Kin Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell

Kin Cryptocurrency in a Nutshell
on January 20, 2018

Mineable? If so how is it mined?

KIN Cryptocurrency is non-mineable due to its general purpose that could use in Kik’s Everyday Digital Services. By that there’s a way to obtain this type of coin is to purchase with Ethereum and will be exchanged to crypto markets available for exchanging the Kin token such as Mercatox, IDEX, COSS, Ether Delta, and Bancor Network. In fact, the technique on how to gain profit is Buy, Sell, and Exchange. Furthermore, Kin also provide Kin Rewards Engine that will enable the user to earn and spend at the same time.

Maximum circulating coins

Kin (KIN) Cryptocurrency consist of 756,097,560,976 KIN circulating coins.


During early 2017, Ted Livingson the CEO of Kik proudly announced that Kik Inc. will be launching the Kin cryptocurrency. This move distinct a pivot regarding Kik’s method, a reaction to difficulties confronted from competing with large social networks including Facebook. By September 20117, Kin is formed by Kik Interactive and during the event over $98 million are allotted for token distribution joined by10, 000 participants. The aims behind this token are to provide a facilitator for value transfers in the digital services including the social media and gaming applications. The kin token provides an incentivized daily rewards to developers based on their consumption of digital services.

What makes it Different?

Kin Cryptocurrency is a decentralized ecosystem that caters digital services for day-to-day life. In fact, Kik’s identified its goal along with Kin that aims to construct a digital economy wherein the users will be able to access their digital services that’s why its content is made by Kin Community. In this type of digital economy, Kin will serve as the account’s primary unit for numerous transactions. Kin let the users to embrace digital services within the Kin Ecosystem as well as constructing those services. Meanwhile, the user will engage to Novel System in which absolutely earn a Kin token which is called Kin Rewards Engine. Kin is very similar to the other digital currencies due to its availability of earning and spending as well. Further, while watching video ads it will enable the user to earn points that will use for custom emojis and stickers. Via Line Coins with just downloading apps, you will also earn points that could use for stickers.

In addition, Kin is an application that is similar to Bitcoin due to its public blockchain. It also has a monetary value in which enables the user to buy as well as sold as real money.

Who is behind KIN?

Creating a cryptocurrency for the Kik Interactive Inc. is their first stage for releasing an open source cryptocurrency and decentralized ecosystem for digital services. The kin cryptocurrency is under the Kik Inc. in which almost all of the Kin Team is from Kik Inc. including the: Founder & CEO of Kik – Ted Livingston, Peter Heinke – the COO & CFO of Kik, Dany Fishel – the President of Kik Israel, the CMO of Kik – Erin Clift, the CPO of Kik – Eran Ben-Ari, the SVP Engineering of Kik – Dave Simons, and the Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel – Eileen Lyon that works as the basis of interoperability along with the other digital services under the Kin Ecosystem.


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