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Elon Musk Wants to Know What Should be Developed on Ethereum
Elon Musk has gone crypto twitter again, but this time a joke may have turned a bit more serious after his ethereum tweet was met with an invitation to Devcon by Vitalik Buterin, ethereum's inventor. It is what follows that interests this article because it's a very good question: What should be developed on Ethereum Buterin replied with a long list of things and we might as well quote it in full: Fitting all that in a few tweets is quite something with much of it interesting, like HurricaneGuard by Etherisc. They've now apparently expanded from FlightDelay to automatically pay if wind speeds of 30 miles per hour are recorded. Quite something.

Vitalik Buterin Proposes Doubling Staking Rewards
Vitalik Buterin, ethereums inventor, has suggested an increase in rewards for stakers from circa 2.5% to nearly 6% assuming 10 million eth is staked. Buterin said: An issuance increase is proposed based on community feedback, to 2**21 ETH if 2**27 ETH is validating, along with an agreement to set the base reward quotient based on a pre-set max issuance bound once all protocol details are finalized. Justin Drake, an eth 2.0 researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, said targeting 2^25 ETH at stake (~32m ETH) for the long term feels about right for strong security. He added: In such conditions, the base inflation would be ~1% and the base return ~%3.2%. Assuming each shard consumes on average 1,000 ETH in gas per year (about 100x less than what Eth1 consumes today), with half of the gas burnt, then inflation would be ~0.5% and the validator return ~5%. Feels healthy!

$300 Million ETH Now Locked in Dapps
Close to $320 million eth is currently locked in various smart contracts that provide numerous functions like collateralized crypto lending, decentralized betting, or more scalable crypto payment systems. According to a new stats website, MakerDAOs DAI dominates by far with some $288 million worth of eth currently locked in their smart contracts. Compound seems to have made a comeback, with $23 million eth stored there. They're kind of similar to DAI, but instead of collateralizing for a stablecoin, you collateralize eth for another token or indeed tokens for eth. They had a bug last year which didn't affect funds, with confidence now seemingly restored as it comfortably maintains second position.

Dubai Property Giant Starts Accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum
Emaar Properties, developers of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa (pictured above the clouds), with yearly revenue of about $6 billion, has begun accepting bitcoin and ethereum for payments through Bitcoin Suisse which among many other things has a BitPay like service. Emaar has not yet made an official statement as far as we can see, but a Dubai based brokerage firm, Invest Group, was asked for clarification regarding a recent tweet: Now you can buy #emaar #properties by #crypto #currencies such as #Bitcoin and #ethereum Contact us for more details: #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency #blockchain #ethereum #btc #bitcoinmining #bitcoins #litecoin #forex #trading

Ethereum Falls to a New Low
Ethereum has fallen to a new low since reaching the all-time high of $1,420 in January, with its price now down by nearly 90% to $155. There appears to be no specific reason for this fall, but it might be due to the Bitcoin Cash debacle especially as Ripples market cap now stands about $3 billion above eth's. That's a very first, with ripple never able to keep second position except for a few hours, while this time it has done so for about three days. Ethereum's price is now at just about where it fell after the crash from $420 in May-June 2017. Yet it doesn't look like this has much to do with eth, but with bitcoin.

ProgPoW Dev Admits Nvidia Gear Performs Better Under the Proposed New Algo
An anonymous individual going by the name of Ikmyeong Na has stated Nvidia gear would perform better under ProgPoW, but that's not the intended design. Speaking in broken English as he claims to be South Korean, Ikmyeong said: It looks like cause AMD gets a lower hash than Nvidia, but it doesn't mean the algo is for Nvidia. Think of why AMD gets more hashrate than CPU. AMD still works fine however due to GPU core usage it don't get any benefit from ProgPoW mine like we did for Ethash. Asked: So it is true that ProgPoW favors Nvidia  Ikmyeong says: No Nvidia is being too good for ProgPoW. That's all. And if AMD releases their card with better GPU core usage it will overcome Nvidia cards. Meaning there is no reason to benefit specific brand of cards, we don't optimise our algoritms to be better for specific GPU brands. But GPU manufactures should do the optimization for algorithms if they want more sales on their card.

