DENT (Dent) in a Nutshell

DENT (Dent) in a Nutshell

Mineable? If so how is it mined?

DENT is a non-minable cryptocurrency, as a replacement these coins can be purchased from several leading exchanges such as Coinrail, Kucoin, and HitBTC. But in order to purchase these coins, the buyers must have an ETH or Ethereum in their wallet. However, if a buyer doesn’t have ETH coins, they can trade them to other customary fiat currency like US dollars. Nevertheless, if buyers have already Ethereum currency in their wallets, investors will be able to purchase DENT coins with ease.

Maximum Circulating Coins

This cryptocurrency has a total maximum circulating coins of 10,614,800,000 DENT.


The majority of us tend to overuse or underuse our mobile data as it has turned into an important commodity. On the other hand, customers have never thought that a complete platform would help them to trade their data. That is why the core development team behind this cryptocurrency believes that liberating mobile data is a must. So, they established and organized DENT.

This project is specifically designed to revise the way how consumers, use, spend and buy their mobile data. Nowadays, mobile data definitely play a very important role, especially in countries that are still underdeveloped. With this cryptocurrency system, the consumer can connect with each other regardless their locations are using a great blockchain platform. Using this ecosystem a consumer can simply buy, sell, or donate his/her unused mobile data anywhere and anytime.

Nevertheless, this cryptocurrency was deployed on July 12, 2017, over a mass sale that continued until July 26. In addition, it was built to change how consumers across the world consume their mobile data.

What Makes it Different?

Unlike other cryptocurrencies such as Digibyte, Cardaano, Pivx, Vecahain, Startis, and Railbalocks, DENT is considered as the very first cryptocurrency that is completely dedicated to delivering an end-to-end exchange of mobile data.

On the other hand, DENT Wireless limited who is the company behind this cryptocurrency project and digital coin, leverage the dominant blockchain technology in order to disrupt the world telecommunications forever.

Who is behind DENT (Dent)?

The cored development team of this cryptocurrency project is a team of expert entrepreneurs, cryptographers, as well as technologists. The team was headed by Tero Katajainen the CEO and Founder of DENT. Other main team members include Ramon Greep, Andee Vollmer, and Mikko Linnamaki. The team which is based in Hong Kong is inserted about utilizing the Ethereum’s blockchain because they want to push the idea of a data-sharing from a piece of paper to the world.

However, DENT cryptocurrency is not an open-source simply because the developers behind this project does not create their own blockchain technology. It also means you will not be able to find any source codes on Github.


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