRWJ) hits the Tron DEX
The Tron foundation takes communication with the Tron community very seriously, which is one of the reasons that said the community is very united behind the project's leadership. One of the efforts to keep communication clear and flowing is the Tron Weekly Journal which aims at becoming the very best Tron news organization. In the Journal's own words: Tron Weekly Journal is an online digital content platform which aims to bring all Tron world news under its umbrella. Although there has been immense churn and activity in the Tron community, there is no centralized portal or information pool where investors or Tron enthusiasts can gather necessary information. We are a team of experienced writers and analysts seeking to bring the latest Tron news and forecasts to the community through the Tron Weekly Journal platform.

Wish you could make free income from crypto? Tron (TRX) can help
Making a passive income through a blockchain network is the holy grail to making money and can be something that's not really attainable. With that in mind, there is good news for the Tron (TRX) community, and that is: they can make money on Tron's network for free without paying even a buck or dealing with hidden charges. Tron is a massive project that's poised to make sure we have a decentralized internet. Since its protocol is one of the largest in the blockchain world, it has a good number of mini-projects for its community from which they can take advantage. Are you thinking of how to earn a passive income on Tron's network for free Alright, we hear you asked. Here are some potential ways in which you can make money with Tron without spending a penny.

Tron (TRX) community elects Intergalactic Gaming as SR in no time
Tron is one of the most active projects in the cryptosphere which pays-off its community well and always lives up to its society. Projects handled by Tron are running efficiently and being appreciated in the market. Due to its high availability as well as scalability, TRX has become well-liked crypto over the last couple of months. To make these successes happen, Justin sun, CEO of Tron foundation, has been working continuously and tirelessly to make the project stand out from the rest. The CEO also keeps updating crypto enthusiasts about how the Tron is performing and what that network has attained so far.

Why you should follow Tron (TRX)-based Intergalactic Gaming this week
Tron is among a few blockchain projects that aim to take internet games to the next level, whereas, online gaming has been growing immensely for years. When you use games like FIFA or Minecraft to play online, you're not playing against your own computer or console anymore, but against many other aficionados. And in most of these platforms reward players with tokens, exotic items and many other things depending on how well they play the game or how much time they spend playing it. The gaming industry has created a gaming economy, in every sense of the word. You can sell or buy the most expensive items in places like eBay. Yet, nobody has tried to bring this whole new economy together into a single platform (and make no mistake, this is a real economy).

Tron begins to decouple from Bitcoin as DEX records massive success
Tron has reached significant milestones this year, and it is safe to say that it is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the space today. In the bid to produce a decentralized platform for its community and investors, Tron released its decentralized exchange that takes care and is in charge of TRX tokens. It is important to note that Tron's new decentralized exchange (DEX) can now be seen on and it connects the TRX wallets of every Tron user. Without no doubts, Tron's new decentralized network has been making waves ever since it got created by Tron (and it's not even a week old).

Onward and Upward: Tron partners NeoWorld
If you consistently follow the crypto news, you would agree that Tron is doing all it can to make sure that the cryptocurrency emerges as the best coin. It has entered into several partnerships to ensure it sails to the top. The most significant news today is of a collaboration that it has established with a 3D virtual world company, NeoWorld. In an official announcement by Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun via his Twitter account, he stated that the Tron foundation had entered a strategic partnership with NeoWorld. New Tron partner represents the first of its kind virtual world atmosphere. NeoWorld involves more like playing the popular game Sims whereby the player has the opportunity to explore new frontiers as well as re-imagine their 3D reality. However, the only difference is that NeoWorld allows the users to build connections as they socialize through the NeoWorld virtual ecosystem, which is wholly based on the blockchain.

Tron's project includes something called The Tronic Support Plan which was created for a single purpose: to enhance and speed up the adoption of Tron's TRX cryptocurrency. Yesterday, the Tron foundation announced officially that the plan's third phase is successfully completed. This prompts the release of more than eighty-seven million TRX tokens. Those coins used to be locked by the Tron foundation. They will be released into a locked address which ranks 489 among the 1000 known Tron addresses known to exist. But it's important to notice that this will not create any kind of inflationary pressure on the asset because the number of tokens available will not be affected by this move.

CITYUPTAKE a new approach to rewarding TRX holders!
With the Tron community awash with new projects and tokens, finding those innovative projects with real value can be a challenge.  SesameSeed is setting a great example for how to launch new projects that have real promise for future value with Poppy, Eggies.World, and TronWatch.  Another such project that shows great promise is a venture that seeks to provide the benefits of active trading with the security of hodling?. CITYUPTAKE has been quietly building a strong reputation for rewarding its holders with rewards that claim to be multiples more than voting alone. Launched with very little fanfare in July, the project now boasts a voting portfolio of over 6 million TRX, a Telegram channel with over 500 members, and growing number of serious TRX holders.  The top 30 holders have contributed an average of over 200,000 TRX.

TRX Technical Analysis
The cryptocurrency market seems to have come out of its price slump with almost all the coins seeing price hikes. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin [BTC], Ripple [XRP] and Tron [TRX] all saw trend changes, lifting the prices above the level it was stagnating at for a long time. Tron [TRX] has been on quite the developmental roll for some time and the price hike has made the entire community exuberant. At the time of writing, Tron is growing by 2.7% with a total market cap of $1.581 billion and trading for $0.0241 with a 24-hour market volume of $81.699 million.  The Tron trend lines show a clear uptrend, taking the price from $0.0232 to $0.0242. The price support for the cryptocurrency has been holding at $0.0215 while the resistance at $0.0257 has not been broken yet.

UPCOMING Tron Events | TronWeeklyJournal Website is Live!
Warren Buffet has a saying: Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing. If you want to be a good investor and minimize risk, it's your job to gain as much knowledge as you can. Gaining knowledge about the market will often allow you to identify certain opportunities. These opportunities, if acted upon at the right time, have the potential to increase the value of your portfolio significantly. We decided to highlight some valuable information through this article. Although this information is publicly available, we realize not all people have the necessary time to gather or keep track of it. The following represent in our opinion, the main upcoming events on the Tron Network within the next three months:

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