Ethermine Almost Calls ETH Dev a Shill
It has barely been two days into a debate over a proposed algorithmic change of ethereums Proof of Work (PoW) and already questions of who is paying who are flying about. This time, however, is by a representative of ethereums biggest mining pool, ethermine, who, speaking to Afri Schoedon of Parity, says: It is kind of interesting that suddenly, after meeting with Linzhi you are all of the sudden strongly against ProgPoW & help distribute all related FUD going currently around. This strongly looks like successful lobbing by asic manufacturers. The ethermine rep then links to a post which claims Schoedon is colluding with ASIC manufacturer after Schoedon publicly stated he was meeting with Linzhi presumably to take their view on certain allegations that the ProgPoW team has connections to Nvidia.

The ProgPoW Team Now Apparently Planning to Chain-Split Ethereum Prior to Constantinople
An anonymous individual going by the name of Ikmyeong Na, who says he is a ProgPoW developer and worked on it for months, has stated an Ethereum ProgPoW node has been launched with the aim of chain-spliting ethereum before or at the time of Constantinople in three days. He or she says: Ethereum ProgPoW project started to create an alternative ethereum node with native ProgPoW adoption, based on Geth, the most famous ethereum client and the work base from Holiman from ethereum foundation. He further says I started to create a codebase of Ethereum ProgPoW since last October, and we've excluded Constantinople support from the codebase.

ETC Block Rewards Go Crazy
ETC miners are now receiving as much as 200 per block (pictured above), rather than the usual 4 ETC per block. Nor is this some site or explorer glitch. Another explorer shows an incredible 424 ETC was given to a miner in block rewards. The ETC network recently experienced a 51% attack, but that shouldn't allow the major miner to change the consensus rules, such as block rewards. The reason for these very high rewards, instead, seems to be because someone is paying huge transaction fees. In the 424 block mentioned above, 420 have been paid in fees. As the ETC network is under a 51% attack, bribing miners with huge fees might be one way of lowering the chances that your transaction is reversed.

The ProgPoW Team Admits They're Working With Nvidia and AMD
After we detailed accusations of corporate favoritism by a team behind a proposed ethereum Proof of Work (PoW) change, the semi-anonymous ProgPow team has now effectively admitted they're working with both Nvidia and AMD. Someone called IfDefElse says: We were lucky enough to have an email review that included engineers from the Ethereum Foundation, Ethereum Core Devs, Nvidia and AMD. The Nvidia and AMD engineers gave the algorithm a generally positive review. They do not state what the feedback was from the Ethereum Foundation or core devs. Nor do they say who those core devs were. Of AMD, they say:

Bitcoin 0Day Discovers Only $54 Worth of Bitcoin, $14 XRP and 0.00002 ETH Are Vulnerable
Crypto researchers have discovered what they claim is a previously unknown vulnerability in digital signatures which happens to affect only $54 worth of bitcoin out of its circa $70 billion market cap. The problem appears to be some faulty set-up in hardware, multi-sig, or perhaps a custom hand coded design that generates a not very random number (nounce) when signing with the same private key twice or more. In giving a summary, Joachim Breitner, one of the researchers, says: When you create a cryptographic signatures using ECDSA (the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm), you need to come up with the nonce, a 256 bit random number. It is really important to use a different nonce every time, otherwise it is easy for someone else to take your signatures (which might be stored for everyone to read on the Bitcoin blockchain) and calculate your private key using relatively simple math, and with your private key they can spend all your Bitcoins. In fact, there is evidence that people out there continuously monitor the blockchains for signatures with such repeated nonces and immediately extract the money from compromised keys.

