Dataeum XDT Token: Data Revolution

Dataeum XDT Token: Data Revolution
on November 14, 2018

Dataeum is a blockchain-based platform which uses crowdsourcing to enable the collection of 100% of all global physical data (such as stores, gas stations, traffic signs) anywhere in the world, with 100% accuracy. It does this by using a distributed workforce of “collectors” who are incentivised in xdt tokens to submit physical data.

Data Market

The data market is now estimated to be worth more than 3 trillion dollars 5 . With 90% of its production achieved in the last two years, and growth that will increase tenfold by 2025 6 , data is considered the “new oil” 7 .

While oil and gas companies used to have the highest market capitalizations, the most valued companies today are the ones that have based their business around data: Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Microsoft, etc.

A gold mine for private companies and other governments, data has become part of the daily lives of individuals. It allows large firms to know more about their desires (Google), their needs and movements (Facebook, Uber) but also to influence their buying behaviour or preferences (Amazon, Netflix). Data is thus a direct source of value creation.

As the data production rises, the quality of data is still poor. In the US 8 , the annual spending on bad data quality is an estimated 3.1 trillion dollars.

Dataeum XDT Token

With that in mind, Dataeum has set up a unique and innovative solution to collect 100% of the world’s physical data 26 . Using crowdsourcing, the solution allows those who collect and generate data to be rewarded.

Data will then be accessible for use within a decentralized marketplace, according to the different needs of each market player: navigation services, BtoB prospecting, listings updates, telemarketing, statistics, etc.
Data will flow freely, transparently and securely from the individuals who collect it to those who exploit it.

The Token Dataeum “XDT” will be the fuel for the exchanges, from collectors to data acquirers.

Dataeum will be the backbone of the first decentralized and collaborative network for physical data generation.

This decentralized network will democratize access to data while rewarding those who generate it. Backed by the blockchain, it will guarantee the transparency of the data generation process, its collection and accuracy.

XDT Token Usage

The Dataeum Token (XDT) will be the basis of the exchange within the whole network. It will enable interaction among these services:

◉ ◉ Data collection: reward to collectors for their participation in the collection of physical data and flow data;
◉ ◉ Data licensing (rental): data acquirers for the use of physical data and flow data;
◉ ◉ Data consultation: for each Token holder;
◉ ◉ Acquisition of data ownership exploitation (DOE): for each Token holder;
◉ ◉ Community role extension: enable other market players to interact with the community;
◉ ◉ Community member to member interactions: enable community members to interact with each other;
◉ ◉ Merchants interactions: enable merchants to interact with community members.

XDT Token Generation Event

The Dataeum token (XDT) is based on the decentralized Ethereum market standard Smart Contract ERC20 token.

XDT Token TGE Schedule

XDT Token Allocation

◉ ◉ 50% of the XDT Tokens will be issued and for sale during the TGE.
◉ ◉ 30% of the XDT Tokens will be put in reserve in order to finance the collectors and boost future services.
◉ ◉ 20% of the XDT Tokens will be redistributed among the different partners, team members, advisors and bounty program.


Tokens issued that have not been sold during the Token Sale will be used to finance data collections and technological developments.

When the sales period ends, tokens will be issued and distributed to participants of the TGE via a Smart Contract within 14 days after the end of the public sale.

The Tokens distributed to team members and associates who contributed to the success of the operation will be locked up for the first 24 months following the end of the sale and will then be gradually released at a rate of 10% of the total each month.


How will the XDT Token Funds Be Used?