CryptoMarketAds : Decentralized advertising marketplace

CryptoMarketAds : Decentralized advertising marketplace

Crypto Market Ads is new marketplace which solves all crypto advertising and marketing problems by connecting crypto market publishers and advertisers in one place. Due free market conditions publishers have  healthy competition which inuence them to keep prices as low as possible and attractive to advertisers.

Crypto Advertising Niche

The crypto advertising and marketing industry has been growing rapidly over the past two years. Compared to 2017, ICO advertising and marketing volume has quadrupled in just over a year in 2018. A similar patter n has been followed by advertising and marketing spending volume for crypto projects.

Currently, the total market size is at around 5 Billion USD, and is expected to grow in the coming years. We expect it to increase to almost U$ 54.8 Billion by the year 2021.

This positively rapid growth has created many problems, such as crypto ads being banned by big corporations, publishers taking advantage by charging up to ten times more than comparable niches, marketing  agencies and professionals also charging much more for the same services, and so on. It has also become hard to find influencers and good publishers since the market has attracted a lot of scams and fraud.

Crypto Market Ads (CMA) proposes to solve these problems by offering a stable marketplace that can bring advertisers and publishers together onto a fair and democratic market platform. Publishers and service providers will compete against each other through marketing tactics such as offering lowest prices, competitive offers and instant communication. Advertisers will be able to execute their marketing and advertising campaigns in a quick and trustful manner without requiring a lot of budget or extensive  marketing teams.

Introducing Crypto Market Ads

Crypto Market Ads (CMA) is a new marketplace which solves all problems related to crypto advertising and marketing by connecting crypto market publishers and advertisers under a single platform.

Due to free market conditions, publishers will have a healthy competition which will inuence them to keep prices as low and competitive as possible to attract advertisers.

Publishers will also get higher demands from advertisers since they are more affordable and quickly available through the CMA marketplace for new advertising or marketing campaigns.

Advertisers can signicantly reduce advertising and marketing costs by utilizing the CMA marketplace. They will be able to launch big advertising and marketing campaigns towards the entire crypto community and secure themselves against scam or fraud. They can also use the built-in chat system to directly negotiate with CMA publishers and get unique terms and prices.

How CMA Works

1) Advertiser browses marketplace ( to carefully nd the right choices regarding where to advertise, or what marketing services to buy. The advertiser then adds all  advertising properties or services needed into the cart

2) Advertiser navigates to the cart in order to complete the order. All necessary creatives (logos, images, designs etc.) are uploaded for the publisher to use in advertising or marketing campaigns. Advertiser  completes the checkout process using CMA tokens. These tokens are reserved for publishers until the purchased campaigns/services are completed/delivered

3) Once the advertiser completes the checkout process and is waiting for approval, there is an option to contact the publisher through the built-in chat system and discuss requirements and queries either party might have. The advertisers is also able to cancel the order at this point.

4) When a publisher approves campaigns/services, their status changes to “approved”, indicating that the order has started. Advertisers can monitor progress through order status, and follow up with the publisher  through the in-built chat in case of any delays or problems with publishing. They can also report problems in the marketplace. Orders are completed when their status changes to “Complete”. Advertisers must  check the results and mark the order as “Done”

Once an order has completed, payment is transferred to the publisher’s account in the form of tokens that were reserved earlier. Advertisers can report problems in case of any issue with the order, or get in touch with the publisher through chat messaging.

CMA Token Distribution

The total number of Crypto Market Ads (CMA) tokens will be 10 Billion. The pre-ICO phase will last for 1 month, and the ICO itself for 2 months. The hard cap has been set at 5 Billion tokens. All unsold tokens will be burned. The distribution structure is as given below.


CMA project is run by : Olegs Martinuks (CEO), Artis Romanovskis (COO), Artur Babyuk (CTO), Artis Lutkovskis (CDO), Aivis Popesku (CMO), Lidija Brindina-Martinuka (Social Media Manager), Inga Bliska (Graphics Designer),  Janis Gulbinskis (Software Developer), Elvis Metrins (Community Manager).

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on April 23, 2019