What's Gone Wrong With Crypto Miners And Why Are Cryptos so Volatile
Exactly one year ago ethereum stood at around $50. That's at a time when the ecosystem was far smaller, tokenization was not yet a thing, ICOs were not widespread, and ethereum processed only 100,000 transactions. As more learned of the currency and platform, in the crypto space and outside it, price rose to a $420, but instead of holding that level, it suddenly crashed to $150. The ecosystem, however, was growing by all measures, so price rose again to $400. Then quickly crashed once more to $200. Demand outstripped supply considerably so a high of $1,400 was quickly reached within 4 weeks. Then, another somewhat slower crash followed, sending it down to the current price of around $400 in about four months.

Calvin Ayre Concedes Defeat
Calvin Ayre of Coingeek, the main player behind a minority chain-split from BCH to BSV, has effectively admitted defeat just about one week after the fork. Ayre says: It is CoinGeek's opinion that the two chains are now so far apart and have such divergent plans ahead that there is just no path back to joining them. We also no longer want the name Bitcoin Cash BCH as to us, Bitcoin SV is the original Bitcoin not the original Bitcoin Cash (whatever that even means). We understand that having nChain no longer fighting with them over roadmaps was the single most important issue to the ABC side. nChain tells me they are happy to leave ABC chain alone if they enact replay protection and do a permanent split.

Dodgers Gives Out Thousands of Tokenized Baseball Cards and Ethereum Wallets
A major league sports team with millions of fans, which has won six World Series titles and 22 National League pennants, has given out on Friday 40,000 ethereum wallets which contain tokenized baseball cards. They say: Traditional collectibles are limited, coveted, and valuable. Crypto Bobbleheads may not be physical, but they exhibit these same qualities because of the blockchain. The blockchain guarantees true digital ownership: each Crypto Bobblehead is provably unique and part of a set of just 40,000 in existence and will never be minted again. The crypto baseball website informs fans to keep the private key secure and secret, like a pin. Not all, however, heeded this advice. An etherean who attended the event says:

The Crypto ETP Runs on the Blockchain, Trading Starts Wednesday, Bell Rings Thursday
Switzerland's Six Swiss Exchange will have a ceremonial bell ring on Thursday to mark the listing of the Crypto ETP. Meaning there will be some pomp and circumstances to mark the world's first stock listed crypto fund which had been in preparation for about 1.5 years. Hany Rashwan, CEO of Amun AG, the start-up behind the crypto ETP, was described by Forbes last year as a master at failing fast and failing often experience Silicon Valley values. A serial entrepreneur, he previously attracted funding from Tim Drapper who said last year Hany perseveres like crazy; he has a mission, and it is a good and big one.

Leak Hints Bitcoin Cash to be Added to Purse, Amazon Intermediary
The latest previously bitcoin only service provider to diversify following stupendous fees and network congestion might be Purse, an intermediary that matches Amazon gift card owners with bitcoiners and now perhaps bitcoin cash allowing you in effect to buy what you wish from Amazon with digital currencies at a discount. Purse asked its followers in a poll whether they would like Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum to be added, but two leaks quickly came suggesting they had already chosen BCH. The first was a bitcoin cash image on their website, while an eth one can't be found. Purse claims it was there from previously allowing Bitcoin Cash withdrawals by BTC holders who were given an equal amount. However, some suggest that image was modified on the 20th of December.

Nouriel Roubini Missed the Investment of a Lifetime, One Bitcoin at $58
The professor, who all claim predicted the banking collapse, was unable to predict the astonishing rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Following a bubble in 2013 when bitcoin rose to about $260, Roubini said: In good company with Gold. @Convertbond: While everyone was focused on Gold and Silver, #BITCOIN dropped another 40%, traded below $58. In a recent testimony before Senate's Banking Committee, he said: I have zero position and financial interest in this entire space. I have zero long or short position in any coin or crypto-currency and any blockchain business venture. This Friday he further clarified: I never had any long or short position in any crypto asset or venture.

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