IOV: A Protocol and DNS for Blockchain Networks

IOV: A Protocol and DNS for Blockchain Networks

IOV is bringing blockchains to the people. We are committed to delivering a protocol and an application that empowers the end-users when it comes to sending, receiving and holding tokens.

As entrepreneurs, experts in cryptocurrency, and digital technologists, we believe the time has come to deliver the promises of the blockchain to the real world and to re-empower the people with this technology. Our goal is to fix three major problems of the blockchain today when it comes to sending, receiving and exchanging tokens:

  • the ease for the user with the IOV wallet and the value address naming
  • the safety for the user with the Atomic Cross Swap feature of the IOV wallet
  • the ease for the blockchain entrepreneur to connect his new blockchain to the ecosystem thanks to the

IOV Wallet, the first generation of wallets designed for Everyone

The IOV Wallet will be the first wallet to implement our Blockchain Communication Protocol, or BCP. It is able to send, receive and exchange any kind of cryptocurrency from a single address of value. As soon as a blockchain implements the BCP protocol, its token will be transferrable via the IOV Wallet.

A comprehensive human value address In order to solve the problem of the human error, such as sending a bitcoin to a wrong address, the user can register a human readable address:
Instead of sending a token to an address such as 1BvBCSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2

Users would just have to send tokens to each other via addresses such as:

Blockchain Communication Protocol

Why a protocol? As a new technology, the blockchains suffer from an important limitation in order to expand. There is no standard in the blockchain industry and it becomes problematic when blockchains try to be interoperable afterwards. We propose a protocol to make sure new blockchains don’t have to start from scratch every time. IOV community defines a set of specifications that blockchains can implement.

They have immediate benefits:
• No need to create a dedicated wallet
• Blockchain can be interoperable within the IOV ecosystem
• Being able to exchange tokens with others with no third party exchange involved

IOV community will provide a developer kit to make the creation of a new blockchain implementing the Blockchain Communication Protocol a seamless experience. Even though some blockchains may require changes to implement the Blockchain Communication Protocol, the system is designed to be backwards compatible with many existing chains. This way, these chains can implement the IOV Protocol without having to break any current transactions.

The IOV Value Proposition

The mission of IOV is to empower people by providing the ability to send, receive, exchange and create a digital asset, when they want and from anywhere.

The objective is to enable the people to get access to the blockchain. Today, holding a portfolio of a few Bitcoins and Ethers seems pretty difficult and the barriers are numerous. With IOV technology, we want to make the blockchain and the exchanges a reality for the world and a trustworthy, simple and reliable experience.

The IOV project is dedicated to being open source and the technology free to use. It brings Value to the development community: it provides it with a set of standard tools that will make it easier to develop and connect blockchains in the ecosystem.

It brings Value to the blockchain entrepreneurs: it allows them to freely connect with the ecosystem when launching a new blockchain, immediately gaining visibility and tradability for their tokens.

It brings Value to the blockchain users: multiple BCP wallets will be created, all of them will natively be able to browse blockchains in a human readable way and exchange any tokens from wallet to wallet without any third party involved.

Token Sale

The IOV Token Sale will consist in 3 rounds of sales:

  • the Round 0: Pre-Sale
  • the Round 1: Pre-Sale
  • the Round 2: Public Sale

Hard Cap – Soft Cap

IOV Token Sale has a hard cap of 25 million EUR.

The soft cap is 2 million EUR.


The IOV Token sold during the IOV Token Sale will be transferred to the participants through an ERC20 Token on the IOV Token Delivery Date. It will then be transferred to the IOV Blockchain where it can start being used.

IOV Token Delivery Date: two weeks after either End Date of the Round 2: Public Sale or End Date of Round 1: Pre-Sale if Max Cap has already been reached.

IOV Token Allocation

After the IOV Token Sale, the distribution structure of all IOV tokens will be represented by the following allocation:

  • 65% owned by the IOV Token Sale participants (over up to 3 rounds)
  • 12% owned by the security reserve that will be staked by the IOV SAS for operating the Blockchain Name Service.
  • 20% owned by the IOV Team + Advisors + Employees
  • 3% for by Bounties and Incentive Programs