KNC Kyber Network in a Nutshell

KNC Kyber Network in a Nutshell

Mineable? If so how is it mined?

Kyber Tokens are not mineable but it can be acquired through setting up a Kyber Network wallet to buy Ethereum. The Ethereum you bought then can be exchanged for Kyber Tokens.

Maximum Circulating coins

There is a maximum of 134,000,000 KNC in circulation as of today.


The month of August year 2017 was the beginning of Kyber Network’s operation by launching their testnet beta with the attempt to be engaged in the market of decentralized exchange. Their goal made them the greatest rival of Ox project but the two were different by the way they operate.

What makes it different?

Kyber Network is an Ethereum-based protocol that makes conversion and exchange of cryptocurrency tokens and other digital currencies to be fast and instant.

Now we will tackle about Kyber Network’s difference from Ox project and other cryptocurrencies. While Ox project record, store, and keep its match off-chain and order books, Kyber Network performs transactions purely on-chain without keeping the order books on-chain. This way of processing can make every transaction cost lower and finish faster.

Not like the other exchange platforms, Kyber Network offers a simplier way of transferring payments with directly converting different currencies to match the needed payment in which the users want to receive and Kyber contract is in charge of that.

Who is behind Kyber Network?

Loi Luu the current CEO of Kyber Network founded the said company together with Yaron Velner the CTO and Victor Tran the Lead Engineer. Loi Luu conducts research about cryptocurrencies, distributed consensus algorithms, and security of smart contracts. You can find his works online and he speaks for Etherium and Bitcoin regularly as an invited speaker on their workshops. These workshops include Scaling Bitcoin, DevCon2, and Edcon.

On the other hand, Yaron Velner the CTO of Kyber is also a researcher who focuses on blockchain protocol incentives of game theories and smart contract’s formal verification. He is a graduate of Tel Aviv University and holds a Phd in computer science. It is said that in his Phd research he studied how to apply the techniques of game theory for computer programs and systems formal verification.

We will also get to know about the Lead Engineer of Kyber Network. Victor Tran is a Linux system administrator and a senior backend engineer who is experienced in developing infrastructure for different social platforms in marketing and advertising networks. He has a great interest in developing a high performance multi-platform applications and just to let you know, Tran also co-founded several social marketing start-ups. Tran is obviously a dynamic person for he is also the current lead engineer of the SmartPool project and he maintains platforms that have active users numbering to millions.

Another interesting fact about Kyber Network is that, Vitalik Buterin the founder and Chief Scientist of Etherum is an advisor to the project.

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