ILOT Interest-paying Lottery Token in a Nutshell

ILOT Interest-paying Lottery Token in a Nutshell

Mineable? If so how is it mined?

ILOT is an Ethereum token and as such it is not mineable. ILOT is generated when Ethereum is traded for ILOT via the contract address. The only inflation allowed on ILOT tokens is due to time interests paid on balances and by exchanging Ethereum for ILOT. Therefore ILOT is tied to the inflation of Ethereum.

Maximum circulating coins

There is no maximum number of ILOT tokens. It is limited by its cost in Ethereum.


ILOT is an independently developed token which is 100% decentralized and does not depend on anyone running it. Its source code is available and it is not centrally controlled by anyone.

What Makes It Different?

  • 100% decentralized

  • Not premined. Contract owners do not hold more ILOT tokens than regular investors.

  • Pays out a jackpot if buyers hit a sufficiently small hash during ILOT purchase.

  • Pays out fidelity bonus and interest rates on ILOT balances.

Who are Behind ILOT?

ILOT is decentralized and has been independently developed. Its source code is available and there’s no central institution backing the coin. The contract is permanent, has no self destruct method and is for all practical purposes permanent.


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