Awax: Pioneer the future of money

Awax: Pioneer the future of money

AWAX is now launching the first platform where investors can seamlessly trade in real estate funds, exchange-traded funds, passive coin-traded funds and active coin managed funds through a streamlined process, with significantly lower costs than traditional investing. Each fund on the AWAX platform has its own denomination and its own “proof-of-as-set” utility token which can be traded simpler, faster and cheaper than on conventional stock markets.

Our asset-backed PoA utility tokens empower investors to hedge the risk of cryptocurrencies in real assets without needing to convert their cryptocurrency into a fiat currency. All dividends and coupons are automatically transferred to utility token-holders through self-executing smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

The content of the smart contract and the PoA utility token itself is unalterable, cryptographically secured and visible to everyone on the blockchain. To ensure the safety of the underlying assets represented by the PoA token, a digital trust fund holds the exact same number value of fund shares as utility tokens issued.

Only utility token holders may reclaim their fund shares, at any time. AWAX ‘s infrastructure will be implemented as a decentralized application (dApp) and run on the Ethereum network. Broker-dealers and fund managers will be able to list their investment opportunities on the platform, after being thoroughly verified by AWAX through e.g. proof of residence, credit reports and criminal record. Based on their personal risk/reward ratio, investors can then select an investment from the offered funds to add to their diversified portfolio.


AWAX benefits the widest range of potential users. It provides a cost-efficient option to easily diversify one’s portfolio, reduces risk, advertise performance and manage relationships. Three key benefits which are unprecedented in the cryptocurrency world underpin the AWAX solution:

EASE OF USE – One stop-shop for all needs, one account, one wallet, one card for full fund management. Traders can get access to a straightforward way to trade any of the top 100 cryptocurrencies that are currently listed
INCREASED EFFICIENCY – Reduced need for 3rd parties such as Brokers will save time and effort as well as increasing security
LOWER FEES – Cryptocurrency can be transferred across exchanges AND back into fiat currency within the same system, greatly reducing costs and eliminating third parties


The multi Function Platform is the backbone and brains of the AWAX system. The multi-function platform is the backbone and brains of the AWAX system. The whole system platform is capable of managing financial assets using the most secure and reliable payment system which enables a lone- stop-shop’ approach to wealth management. It is highly automated with the ability to communicate across AWAX products and for example update and enact crypto exchange rates every millisecond. Unique to AWAX, the system platform includes and links a number of functions which augment the user’s experience and productivity.

Multi currency Exchange platform

The exchange platform will offer integrated trading of different cryptocurrency assets. Traders access a straightforward way to trade any of the top 100 coins that are currently listed. Traders across the globe have unrestricted access to all the major and renowned exchanges and markets from a single PC or mobile app with a single login.

Banking Services

All of the standard banking services will be on offer at comparable rates to fiat based banks as well as AWAX issued VISA cards and bank accounts with the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrency directly. AWAX own bank card in time, will replace the need to use Visa and therefore eliminate VISA transaction fees -replaced by AWAX transaction fees.

Customer support and loyalty schemes

AWAX provides incentives to buy and keep AWAX currency to increase demand and reduce the risk of price drops. These include: ICO Management 0 Members’ Club Social Networking 0 Bonus Card TV Channel

White Label Programs

AWAX provides a secure, flexible and fully customized white label exchange software for businesses who want to set up their own exchange for bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, forex, investment boards and other categories.

Exchange Platform

The benefit with AWAX is that just about anyone should be able to initiate fully secure transactions, private and instantaneously without having to incur exorbitant transaction costs or navigate through a maze of technicalities. AWAX is that enabler.

AWAX is a unique utility token-based platform built on the ERC20 implementation. Inherent in its design are features which support super-fast, water-tight, and less costly transactions from and to anywhere in the world. The platform is designed to serve as the panacea to all the well- documented shortcomings and inefficiencies associated with government-centered, fiat based banks, financial systems, stringent banking policies and other glitches that are common when transacting with cryptocurrencies.

The exchange platform cuts across such spheres as FOREX, stocks, shares, cryptocurrencies, banking, investment, insurance, safety and credit with the motive of introducing a single app for every trading or management function. Unlike other platforms, AWAX will not merely trade cryptocurrencies. AWAX is poised to be the market leader in cryptocurrency technology and the frontiers of trading in multi-currencies including fiat.

