What is cryptocurrency geomining?

What is cryptocurrency geomining?

Geomining is a cryptocurrency consensus mechanism where the participants’ geographic locations are used as proof of value.

Though the concept may seem vague at first, it is actually very powerful, especially in cryptocurrency networks where users’ locations are important.

Let’s take a look at  a practical example to try and make the concept clearer.

Geomining Use Case: Geon Coin

For example, in the Geon Coin network, users’ location is used to mine cryptocurrency.

When located near a Geon (a virtual beacon that points to a specific area of the Earth), a user will start “mining” Geons. A trusted device such as a wearable gadget is used to provide secure data about a user’s geolocation.

This works because the value of the network depends on users being at certain locations at certain times.

Proving that you are at a location provides value for the network. This value is then rewarded in Geon Coins.

How is Geomining commercially viable?

There are many use cases for geomining.

For instance, if a merchant would like to crowdsource customers for the inauguration of a new restaurant or shopping mall.

Volunteers could use a geomining app to receive rewards for being at that specific location during the time of the launch party.

If a music band would like to film a music video with lots of voluntary participants (like Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit!), the actors could be recruited in a fully decentralized manner by simply broadcasting the time and place of the filming.


We hope this brief intro to cryptocurrency Geomining has given you a better idea about how the concept works.

While we’re used to seeing large installations full of Bitcoin miners crunching numbers 24×7, geomining presents a novel way to provide value to a cryptocurrency network that does not spend as much energy and is more ecologically sound.

We could see many innovative applications using this concept in the coming years, especially as the immense energy spent on Proof of Work comes under more scrutiny.

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