Our Mission

Crypto.BI’s mission is to document, analyze and register cryptocurrencies’ evolution and provide value for our readers and customers by ethically publishing accurate and timely information.


We work towards the principles of independence, responsibility, truth and transparency. Crypto.BI is free from any corporate links. For instance, we were not funded by any venture firm and our growth as publishers of cryptocurrency news and analysis is 100% organic, thanks for our loyal readers and friends.


All editorial team members and writers for Crypto.BI must disclose their investments and activities associated with the subject of each post.


The news contained on our home page is automatically aggregated from several online sources (indicated in each post) and is updated once an hour, on average.

Who Founded / Owns Crypto.BI?

We are owned by individual investors and crypto aficionados from around the world. The website is run collaboratively. We have no direct corporate links.

Do Crypto.BI Authors Own or Trade Digital Currencies?

Yes. Our authors actively trade digital assets and participate in ICOs.

Does Crypto.BI Endorse Any Digital Currencies?

No. Our authors are allowed to invest freely and, in case they endorse currencies on their own initiative, we require them to disclose their position and any possible conflicts of interest.

Individual authors are authorized to freely endorse cryptocurrencies or offer their opinion on future valuation of digital assets. We do hold authors accountable to responsible publishing and full transparency.

How Does Crypto.BI Make Money?

We cover our hosting and publishing costs through online advertising.

Contact Us!

You can always email us at 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa@Crypto.BI

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