Incorporated into the design of the platform are multi-blockchain ledgers with API connectivity which has the potential of revamping the process of online trading whilst taking government policies and taxation schemes into account. AWAX’s new ‘blockchain of trust’ will facilitate the verification of authenticity of all assets and transactions — from financial assets to property titles, and a host of other services that span even beyond the global financial market.

The automated algorithms which inform and drive the smart contracts enable multiple currencies to be bought, stored and traded within the one wallet, a technical and innovational first in cryptocurrency. The exchange will also enable the cryptocurrency to be traded or withdrawn as fiat currency without the need fora commercial third party.

Awax Bank

The AWAX Bank is one of the first of international virtual banking services and will have all the services expected from a global bank. It will have all of the standard banking services at comparable rates to fiat-based banks as well as the services for cryptocurrency. This will allow the user to undertake their entire wealth management activities under one system.

It will have an array of products that make it possible to pay anywhere, on any device with any currency through the innovative digital wallet service, facilitated by and controlled within smart contracts. The table below indicates the specific features of the AWAX bank account.

Awax ICO

The ICO runs from November 2nd to TBD 2019. The AWAX ICO will use cryptocurrencies as a means of raising capital to fund the development of the AWAX Solution. AWAX utility tokens are purchased using standard fiat currency, ETH and Bitcoin and this token is the utility function within the solution when the ICO’s funding goal is met and the project launches.
Along with very competitive rates for purchasing the utility tokens as shown in the table below, AWAX are guaranteeing a 20% bonus for investors who have invested during the Pre ICO and a 10% bonus for investors who have invested during the ICO stage.

To deliver a functioning platform a soft target of $15 million is required from the ICO. If this is not achieved, all investments will be returned. A hard target of $200 million will enable the acquisition of existing banking and exchange services which will enable a fully functioning global multi currency wealth management system.

A detailed timeline and investment spend included in page 33 of this paper. If the AWAX utility tokens are stored in a special smart contract, the AWAX utility token holder will receive a certain amount of Access Tokens per week until the AWAX utility tokens are withdrawn from the smart contract. The details of the ICO are shown in the table below.


Broker-dealers and fund managers need access utility tokens to list their fund/s on the AWAX platform and to pay market-determined AWAX fees when assets are sold. The access utility token Is then burned. AWAX will determine the amount of access utility tokens based on supply and demand. AWAX is incentivized to establish the amount of access utility tokens needed in such a way so as to positively influence the usage of the platform, while still making a profit. All access utility token holders can act as competitors to MAX and sell the access utility tokens to broker-dealers and fund managers on the open market. AWAX cannot increase fees without risking a decline in the number of trades conducted on the platform and cannot decrease fees without reducing its own profit.


For ETFs and REF, PoA utility tokens represent real-world assets in the form of securities. For CMFs and CTFs, they represent a claim to coin funds on a secured trading account or in the custodians’ wallets. Users receive a PoA utility token in return for every fund In which they Invest, which represents a legally enforceable claim to the underlying assets.


MAX utility tokens are more than a ‘medium of value’. AWAX utility tokens are digital assets and mediums of value exchange on the platform and utility tokens are an essential part of the platform and Its composite parts, fueling the operations and proving the means for rewards and collaboration. The user can sell their accrued utility tokens at any time to anyone within or outside the AWAX exchange. The selling rate such utility tokens are subject to variations vis-a-vis the market trends.

AMAX will break from the norm with Its utility tokens, they are much more than a ‘hold this much to activate a feature’ utility token. The AWAX utility token will act as a hyper-speed vehicle that will drive transactions, that is, it will initiate and complete transactions within the AWAX platform.

The utility tokens will facilitate vital trading functions between exchanges and the platform when executing trades and Investing between various coins and utility tokens. The functionality of the MAX utility token is also extended to Include making payments such as trading commissions, subscription service fees, transfer fees, trading bonuses.

There are no upfront trading fees. Instead of parting with hinds as payments of trading fees and services, the user will relinquish a %of the AWAX utility token. This sets us apart from AWAXM nearest competitors who use conventional practice for fee collection.

Demand will be managed by the ‘hold-back’ of a small number of utility tokens to ensure there is a managed process. The Demand and Supply of Utility tokens is so relevant because this is the process by which the value of Utility tokens will Increase.



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