Canlead CAND Token: A.I. Driven Opportunity and Referral Platform

Canlead CAND Token: A.I. Driven Opportunity and Referral Platform
on November 12, 2018

Canlead has created a new business model that improves productivity, built a centralised platform that combines the power of the ‘social networking technology’, ‘sharing economy model’ and the ‘Canlead incentive driven opportunity & referral concept’.

After 18 months of research and development, Canlead has launched a beta product to test the market.

The positive responses from its partners in technology recruitment and consultancy are indicators of a good product market fit and therefore the business value has been proven.

Canlead’s mission is to become the world’s first decentralised ‘opportunity & referral’ marketplace, focusing on the recruitment and technology markets, eliminating country borders and connecting our partners in recruitment and technology to the network of quality candidates worldwide.

Utilising blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, Canlead will develop a Decentralised Application (DApp) and issue Canlead tokens (CAND) that will enable an on-demand system that solves today’s problems of cross-border payments, data accessibility, and payment risk, allowing areas with the highest quality of service to serve the entire world.

The Canlead crowdsale begins in February 2019, at 9 a.m. GMT and will continue until it reaches the hard cap of $20 Million (or the equivalent in Ether) or until March 2019, at 5:00 p.m. GMT.

We have created 1.0 Billion Canlead tokens (CAND) in total and sell 0.5 Billion with a projected market value of $0.04 per token.

Canlead will target the recruitment and technology industry, focus on the agency sector and freelancing market.

Canlead Diagram

There are many type of opportunities and referrals, as well as personal and professional networks interacting with each other in the real world – it is a complex ecosystem.

However, when this ecosystem is broken into its component parts, we can easily identify and model their roles, responsibilities and activities.

Canlead Artificial Intelligence

A major challenge to solve is to provide personalised, engaging and timely referrals or recommendations from a pool of millions of items to million of active users. Canlead Feefer Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be developed to address this challenge.

In Canlead, Hosts will create and post opportunities into collections called Board. There will be millions of Hosts undertaking this posting of opportunities onto boards.

The key referral problem is this: given a query set Q comprising a set of opportunities and corresponding weights, return a set of boards that the Leaders may be interested in.

Search and Selection

Canlead has been designed from the ground up to automate the ‘search & selection’ process to make you more productive and reduce operational costs.

Canlead Potential Market

The global job market is growing fast, with a compound annual growth rate of 10%, and will exceed $26 billion by 2020. Below is a list of a 5 year historical job vacancy from the major economies; UK, France, Germany and US.

Canlead for Business

Canlead aims to solve the problems most businesses and individuals are facing in the recruitment industry and social networking technology using the Canlead Sharing Economy 2.0 Model outlined previously.

Ultimately, Canlead wants to incentivise the business and individual across multiple industries to adopt the Canlead platform as their ledger of records such that the exchange of services on the Canlead platform constitutes the legal exchange.

By leveraging the Canlead Smart Contracts, unnecessary delays and impediments inherent to existing systems could be eliminated. The Canlead platform seeks to enhance the community rely more than ever on recommendations. These introductions and referrals mainly stem from web based platforms to find unique opportunities.

Canlead ICO: CAND Token Generation Event (TGE)

1.0 billion Canlead Coin tokens (CAND) will be created. The tokens will sell at a rate of 1 CAND = $0.04 dollar (4 US cents).

All funds contributed in the Crowdsale will be used solely for the development, marketing and growth of the Canlead platform over 3 years when Canlead will be making profit with sufficient cash flow to function on its own.