Who is Adam Back?

Who is Adam Back?

In today’s Who’s Who section of Crypto.BI, we introduce Adam Back, a cryptographer from Great Britain who created HashCash, one of the most fundamental pieces of the Bitcoin software system.

Back obtained a Computer Science PhD degree from University of Exeter in Distributed Systems research area.

HashCash was an idea Adam Back developed in an attempt to fight email spam. By making each email cost a bit of computing power, which the email sender would have to prove by cryptographic means, mass email could be made expensive to the point of not being worth it, but the cost would be unnoticeable to a legit emailer. This proof of work scheme for email was adapted for Bitcoin mining, where miners must prove they performed a certain amount of work in order to reap mining rewards.

HashCash is a fundamental Bitcoin building block and Adam Back is widely recognized as an authority in the cryptocurrency field. He has an active presence on Twitter where he often engages in interesting technical conversations with his followers.

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Photo Credit: Adam Back, Source: Adam3.us

 - On June 8, 2018