GO Eureka GO Token: Next generation of online hotel booking

GO Eureka GO Token: Next generation of online hotel booking
on November 30, 2018

Blockchain hotel booking platform unlocking unprecedented value for hotels and customers worldwide.

The GOeureka (GO) platform leverages blockchain technology to position itself as an unbiased and transparent technology partner to hotels, transforming traditional loyalty systems and delivering increasing value to all hotels and their customers. GO aims to create a new symbiosis where hotels maintain control over their brand while unlocking unprecedented value for consumers on its platform.

GO’s vision for the future of the travel industry is a supportive online ecosystem where all businesses are allowed the opportunity to thrive and benefit from providing the best goods or services to travelers.

As a technology partner to hotels, GO intends to provide a straightforward web and app experience to users without the high commission structures imposed by current OTAs. By reducing the financial commitments  of hotels to third-party booking platforms, GO will enable hotels to focus more resources on providing better intrinsic value and customer service.

GO will not impose a rate parity clause for hotels on the platform, allowing hotels to list rooms at a lower price. Without limiting the listing price for rooms, GO provides hotel managers the freedom to manage their  own revenue stream, and utilize the GO platform to their advantage.

GO Revenue Model

GO will charge a 5% transaction fee for all payments made via credit cards and cryptocurrencies accepted as a mode of payment (e.g., Ether, Bitcoin). Payments made using GO Tokens will NOT be charged any fees on our platform. This is to protect the interest of all our token holders moving forward.

GO is also introducing a patent-pending Re-Booking algorithm function as an added-value service for customers to obtain the best value for rooms (due to fluctuating prices). Hotel room prices are updated several times a day. When the hotel rate drops, the Re-Booking feature will automatically detect and re-book an existing booking at the lower rate.

Here is an example of how the Re-Booking feature works:

1) Customer makes a booking for a deluxe room at $300 seven days prior to his stay

2) The Re-Booking algorithm continually checks for price drops

3) Two days later, the rate for the same room type is now advertised at $280

4) The room is automatically re-booked at the new rate of $280

5) Customer is informed that he has just saved $20 on his booking

Integration with Hotel Inventory and Loyalty Programs

For hotels that wish to integrate, GO will provide APIs for these hotels to link their inventory and reservation systems. Well-documented guides, tutorials, and account management will be available for the hotel IT   departments to undergo integration in the most cost-effective and timely manner. GO will also directly integrate with key hotel property management software (PMS) and channel managers through strategic partnerships.

Hotels can also register existing loyalty programs on the GO platform. By doing so, customers need only enter their respective loyalty program IDs to directly receive points from hotels for their bookings made via GO.

In some cases, customers can even register for a hotel’s loyalty program on the GO platform. Consumers can also manage their points from multiple registered hotel loyalty programs via the GO platform, gaining a  single view of their rewards.

As GO expands its own loyalty network by fostering partnerships with leading stakeholders to increase consumers’ perceived value of hotel loyalty points as it allows them access to a larger pool of reward options  outside of the travel sector. GO will also allow hotels to maintain their hotel branding on the hotel’s loyalty points pages on the GO platform.

GO Token

The GO Token is a digital token or virtual currency designed to facilitate transactions on the GO platform for the purchase of room nights, hotel services, and other internal processes and payments within the GO infrastructure.

GO Tokens are awarded to initial contributors during the token sale and may be traded on exchanges in the future or spent on the GO platform.

GO will provide a 5%–15% savings on all GO Token redemptions on the platform. This provides an incentive for token holders to spend tokens on the GO platform instead of selling them on exchanges as they will not be subject to exchange fees and could potentially earn on the 5%–15% savings.

GO will also reward token holders for spending of tokens in order to create a more engaging environment.

GO Token Sale

A total of 1 billion GO Tokens will be issued where 1 GO token = US$0.10. There will be a diminishing bonus distribution of GO Tokens upon meeting the maximum cap or preset time, whichever comes first. While 30% will be kept in a reserve pool for operating initiatives, funding marketing strategies, and other activities relevant to the growth of the business.

During the private pre-sale, contributions will be accepted in US Dollars (USD), Singapore Dollars (SGD) or Ether (ETH). All contributions will be converted to ETH, live, at the prevailing rate. The Token Sale will  last approximately three weeks.

GO will host a first-round private presale one month prior to the Token Sale with accredited investors, with a minimum contribution of US$50,000 each. Interested parties are welcome o whitelist with GO to join this round of fundraising. Contributors of funds raised during this period are entitled to bonus distributions of 30%.

The maximum cap during this round is 150,000,000 GO Tokens and will close two weeks before the Token Sale.

If the maximum cap is not reached during the private pre-sale, it will be opened to the public, with a minimum contribution requirement of US$1000 (equivalent ETH value). There will be a 15% bonus distribution  during this round. The pre-sale will be closed early if the maximum cap is reached or will end on the day before the Token Sale.


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