Segwit2: A metheoric disaster?

There are certain events and periods in time that shape and alter the history of mankind on our planet forever.

The extinction of the dinosaurs, presumably by getting hit on the head by a big asteroid would be such an event.  Leonardo da Vinci inventing pretty much everything that could be invented except for the Iphone is another defining period in time.

Or the Dutch national soccer team, nicknamed "Clockwork Orange",  displaying a completely new style of play that would be known as "total football"  during the 1974 Soccer World Cup in Germany (which they did not win but should have) [1].

The same way there are events throughout our history that will be remembered forever for their catastrophic impact, for example man-made conflicts and disasters or simply mother nature reminding us of our vulnerability and insignificance.

And then..... there is the Bitcoin Segwit2 hard fork, around November 15 2017.

So where and how to classify this event? An event that is very a-tipical, because  tecnological in nature and disruptive,  disrupting a new industry that itself is already meant to disrupt the financial world.

So does a double negative become a positive? Will Segwit2 take Bitcoin transactions to yet another level of speed and accuracy, making it more accesible for the masses of investers that are starting to cue up impatiently?

Or will it tear Bitcoin apart and allocate it to the history books as one of those attempts to change "how we do things" but failed miserably?

The block is ticking....November 15 is almost upon us.

[1] You may have guessed, the author of this article is a proud Dutchman.

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