Digital World Exchange DWECoin [DWE] in a Nutshell

Digital World Exchange DWECoin [DWE] in a Nutshell

Digital World Exchange [DWE] was both a cryptocurrency trading platform and a token announced in October 2018.

The very first tweet by DWE happened a few days later in November of the same year:

DWE was founded by Alexander Elbanna and aimed to be the of crypto trading.

DWE Token

Its token, DWE, promised instant confirmations so it could be used as day to day currency, such as “buying a cheeseburger at McDonald’s, paying for gas, and swiping your card to pay for a snack” according to DWE’s original press release.

The exchange promised to keep 51% of its profits as well as BTC for reserves.

The platform was to have mixed masternodes and mining equipment. The original PR claimed to deploy 200 TH/s of ASICs for X11 mining algorithm and 4500 servers across the globe.

The cryptocurrency was developed using C++ and Solidity.

Possible Deactivation

DWECoin’s last tweet was in August of 2019

A post mentioning Digital World Exchange was posted to Bitcointalk in early 2019 but had no engagement and seems to have been copied and pasted from a previous (possibly deleted) Bitcointalk thread.

In late October 2019 it was announced that the exchange would go into hibernation for the near future.

At the time of this writing there have been no further notices on DWE’s public Telegram groups or Twitter.