Capital Markets

The financial world is paying serious attention to developments in cryptocurrencies.

Credit, general banking, international loans, venture capital and crowdfunding will never be the same after the cryptocurrency revolution.

In this section we explore projects, ideas and concepts that have changed the capital markets since the introduction of cryptocurrencies more than a decade ago.

Understand cryptocurrency prediction markets by @Cryptobill
Prediction markets are a type of gambling where users bet a certain amount of cryptocurrency in the odds that an event will or will not happen. In practice, cryptocurrency predi...
Brazil has more than twice Bitcoin investors than its stock market and treasuries combined by @Cryptobill
Bitcoin now has more than twice the number of Brazilian investors than the stock market and treasury notes combined. More than 1.4 million Brazilian tax IDs have been registered...
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Impressive U$ dollar cryptocurrency market capitalization numbers are misleading new investors every day. The market cap metric is used heavily by investors to estimate crypto v...