DNC Dentacoin in a Nutshell

DNC Dentacoin in a Nutshell

Mineable? If so how is it mined?

Dentacoin tokens are not mineable but there are two ways to acquire them. The first option to acquire DNC tokens is to earn them through Loyalty Programs that happens in their Partner Clinics. Earning DNC tokens can be way easier in the future with the company’s future developed supporting tools.

The other way of acquiring DNC tokens is through purchasing. The current price of one Dentacoin is €0.001 and it can be purchased through cryptocurrency exchange like Cryptopia and Mercatox. The year 2017 month of July when Dentacoin launched an Exclusive hard-capped Presale in which loyal dental patients bought DNC coins at a cheaper price.

Maximum Circulating coins

The maximum circulating Dentacoin tokens is a total of 325,227,000,000 DCN.


The concept of Dentacoin is that, it is a blockchain-based platform for reviews of dental treatments that will enable dental patients to send their feedbacks to the dental services they have received. As a result the dentists around the globe will have access to the patient’s feedbacks which is vital for the improvement of the services they provide. Dentacoin is also a tool to accumulate a base of loyal patients and a source of real-time research data about the market. The Smart Contracts of Dentacoin is self-executing that is why the risk of manipulators is not possible and it also made every transaction safe, fast, and optimized.

What makes it different?

Dentacoin is very different from other cryptocurrencies. Dentacoin is the first ever concept of blockchain that is designed only for Dental Industry and this is designed to be available globally for all individuals. It is also a decentralized Ethreum-based network that aims to make an improvement in dentistry services. The most interesting part of this dental review block-chain is that it has self-executing smart contracts that will prevent review manipulators to exist in the chain. Dentacoin is also an incentive-based and transparent functional market research system that is also a nature resistant to censorship blockchain-based solution.

Who is behind DNC Dentacoin?

The founder of Dentacoin is a highly respected lecturer in a University named Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrakiev. Dr. Dimitrakiev has a great experience in financial markets in which he spends more than 27 years in this industry. He has also a great devotion to science and engineering, is an IEEE Computational Intelligence society member, and EADM and Union of Automation and Informatics member.

Another great mind behind this project is Philipp Grenzebach. Grenzebach is behind Dentacoin’s economy. He studied Economics and Business Management and also Law. Grenzebach is the Business Developer of Dentacoin and he desired to make free decentralized markets.

Another co-founder of Dentacoin is Jeremias Grenzebach who is also the Core Developer of the project at the same time. Jeremias is called the ‘Code Wizard’ of Dentacoin and he has 8 years of experience in peer-to-peer technology. He also has a contribution to the development of Ehtereum, ZCash, Waves, uPort, Byteball, imToken, and Status. It is said that he strongly believes in transparency and decentralization.

Official Website: https://dentacoin.com/

Announcement Thread link to BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1944236.0;all

Block Explorer Link: https://etherscan.io/token/0x08d32b0da63e2C3bcF8019c9c5d849d7a9d791e6

Github source code link: https://github.com/dentacoin/

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