HetaChain has arrived to revolutionize the new generation of Blockchain 3.0  Heta Blockchain 3.0 Platform helps governmental services, businesses, organizations… build the dApps and  make the dApps into the real life: Banking Industry, IoT Industry, Robotics Industry, Healthcare Industry, E-commerce Industry

This whitepaper proposes a new, high-performance and scalable blockchain platform as well as the ecosystem which makes blockchain more usable and valuable.

As introduced, “Blockchain” is the foundational technology behind Bitcoin. It is also a potentially groundbreaking innovation in how data is created, shared, and edited.

Through an immutable ledger and consensus algorithms that ensure the integrity of the blockchain, it is possible to create a “trustless” type of information; a type that is truly decentralized and transparent.

But blockchain technology is still quite limited by these critical problems: stable, transactions per second (TPS).

The following Diagram is the Overview Architecture of HetaChain:

HETA: Heta Coin

We introduce HETA, an internal crypto-currency to use inside MainChain. HETA is used by Enterprise/user (who using Heta Blockchain service) to pay “usage fee”. We propose these ways of using HetaCoin.

We propose these ways of using HetaCoin.

• When a user creates a transaction to exchange their coins or token made by Heta, he must pay a pre-defined amount of HetaCoin. This is also called Transaction Fee. This mandatory fee is what makes HetaCoin has real  value to the system. It also prevents merchants to flood the network with unlimited micro transactions.

• When a user participates in the consensus/ validation process of a PrivateChain or MainChain, he should be rewarded with a certain amount of HETA. This is also called Endorsing Reward. The rate of consensus reward should depend on how much effort the participant spends in the process.


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 - On November 20, 2018