ARK Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

ARK Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

Mineable? If so how is it mined?

Ark is not mineable and it’s because it uses Delegated Proof of Stake with node governance. It means you need to register first to be a member and create a proposal to be approved by the voters and earning their vote is vital to be one of the top 51 forging delegates. The 51 forging delegates will be able to forge and for every block forged there will be a 2 Ark reward in which they can share to their voters who fuelled them to forge.

Maximum Circulating coins

The maximum circulating ARK coins as of today is 100,846,230 ARK.


The ARK platform was launched the year 2016 in the month of may and it garnered a good reputation with just a short time making corporations like Yahoo Finance to be attached to its phantom ark. In a short time of ARK’s operation the ARK soars up the list of largest digital currency as the 34th currency and it is due to its market cap of over $600 million CAD.

The ARK is a France-based project which aims to be a bridge for different blockchains connecting them to enable collaboration and multiple accessibilities for the world of cryptocurrency.

What makes it different?

The difference of ARK from other cryptocurrencies is that ARK platform concentrates to become a fast and eco-friendly solution bridge and collaborate multiple blockchains. While most of the cryptocurrency environments promote security and inability to be incognito, the developers of ARK envisioned the said platform to be more of a user friendly way of doing transactions. The world evolves in its normal speed but the way business turns around in its orbit becomes does not stay the same as before for it becomes faster and faster that is why fast transactions are important and the ARK was formed with speed as its biggest key factor. Its eight second block times makes it far above from any other coins in the market, not even Ethereum nor Bitcoin and you can even add a long list of other altcoins here can achieve the speed of ARK.

The smart contracts in ARK can be developed using well known existing programming languages.

Who is behind ARK Ark?

There are 27 great people behind ARK cryptocurrency and they’re from around the world. Today, there are 17 core team members coming from 11 different countries and this decentralized team gave life to ARK cryptocurrency. To introduce the people behind ARK we will start with the Managing Director and Co-Founder which is none other than Mike Doty. Another is FX Thoorens the CTO andCo-Founder and 15 more bright people is on the list.

The ARK project is based on Lisk and some of the said Berlin-based projects is also a part of the team who developed ARK.


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