Coffee Coin / CoffeeCoin [COF] [CFC] [CFC2]

CoffeeCoin may refer to two (or three) different cryptocurrencies: the earlier Coffee Coin (2014) with symbols CFC and CFC2 and the more recent CoffeeCoin (2017) with symbol COF.

I was unable to determine if the earlier project is somehow linked to the newest CoffeeCoin.

It seems like neither is being actively traded in any major exchanges, so we’ve listed it under the Dead Coins category.

Coffee Coin 2014 [CFC] [CFC2]

The earliest known CoffeeCoin was announced on Bitcointalk in May, 2014.

It was a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency which paid decreasing annual interest beginning with 10% on the first year.

Every new year would pay 95% of the amount paid in interests the year before.

According to CoinMarketCap, CFC has not been traded since February of 2019. Last known price was U$ 0.000222 which is pretty much a margin of error on the CMC floating point number (zero value). Market cap is listed at zero.

CoffeeCoin CFC2 Technical Specs

Algorithm: 100% Proof-of-Stake
Block Time: 20 Seconds
Difficulty Re-target: Every block
Total Coins: Starting at 100,000,000
Mined Block Confirmation: 40
Transaction Confirmation: 4
Minimum Stake Age: 24 Hours
Maximum Stake Age: 90 Days
Coin Control
Port: 16789
RPC Port: 16889

CoffeeCoin 2017 [COF]

The other CoffeeCoin project was launched in 2017 and is actually still alive at the time of this writing.

Traded under the COF symbol, the token actually runs on the Waves platform.

Farm to Cup

The stated purpose of CoffeeCoin is to allow coffee trade and tracking of the commodity using the blockchain. The token is meant to allow direct purchases from farmers, what the site calls “farm to cup” trade.

Transparency is also a stated feature of CoffeeCoin : by keeping all transactions on the public ledger, coffee trade can be 100% traced and recorded so that audits are automatic.

The CoffeeCoin shop allows you to buy machines and occasional produce from coffee farmers. Though no lots are offered at the time of this writing, the stated purpose of this shop is to allow end users to purchase microlots of roasted coffee straight from producers.

At the time of this writing, COF was not listed on CoinMarketCap.