Veritaseum VERI in a Nutshell

Veritaseum VERI in a Nutshell

Mineable? If so how is it mined?

The VERI Veritaseum Cryptocurrency is not mineable. It is a ERC20 token and as such it’s implemented in the Ethereum blockchain.

Maximum circulating coins

Veritaseum VERI Cryptocurrency have 2,036,645 VERI circulating coins.


Veritaseum was first launched in 2013 and the version alpha continues to run by the end of 2013. The corporation behind this Cryptocurrency filed for their technology in the same year. The veristaseum went live with its beta version on token sale and gathered 51 million dollars against almost 2 million veritas in May of 2017. For the future sales, 100 million veritas is kept reserved.

The platform allows users to trade the value of almost any listed financial assets for about 25 thousand tickets without any broker, bank, or exchange. Therefore, it reduces the risk of someone not paying you.

What makes it Different?

The VERI Veritasuem provides its clients and users with innovative tools dedicated to financial trading markets. The Veritaseum’s main trading platform is the Veritaseum Autonomous, Dynamic, Interactive research or VeADIR that is a trading algorithm or a financial machine with autonomous mechanism. This allows users to discover a number of opportunities in trading like a strong purchase positions and addressing the under-reported or undervalued assets.

Users can purchase Veritas through veritaseum wallet registration. Unlike Bitcoin, the clients or users can also transfer these Veritas directly between each other or themselves. It allows smart contracts, a featured based on Ethereum to execute where different elements that resided on the network to execute commands to transfer fund without any involvement of human intervention.

Who is behind VERI Veritaseum?

The brain child of the VERI Veritaseum is Reggie Middleton founder and CEO of Veritaseum and later built by Patryk Dworznik a lead engineer. Middleton is also gain accomplishments including the prediction and publication of his opinions on the housing collapse in 2007 targeting the global recession in 2008, thus it makes him a widely renowned analyst.

The main aim of the project is to eliminate the middleman in financial markets and services. The major components focus on centralized solutions which are primarily designed to help existing financial institution to have a linked with distributed capital markets systems. It aims to offer a centralized digital asset exchange which provides cross-platform liquidity.

In addition, it also focuses on the analysis-based solutions which create deals based on the financial value of the clients and them positioning them on the blockchain as Veritas subtokens. The assets have now been made to be purchased and sell without the need for intervention or middleman.


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