Monero Network Upgrade (Hard Fork) Countdown
Monero issues regularly scheduled hard forks, which are upgrades to the Monero network. v10 Boron Butterfly is on the way, with v11 coming in a day later. Get ready! v10: Addressing ASICs with Cryptonight-R PoW, new block weight algorithm, slightly more efficient RingCT format v11: Forbid old RingCT transaction format Current Hashrate: 884,173,000 h/s Current Difficulty: 106100802648 Market Capitalization: USD$861,412,954 Last Updated: Mar 09 2019 11:29:33 UTC If you find this useful, please consider contributing some XMR! XMR Donation Address: 47oFkybfGPMAwZroh5xJaeFnEJLwfFPee5t4vH5g55DCZxUDeDKAdytPKgNSon3PBPcZRDHAz5viai4sfrDnTxZBCmhC1e7 This publication was discovered by us on 2019-03-09 04:58:10. Share this content on social media: Mentioned assets CHX, XMR. Check out for more similar content. Reply to Topic

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