Gigzi: Independent Wealth Management

Gigzi: Independent Wealth Management
on November 30, 2018

Gigzi is a revolutionary financial system that addresses these challenges. By harnessing the relative constancy of precious metals and utilising world leading iris recognition technology, Gigzi provides investors with stability, security and wealth protection.

The Gigzi ecosystem is formed of decentralised crypto-assets – Gigzi Black (GZB) and Gigzi Metal, comprising Gigzi Platinum (GZP), Gold (GZG) and Silver (GZS) – that are supported by three core applications; a  Wallet secured by iris recognition technology, an Exchange and a Treasury.

Gigzi Black (GZB) is backed by market confidence. It is distinctive in its Gold Rewards programme, whereby, users holding Gigzi Black at the end of a reward cycle are paid Gigzi Gold crypto-assets. This ensures users are invested in the Gigzi ecosystem and share in its success.

Gigzi Metal is stable and secure; this is achieved by anchoring the price to precious metal. 1 Gigzi Metal is equal to 1 gram of its respective precious metal. The tokenisation of precious metals by Gigzi provides users with a stable asset in which to invest their wealth on the blockchain, as well as enabling users to hedge and limit exposure to the volatile cryptocurrency market. The world-renowned Perth Mint has been chosen to provide the precious metal that backs Gigzi Metal crypto-assets.

The Gigzi Wallet application supports major cryptocurrencies and enables users to easily manage funds stored on the blockchain. In conjunction with iris recognition technology, developed with IriTech – the world’s leading iris biometric security provider, the Wallet provides unrivalled account security.

Gigzi Exchange facilitates transactions and exchanges between Gigzi crypto-assets and any supported cryptocurrency or fiat money. This inter-operability is a significant feature of the Gigzi ecosystem. Gigzi Metal crypto-assets may be redeemed for gold or silver cast bars at the Gigzi Treasury.

Gigzi has been in development for over two years. Phases completed include system architecture design, Smart Contract development and formalisation of partnership with IriTech. Therefore, at the point of launch and crowd sale – Gigzi is only months away from delivering the full system architecture and functionality to its users.

Gigzi will change the way in which wealth is stored, traded and protected. It provides a complete and decentralised financial system; empowering users through financial independence and security.

The Gigzi Solution

Gigzi is a financial system that features tokenised precious metals and a wallet secured using the iris Gigzi has been developed to address the three challenges of cryptocurrency discussed above, through a comprehensive financial system that provides stability, security and wealth protection.

Ethereum is the platform underlying the Gigzi ecosystem; it enables Gigzi to develop and deploy decentralised applications. The Smart Contract regulating the Gigzi ecosystem cannot be modified once deployed; it  runs exactly as programmed. Users can freely participate in the Gigzi ecosystem by accepting the proposed functions and terms of the Gigzi Smart Contract.

The Gigzi ecosystem consists of three core applications that support the Gigzi crypto-assets – a Wallet, an Exchange and a Treasury.

Gigzi Crypto-Assets
The decentralized Gigzi currency is formed of four crypto-assets that are both unique and complementary in
the Gigzi ecosystem. These are:

  • Gigzi Black (GZB)
  • Gigzi Metal, which is formed of
  • Gigzi Platinum (GZP)
  • Gigzi Gold (GZG)
  • Gigzi Silver (GZS)
  • Gigzi Black (GZB) is backed by market confidence and the potential for rewards, whereas,
  • Gigzi Metal (GZP, GZG and GZS) is stable and secure by being anchored to precious metals.

All Gigzi crypto-assets are decentralized and can be transferred peer-to-peer without limitations. Each crypto-asset is divisible up to 18 decimal points. Gigzi crypto-assets are instantly exchangeable with one another using a live exchange rate in real-time.


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